UFA-Dabei 695/1969 17.11.1969


1 demonstrations against the policies of US Viet Nam still photographs of demonstrations in the United States. Berlin: US Consulate, outside, before protesters with placards. Shield: Consulate of United States of America. Pass the police officer at the Consulate of the protestors with placards. Train of the demonstrators and interview with placards, flags and banners: Permanent Revolution, permanent barbarism, Mao picture in the set. Views of the Memorial Church demonstration train before. Ongoing protester block with original sound.

02. Munich: "system 69" - future exhibition indoor setting. Lady at the information booth. Hands operate machine with buttons. Neon. There is a lion with tankard in neon and "here's Munich". Swivel model of the city and city construction drawing. From the aerospace engineering: "Azur 1", German research satellite and space tricks.

03. home of Apollo 12 title: Moon flight of always more expensive, image: US astronaut in spacesuit with camera. Several settings of the training and the preparation for the space flight. Astronauts practice with parachutes and jump into the water. Model of the lunar module "Intrepid" lands on Moon surface similar reason. Astronauts Conrad, Gordon and bean on the way to the ship. Weightlessness training in space suits and training with the research equipment. Astronauts in capsule, close lying. Launch as seen from Apollo 12 spectators against the horizon.

04. Congo: Astronauts Dance Club Apollo - font on coat breasts. Demonstration of new dance by 2 pairs of Negroes.

05. portrait Hein ten Hoff title: Boxidol of the postwar years, image: ten Hoff with spring dew and in the training run. Various box scenes. Max Schmeling, great among the spectators. Ten Hoff with wreath, large. Ten Hoff trying in his kitchen, large and close. Several settings in the main kitchen. Portions are filled, ten Hoff between the staff. The restaurant from the outside, vans leave the Court. Ten Hoff speaks actuality, close: "Yes, this I say, that there probably is no sport, where the athletes so perfect being must like the one that exerts the sport of boxing. He must have a physical strength, responsiveness, speed, good eye, still a strength of character. Strength of character, because who wants to come forward in this profession, must have been through a hard winding youth. ... I think that has been the fight against Tiger Gene Jones in Berlin. Tiger an American gene Jones was Very much schlagstark, he was an aspiring young, but his repertoire was transparent. For me he was indeed dangerous, but I'm finished with him." Training pictures old partly under the sound and review of the fight against Tiger Gene Jones and scenes from the fight against Jersy Joe Walcott.

06. Hamburg: Talent competition title: sing, who provided vocals. Various settings of various singers and singers, short, original sound. Eddy Barclay, tall, short. Still photographs of Jaques Brel, Aznavour and Nicolette, Dalida, Nino Berrer. Robert France sings to the guitar, original sound, half total. And winner of the talent show Eva Maria Ihloff sings actuality half total and big. Continue of different people with their vocal performances. Two girls who have a funny singing at the end.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Barclay, Eddy ; Bean, Alan ; Conrad, Charles ; France, Robert ; Gordon, Richard ; Ihloff, Eva-Maria ; Hoff ten, Hein


Munich ; Berlin ; United States ; Hamburg ; Of the Congo ; Bonn ; Rhöndorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Demonstrations ; Musical events ; Rockets ; Aerospace ; Reviews ; Dance ; Exhibitions ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 695/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Doing up-to-date notes at the time of anti-Viet Nam war demonstration camera: Pahl system 69, future exhibition camera: Rau Apollo 12 - moon flight more expensive APOLLO 12, preparations and start camera: fire origin: Gaumont, USIS Moon dance in the Congo origin: Belgavox in sports Boxidol of the post-war era Hein ten Hoff - portrait camera: fire origin: Archive sing this exclusive, whom vocals Barclay-talent contest given Danny's Pan, Hamburg camera: Jürgens, Rühe, fire at the beginning and end of total length

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