UFA-Dabei 712/1970 17.03.1970


01 Erfurt and Stoph portrait cityscapes of Erfurt; Hotel Erfurter Hof, total, swing. Erfurt-portrait of the "eye-witnesses" with original sound of the DEFA report. 2 old engravings of the city; City images; Churches; Church Interior; Monument; Plate at a House with inscription: "Goethe and Schiller went to this House on and off. Wilhelm von Humboldt here married Caroline of roof öden (1791) ", House portal with cherubs head; diverse cityscapes; Plate of a House: "The Erfurt program of the Social Democratic Party of Germany adopted in this House in 1891". Street scene. Demolition of a House. Panning and settings of new buildings, some still under construction: "Optima" movement "Radio factory in Erfurt", total, totally. Swivels about a modern playground, which will be planted with flowers. Seen pan over Erfurt from above. Stoph portrait: still photographs by Stoph in uniform and in civilian clothes. Stophs's eyes close. Stoph between Ulbricht and Grotewohl, great; at signature; sitting on balustrade, great. As new Prime Minister. At balustrade with including Brezhnev, Ulbricht, Stoph. Head Auditorium, Stoph continues during the applause. Stoph and Erich Honecker walked into the room in the company; Stoph in addition to Ulbricht, which receives flowers from a young pioneer. Stoph descends stairs; he receives a bouquet of roses from pioneer. Gloop laughing close and at meeting table with others.

02. Geneva: Motor Show: NSU and continental classic car radiator hoods from Rolls Royce, Mercedes, de Dion Bouton and Auto-Union, each close. Was by continental tyres, totally. Various settings of a new belt tire from continental with a steel insert, close. Car on turntable, great. American subcompact gremlin, swivel and total. Swiss buggy, frontal, big. Girl at the wheel of a car, great. Level of Audi NSU: various settings of the TT 1000 dashboard, close. Audi 100 Coupé on turntable. Various settings of American car. 2 slices-Wankel engine with plastic bodywork by Daimler-Benz. Mercedes C 111 on hub with an open hood.

03. Charles Aznavour tour beginning in Hamburg Aznavour in coat with Coachmen collar welcomes men; Children dress stops at party in Hamburg, sitting at the table; strikes with forefinger several keys on piano, big with sunglasses. Aznavour, close, in the middle of the guests, multiple full-screen shots of his face. Aerial photographs of Paris, among other flight around the Eiffel Tower, flight over the Seine. Church Weathercock.

04. Marburg: New martial arts, fight terrorism called dark finger claws of a woman, close, attack a man in the face and force him to the Rückwärtsfall. Various settings of ladies and gentlemen at the mass training in a judo-like martial arts Hall. Knife and by lab Wehrungen. Coach Walker in training, he throws man on the mat and puts him a knee in the pit of the neck, big.

05. Hamburg: German men's casual fashion in Studio-production. Swivel about lying crosswise in the image girl in Maxi, foot to foot with modern clad young man, is the head to head with third. Under the title "modetips for Adam" the young man with naked upper body. Ranking ride surrounded at column, by young people. Various road trips from white car on the Dressmen and mannequins sit, lie and stand. Dressmen and girl from below. Girl's head, close, the eye is associated with black binding; She scans the Dressmen how playing the Blindekuh. Man takes girl on the arms in ZL and rotates them.

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Persons in the Film

Aznavour, Charles ; Honecker, Erich ; Stoph, Willi


Geneva ; Paris ; Hamburg ; Erfurt ; Marburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Judo ; Musical events ; Portraits ; Townscapes: Germany ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Fashion ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 712/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Erfurt and Stoph portrait Auto Salon in Geneva (NSU + continental) camera: Jackson Charles Aznavour tour and camera: Wiers flight recordings Paris origin: Pathé journal fight terrorism, Marburg camera: Luppa German menswear in Hamburg UFA in Studio production camera: L. at the beginning and end of total length

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