UFA-Dabei 713/1970 24.03.1970


1 Frankfurt: auto dial service between Germany and United States map with phone number by Ambassador Dr. Pauls. Minister liver on the phone. Adhesive hand, close, when dialing the number. Liver, talking on the phone. His hand thought listeners on the close. Liver, large, original sound speaks: "we have had 55,000 telephone calls per month in the past at the moment. If the type is simple, how now, telecommunications can expect that the connection is perceived in the future even more often and that it is not only a better phone connection in a symbolic sense but a relationship of bringing closer together the United States and the German Federal Republic in all matters." Telephone systems. Liver and others drink sparkling wine, great.

02. Cologne-Bonn: new airport car journey to Cologne-Bonn airport site with modern buildings. Driving scenes. Several settings of the new station building, inside: People on escalators with illuminated handrails. Pan across the lobby. Transition to the tarmac. Rolling on Lufthansa machine, half total. Random ride on buildings and swivel telescopic bridge and bridge, close. Telescopic bridge is being driven from the door of the aircraft. Pan across long-drawn bridge.

03. Erfurt: Encounter of Willy Brandt and Willy Stoph railway runs through landscape, right in the image of man with camera. Erfurt: Black flag is flown. Marching guard of the national people's army, total. Erfurt Hauptbahnhof (shield). Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler, (Chief propagandist of the SED) big on platform. Stoph climbs stairs to the platform with accompaniment, large and close, in the profile. Waiting outside the station and cars. Crowds will be pushed back by police. Cops, big. Running a train. Willy Brandt gets out, walks towards Stoph, handshakes, half total, actuality are talking about press photographers surrounded: "I wish a pleasant stay." - "I thank you Very much for the welcome and also making sure that you got good weather." - "Because it should not be." Both leave, is entertaining, the platform stairs down continuously. Station portal with the crowd and journalists, several settings and hustle. Actuality of the lot: "Willy Brandt, Willy Brandt!" Police officers in the crowd. Quantity breaks through the police line. Waving and calling. Willy Brandt looks out the window of the hotel. Conference table in the hotel: pan of papers and glasses on Stoph, tall and smiling. Various settings of the session participants, including Brandt, great in the profile. Dr. Patrick interviewed passers-by in Erfurt, young girls, young man, older men, young girl, young woman, young man, o-ton: "What expectations you associate with the encounter of Willi Stoph and Willy Brandt?" - "Certainly not." - "at the first meeting I suppose that that is not too A lot going, but it's quite nice when first found together the two statesmen." - "well", that recognises the Federal Republic the DDR." - "no, I think it is not useful for, I think it is for the population to be useful that she just sees what are the opinions of the two parties, but I see no success and make no expectations because." - "well, I would say, it would be really Very much, when even a unity would be." - "not A lot, I don't think so, that A lot because what comes out. But, I believe you should the interpersonal relationships easier."-"What does that mean?"-"you know Yes, it is said often enough been."-"what concessions to make both sides?"-"You know, here are too many people." Series of blocking hats on the street, crowd behind it. Hotel entrance with crowd. When out Brandt's Hotel actuality spokesman choir "Recognition of DDR, DDR recognition!" Burgee of the FRG and the GDR on the Chaika limousine, big. Car number, close: IA 13-04. departure. Stoph resigns smiling from the hotel: spokesman choir actuality: "up, up, up Willi Stoph!" The hand shake Stoph various bystanders. Dr. Haese in interviews, o-ton: "You feel even more than citizens of the DDR or more than German?" - "As German citizens of the DDR." - "no, I feel not as a German." - "More than German." - "I feel as a German in that State alive." - "I am citizen of the GDR." - "as citizen of the GDR, I feel already, but it would be nice if we were a United Germany again."
Buchenwald: driving scenes of Brandt's car out to crowds on the sides of the street over to Buchenwald. Willy Brandt gets out of the car with two banged spruce. East German soldiers carry wreath. Willy Brandt follows with others. Press photographers and cameramen. Brandt's serious face between flowers and East German soldiers. Wreath loop, close, inscription: Willy Brandt. Brandt climbs the steps to the Buchenwald Memorial. Monument and fluttering flags. Brandt and Stoph in the midst of crowds on the way to the station. Portal bears the inscription: "The DDR is the German State of peace and socialism". Brandt and? the railway window, Stoph and photographers on the platform. Brandt, tall in the window with? laughing. Stoph looking up to him, great. Brandt raise your hand at downhill and actuality: "everything takes time - a good trip, Good bye." Berlin: people's Chamber: Stoph occurs, total and is integrating at the lectern, half total, behind him. Stoph speaks interview: "Let me first emphasise that the Council of Ministers considers the Erfurt meeting the GDR useful." Bonn: German Bundestag: Bundestag totale, head Auditorium. Brandt speaks half total and big o-ton: "... that a gradually mitigate of the consequences resulting from the Division of Germany, as is - possible!" "- also far from certain, that hold today when I at all offered skepticism rather possible than the day before yesterday."
Erfurt: on the next day driving by Erfurter Straße. Dr. Patrick interviewed students to the Brandt company, sound bites: "What do you think of Willy Brandt's visit?" - "Yes, so I think it's great." - "you have discussed in school?" - "will have discussed it the day before we were instructed." - "what do you mean an?" - "Yes, so were the relationships told us." I personally promise to have but Not much promised A lot of them as a result."-"you saw also Willy Brandt?"-"Yes, in the car, here on passing through Weimar, as he drove from the Buchenwald."-" and at "Erfurter Hof" hotel?"-" no, we have not seen him since. " We could not after the Erfurt, was locked down here, no tickets more over."-"And what have you discussed doing at school?"-"Yes, we should an essay To write."-"and what have you written?"-"Yes, that it recognized the GDR." Protesters in the rain on the street (for elections) with Stoph - Ulbricht posters and standard-bearer.

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Brandt, Willy ; Haese, Jürgen ; Leber, Georg ; Schnitzler von, Karl-Eduard ; Stoph, Willi ; Ulbricht, Walter


Cologne-Bonn airport ; Erfurt ; Buchenwald ; Frankfurt ; Bonn ; East Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Postal, postal services ; State visits (inside) ; Bobsleigh ; wreath stoppages ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 713/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Telephone direct link to United States with Minister liver camera: Luppa opening airport Cologne-Bonn camera: Luppa, Rühe Erfurt: Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph encounter in Erfurt origin: Fox, looking typically world everyday life in the GDR origin: DEFA, DEFA at the beginning and end of total length

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