UFA-Dabei 711/1970 10.03.1970


01 Oberstdorf: ski flying week, 9 international ski jump, supervision, starts and jumps, total, tracking and setting up. Slow motion shots. Start, great. Audience in the snowstorm, short. No jumper called by name.

02. Bosphorus and Rio de Janeiro bridges total building with inscription: "cementation". Long shot of a design office. Hand, close to draw a plan. Artist at work. Hand shows construction plan for steel bridge. Map of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi with connection for the bridge. Long shot with sugar loaf of Rio de Janeiro. Ankara: Assembly of designers of also German companies. Signing of the contract. Model of the first bridge over the Bosphorus. Welding machine and machine. Part of the bridge construction.

03. Hanover: Inauguration of 500 German shell youth transport school children on different vehicles in traffic school. Minister Georg Leber is welcomed. Liver, large, original sound, partly over images of children on different vehicles: "skeptics are To want to take public relations advertising and advertising for the company and its products, which wants to sell it, in a pot. I think such a consideration would be too superficial and would not appreciate, what did the youth movement of the German shell in the past 20 years and Which one ideas and adjustments and also the ideals behind. Rather than increased sales were the goal of the youth work, but the examples attempt to solve an important mission of our community to a new and an unconventional way to contribute." Minister liver on children's feet go kart, close. Liver smiling on Go-Kart driving, several settings. Total Assembly with tape: "20 years youth movement of the German shell." 20 years of service of traffic safety, together with the last transportation departments." Liver, big, speaks.

04. Kiel and Hamburg: film poster exhibition several movie posters on revolving frame, among other things, for "Women in love". "Let's go even in the cinema"Air Port",". Rolf Thiele, visible only half from behind, keeps with the hand that "go to the movies of words". Among other posters by Alain Delon, Jean Gabin, etc.
Kiel: Premiere of the film "Slap": Gila von Weitershausen, waving large and close, laughing. Curd Jürgens and wife Simone, close. Pan across poster: "The cinema has more than three programs".
Hamburg: Sketch in the Esplanade Theater: two men in conversation about movies that have Not yet have been televised. Entertainment spoken in Hamburg dialect. Man on the phone, close. Head of audience.

05. Hamburg: Artists Dieter Schmidt Dieter Schmidt in the profile, large, hanging his paintings for exhibition. Mirror reflects visible empty space, then opening audience in the mirror. Press photographers. Various settings of paintings and collages, total and detailed settings, panning. Audience sitting on mattresses with Schmidt. Waste dump in the snow. Schmidt with several girls in the search for "artistic" recyclable waste. Schmidt in his Studio when making a collage, various settings, for example he waters dolls head with color and edited it with a blowtorch. Trick shots by Schmidt with girl on car cemetery. Painting with cranes. Collage with tickendem metronome. Girl, set out on the road a coffin tries him, Schmidt rises from a coffin. Intermediate cuts metronome from the collage. Schmidt sits in the company of a girl in his apartment with a naked girl in the coffin plays with their chess. Also he is naked.

06. portrait: 1. FC Köln recordings by training game. Coach Hans Merkle, big and intimate interview statements. Forest run of the player. Scenes per a player on the back of another. Merkle shoots balls towards the goal that should be caught. Interviews with various players, close, o-ton: "you would rather participate in Bundesliga matches or training for the World Cup in Mexico?" - "I'd Of course dear Bundesliga games, because the Club pays the money for me and for Me too must play." - "I do not get to decide, must decide the 1st FC Cologne, thats not my thing." - "would you be interested in?" - "Yes", I would like to serve as my club and would like to prepare me also Very good for Mexico." "Merkle interview, close, o-ton: you would be Mr. Merkle, willing to indemnify the national players of the first FC Cologne for the Bundesliga Championship training?" - "No, I could not because I think that is enough time to prepare the team so that she can exist in Mexico." - ", you think the 1 FC Cologne will have place at the end of the season?" - "at the moment will stand on the 2. "Table space and are still candidates to join in the forgiveness of the Championship and we To want to keep that in mind." Billy Goat as mascot of the 1st FC Cologne, with close back cover. 1. FC Köln - Hannover 96 5-0: various scenes of the game. Assembly: 4 times the ball in the Hanoverian gate flies. Hanover WINS. Flag-pivoting fans of FC. Cologne.

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Jürgens, Curd ; Leber, Georg ; Schmidt, Dieter ; Thiele, Rolf ; Weitershausen von, Gila ; Merkel, Hans


Hamburg ; Munich ; Holland ; Kiel ; Hanover ; Ankara ; Oberstdorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; filmmaking ; Football ; Pacts ; Schools, training ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Art ; Contracts ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; construction ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 711/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Internally. Ski flying week, Oberstdorf origin: Fox pool Bosphorus - and Rio d.Jan.-bridges origin: Central Office of information 20 years youth work of German shell film posters exhibition and camera: Jürgens sketch (film college, Esplanade Theatre) camera: Rieck, l. artist Schmidt camera: fire portrait of 1 FC Cologne camera: Luppa at the beginning and end of total length

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