UFA-Dabei 687/1969 23.09.1969


01 industry trade fair in Berlin this special report - industrial exhibition Berlin 1969 spinning machine screw, big. Exhibition grounds. Contactor speaks interview on the opening: "Berlin is attractive in many respects. It may remain but only this and it can be only more attractive, if science and industry hand-in-hand work and To try to provide a maximum." Listeners, half-close. Listeners applaud. Schütz next to Schiller goes through the exhibition. Photographers. Schiller, great. Working at machines in the exhibition. Cameraman drives on self-propelled carriages. Foundry. Workers at manufacturing a cast iron figure. Modern aircraft model transparent. Attempts in the flow channel of the Technical University. Dr. Haese interviewed exhibitors and Senator King, o-ton: "What you promise is of this exhibition?" - "we To want sale here not a single lamp. To want underlines the power and sophistication of the Berlin electrical industry through our production post."-"we To want advertise here. It is known to us, that people here go through 450-500,000, and that seems to be enough, incentive with to be."–"We are hoping a rise of sales in the capital goods market in Berlin by the larger more comprehensive technical information."
Actuality King: "this exhibition was a great industrial exhibition such as woanderswo for Berlin earlier, after the war, she was more or less, as we expressed it, a showcase of the free world, today is a self representation of the entire industry, although Not here with maybe the huge success of sales can be expected, but one representation of the industry with political underground and above all in the new design with"", relating to science and economic manufacturing." - "needs Berlin this exhibition in the future?" - "this exhibition takes Berlin in the future, to prove that she is still a vibrant industrial city and it is Yes In fact, because it is still the largest industrial city in Germany."

02. premiere "Battle of Britain" in News - News from the film, image: warplanes in battle. Front of the resident Theater showing "Battle of Britain". Arrival of guests of honour. Officers of Hare, Peter Townsend, Adolf Galland, air force Chief of staff Steinhoff. Photos from the movie. Scenes of the attack on English cities. Bombs are falling. Burning houses. People in opposing.

03. drive-in Hanover men stand on big screen. Setting up the big screen. Model of the Drive-In facility. Cars go to the cinema. Couple kissing in a car. Demonstration with UFA there.

04. Kiel: Premiere "Dr. Fabian" with Kulenkampff Kulenkampff with BART on tax by boat. Close-up of young girl with flowing hair. Kulenkampff alongside Martin Jente, great. Kulenkampff is signing autographs. Crowds of people in front of the Metro with display "Dr. Fabian". People in the cinema, screen-filling. Kulenkampff onstage. Martin Jente helps him in the mantle. Dialogue Kulenkampff - Mr Martin, o-ton: "I've seen you many long years in television, you can say that, Yes, - I've seen you in the film." - "if I may, let me a comment - please Very much, - try's but at the theater." Laughing audience.

05. Czech photographer Taras Kuscinsky considered photographer photos. Photos of women. Photographer photographed model. Pretty woman pictures. Nude photos. Kuscinsky with camera.

06. Oktoberfest: Football Austria - Germany 1:1 in sports - duels of the week picture: game, total. Spectators, half-close. German shot on goal. Goalkeeper keeps. Austria stormed. Viewers filling picture. Shot on goal for Austria. Austria stormed. Germany shoots 1:1 audience clapping.

07. Cologne: camel races running legs by camel, great. Camels in the run before races with jockeys. Lying camel. Start. Young spectator with binoculars. Riders on the camels. Camel galloping. 2 camels side by side. Target gallop. Winner trophy.

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Galland, Adolf ; Haese, Jürgen ; Hase von, Karl-Günther ; Jente, Martin ; Kulenkampff, Hans Joachim ; Kuscinsky, Taras ; Schiller, Karl ; Schütz, Klaus ; Steinhoff, Fritz ; Townsend, Peter


Berlin ; Kiel ; Cologne ; Hanover ; CSSR ; Vienna


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Industrial events ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Football ; Photographers ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Listener ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Autographs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Viewers and audience ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 687/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This special report deutsche Industrie-Ausstellung Berlin 1969 industrial exhibition in Berlin in currently new by the film premiere: "Battle of Britain" camera: Luppa drive-in theater Hannover camera: fire Kulenkampff in Kiel camera: Portrait of fire d. Czech photographers origin: State while doing sports duels of the week football: Austria Germany origin: Austria camel race in Cologne camera: Luppa, Brandes, Pier Kalla at the beginning and end of total length

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