UFA-Dabei 698/1969 09.12.1969


1st East Berlin: Demonstration against Song My Lai murder by U.S. troops screen: top of the East Berlin radio tower. Pan from the top on the Marx-Engels-Platz, full of protesters. Photos of Viet Nam fighter Häberle, Ridenhour and Bernhardt. Several still photographs of the massacre Song My Lai. Pan across a huge crowd on the Marx-Engels-Platz, A few large and close-ups. Ulbricht, great. Swing by the Brandenburg Gate through the immense crowd.

02. Hamburg: ABC - suit of the German Red Cross showing the ABC protection suit of the German Red Cross. Family of 3 places order at the table in a garden restaurant waiter. Waiters Come back with full tray. Now, man, woman, and child wear the ABC suit made of plastic. Family goes away in protective suits. Filter replacement of gas masks, large. Family goes for a walk in the suits.

03. Munich: Opening of the Roman bath Atrium swivel about tasty-style cold buffet. Young girl is fed. Guests. Fashion show: sleep suits and bikinis. Young girl topless, swims in the water, naked. Young girl on stone table in the middle of the pool is fed by others from fruit basket. Audience, ladies and gentlemen; Bathers (short cuts). Pan across mosaic in the bathroom.

04. Munich: Menswear Moshammer for the Jet-set of white paint suit, colored as the suit with ermine collar coat worn by,. Sequined suit. Moshammer, close, in profile, draws in corner sofa sitting, big and totally. Moshammer drives in the white fur in the open horse-drawn carriage through Munich, from colored Torch carriers accompanied, goes to his party. Various settings of the party guests, white and coloured, in fantastic costumes, for example Mr in floral suit bears a glass around the neck chain. Fashion shoots with different Dressmen on the rooftops of Munich. Blacks in the white suit with Hussar lacing. Chinchilla vest. Plaid tweed jacket with a big hat. Kaftans and Kasacke as evening wear. Moshammer with 4 Dressmen on the roof.

05. France: Women's rugby women put on their protective clothing. You To give off watches and jewelry. Connection, close. Various scenes, partly in ZL. One crashes with the ball rolling towards the camera.

06. Salinas, California: Rodeo Rodeo bareback horses and cattle. Kristen. Cowboy throws calf Lasso around the neck that crashes, he knocks it back down and ties him up the legs.

07. Landshut: ice hockey international match Germany - Sweden 1-7 multiple scenes, partly in ZL. 2 shots on goal to land in the German goal. Shot into the Swedish goal. German players. Funk in game scenes. Händeschüttelnde teams in the middle of the field.

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Moshammer, Rudolf ; Shumway ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Funk, Walther


East Berlin ; Munich ; Hamburg ; East Berlin ; Landshut ; France ; Salinas, California


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Camping, Campinger ; Demonstrations ; Rodeo ; Rugby ; Medicine ; Social events ; Currency ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Fashion ; Hockey ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 698/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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It currently Gaitan notes to the East Berlin protest. Song My Lai in Viet Nam origin: DEFA CBRN protective suit camera: Rühe Roman bath in Munich camera: rough this company fashion f.d. Jet-set fashion Moshammer, Munich camera: out doing sports duels of the week women's rugby, France origin: Gaumont Rodeo, America origin: USIS ice hockey Deutschld. / Sweden, in Landshut camera: Rau, Rahim at the beginning and end of total length

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