UFA-Dabei 692/1969 28.10.1969


01 Brandt is the Chancellor doing policy - Chancellor of the reforms, image: Willy Brandt / profile. Pan across occupied Federal Hall and settings. Willy Brandt, half the total, original sound of the Government Declaration, original sound: "we are determined to maintain the security of the Federal Republic of Germany and the cohesion of the German nation, to preserve peace and to work on a European peace order, to expand the freedoms and the prosperity of our people and to develop that a rank in the world of tomorrow will be recognized and protected our country. We are not chosen, are selected. So search is the conversation with those who strive for this democracy. No: we are not at the end of our democracy, we start really. We To want be a people of good neighbors and are - inside and outside." Intermediate cuts: Karl Schiller, looks into the camera, Rainer Barzel looks through papers. Mrs Rut Brandt on the Auditorium. Members tap applause on the tables. Slamming members. (Archive footage): Brandt kindling cigarette. In the conversation with Erler, close, with Kiesinger, close; with Zarapkin, close. Children's & youth photos. Looking back on the election to the Governing Mayor of Berlin; Rally in Berlin; Brandenburg Gate with barbed wire; with Wilson on the wall; Tour with John F. Kennedy; with Adenauer, great; Election poster of the SPD; with Ollenhauer, händeschüttelnd; Group: Brandt with Erler, Wehner, Schiller, etc.; He was with bouquet of meeting table. Setting for negotiating the Grand Coalition; Brandt in United States; Interview at may rally in Hamburg: "I urge young people in Germany to fight with / to work for reform, against backwardness, against stubbornness against cold-heartedness." "We create the modern Germany SPD election poster"; Driving record on various election posters over; Swearing-in as Chancellor before von hassel.

02. Ulm: Truck driver competition: Bull-cross skill, several settings. Stopwatch in hand, great. Among other slalom driving, construction sites-cross of the fully loaded car. Young woman at the wheel of a truck. Driving through water and off-road driving. Richard von Frankenberg presented trophy to the winner Joseph hash. Hash with trophy, big.

03. Roy Black - a voice for the heart - concert Roy Black sings original sound, big and close. Interview interview, close in the profile and en face: "it is the first time that I sing in Spanish, French and Italian; actually it is my biggest show and is a real small concert, if you will."-"What do you fear on a tour of the most?"-"that man does not arrive, that a room is empty and that you a break, as they say in our language, that man, that people have a dislike, that no applause is that the audience disappointed is one. That would be the worst. sure"-"what is your biggest goal?"-" easy to be something what people say later that it was good and that you work not need be ashamed. " Sings "on a day... ".

04. Hamburg: Rugby international match Germany - Czechoslovakia this sport. Game scenes, partly in ZL, result: 18:11 for Czechoslovakia.

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Barzel, Rainer Candidus ; Black, Roy ; Brandt, Rut ; Brandt, Willy ; Frankenberg von, Richard ; Schiller, Karl


Ulm ; Bielefeld ; Bonn ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; Musical events ; Portraits ; Rugby ; State visits (inside) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 692/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This policy Chancellor of reform Government statement Willy Brandt's origin: [...]

Brandt portrait camera: Jürgens origin: [...], archive material in engine ver is best?

Truck driver competition in Ulm camera: Rühe Roy Black heart a voice for Roy black concert camera: Rieck, Wiers with sport neck and broken leg rugby international match Germany/CSSR camera: Jürgens, Seib, Wiers at the beginning and end of total length

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