UFA-Dabei 708/1970 17.02.1970


01 Copenhagen: Willy Brandt visited Head audience Copenhagen, outside. Swivel on smiling Willy Brandt with Danish politician. Several settings of a session (Denmark's desire for inclusion in the EEC). State Secretary Duckwitz, big (big, leafs through papers). Session total. Prime Minister Baunsgaard in conversation with Willy Brandt, both sitting. Baunsgaard, laughing, Big Willy Brandt with cigarette. Willy Brandt with wife Baunsgaard, large Baunsgaard with Rut Brandt, great. Festive dinner, including Willy Brandt with wife Baunsgaard. Willy Brandt, half close, interview about his visit to Copenhagen talks: "This visit in Copenhagen has shown how Very much the shadows of the past are gone and a new relationship fortunately square - made a relationship that is characterized by substantive cooperation and confidence."

02. Bourg Saint Maurice / Alps: avalanche church interior. Pan 39 coffins. Snow ploughs. Recordings in the Val d ' Isère, deep in snow houses and cars. 2 men to clear steps. Holiday home, ground floor destroyed. Men shovel snow within the House. Swivel destroyed kitchen. Indoor shots.

03. Munich: Swing about the house fire at Jewish nursing home. The crowd on the street before. Who in the Community Hall To want to enter in the condolence book. Pan on achtarmigen, lampstand. Munich Mayor bird is first into the condolence book, close. More people at entry. Various settings of the destruction inside the House. Aral petrol canister, close. Peter car with police prior to the Israeli hospital in Hamburg. Hospital, recording of part of and long shot.

04. full container ship "Sydney Express" supervision in the hold of the vessel. Baptism by the wife of the Premier of new South Wales, near. Original sound: "i give you the name"Sydney Express". She throws the bottle of sparkling wine, which shatters. Launched: Runs slowly screw in the iced water, close. Shot from above. Bow, large, multiple settings. Retarded shipyard facility.

05. Amsterdam: Beatle John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono both in bed, close. Cameramen and press photographers on the bed. Litho of both. Signature of John Lennon, close. Exhibition of lithographs in Amsterdam Gallery. Visitors. Self portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Several different works, close, short also daring. Both in the bed with the window posters. Hair peace and bed peace.

06. Nuremberg: Toy Fair close doll, which stretches out the tongue and plinkert with one eye. Toy train, racing, container and dump truck. Car feature games. Close: Stabo mobile Auto function game, great, running smaller robot dancing Teddy mobile missile, running chicken, Barking Dog, Apollo model. shooting somersault clown. Astronaut dolls on Moon. Doll with built-in record. Current doll on table, deflected away. Doll with lace lingerie and BRA. This doll is räkelndes.

07. Val Gardena: Alpine World Ski Championships downhill of women: legs on skis from behind, close. Various settings of the downhill runs of women and falls. Winner Annerösli Zryd, large, after the victory. Special women's slalom: start of German Champion Rosi Mittermaier, partly in ZL. Gate bar will take you to the fall, she gets back up. Winner: Ingrid Lafforgue, France, ZL, is congratulated in the melee. Men's downhill: legs on skis in the race from the front, close. Start and run by Karl Schranz / Austria, he is 4 run Bernhard Russi of Switzerland, runs in the goal, great. Start and run by Billy Kidd, he is world champion in Alpine combined.

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Baunsgaard ; Brandt, Rut ; Brandt, Willy ; Duckwitz ; Kidd, Billy ; Lennon, John ; Ono, Yoko ; Lafforgue, Ingrid ; Mittermaier, Rosi ; Russi, Bernhard ; Schranz, Karl ; Zryd, Annerösli


Amsterdam ; Nuremberg ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Elbe near Lauenburg ; Copenhagen ; Val Gardena ; Val Gardena ; Schruns


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Disasters ; Police ; Smoking ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Art ; Exhibitions ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 708/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Willy Brandt in Copenhagen camera: Luppa avalanche Val d' Isère origin: Pathé journal fire in Jewish nursing home, Münch.
Origin: Fox pool pole. Protection f. jüd. Facilities, Hbg. camera: Rühe full container ship "Sydney Express" camera: L., fire, fire, Wiers John Lennon graphics, Amsterdam origin: Polygoon toy fair, Nuremberg camera: Jürgens FIS Alpine Ski World Championships, Val Gardena origin: Fox pool at the beginning and end of total length

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