UFA-Dabei 643/1968 18.11.1968


01 Offenbach: Football Kickers Offenbach - Bayern Munich 0-0 title: doing sports: Bravo Kickers Offenbach, image: game gate breakdown from ZL 982/7 - same section. Ball flies over gate (title underground). Spectators, half-close. Game scenes. Goalkeeper keeps. Offenbach shoots on goal, ZL. Goalkeeper Meyer holds, ZL. Meyer fends off, picks up and catches ball in lying, ZL. Grandstand, half-close. Meyer holds. 2 opposing players storm and fall over each other, ZL. Latte shot at the gate of Offenbach. Offenbach goalkeeper keeps, ZL. Viewers with pointy Knit Beanie, wholesale. Müller plays. Offenbach goalkeeper holds. Young woman wipes up the nose, big.
(46 m) 02 Brussels: NATO meeting title: it currently: notes at the time, image: NATO flags. Headquarters. Car ancestor. Dean Rusk goes to trial, half-close. Walking the Schröder, half-close. Brandt in addition to Dean Rusk, half-close. Delegation of United Kingdom. Germany. Brandt sitting, total, as President. Pan across large round table. NATO emblem, great. Door is closed with NATO emblem.
(16 m) 03 Bonn: Golden screen for "Helga" Golden canvas, great film award. Dr. Edwards presented the Golden screen. Dr. Engelbrecht kisses Strobel hands Kathe. Käthe Strobel with Golden screen, great.
(27 m) 4th Bonn: film journalist meeting - discussion of the film promotion participants, half-close. Klaus Halliday, great. Dr. Toussaint discusses original sound, large, film promotion: "the producers of England, France, Italy and the Scandinavian countries also receive significant State subsidies and we were Very much heavily handicapped in the competition. We hope that the film promotion law here does the situation change and our producers in a real competition can consist with the foreign film."
Audience, great. Dr. Engelbrecht, half close, as a listener.
(27 m) 05. victories: NPD party conference title: this policy: protest against the NPD image: demonstrators outside the Siegerlandhalle. Breakdown of ZL 982/1 - same section. Young demonstrators outside the Siegerlandhalle. Policemen. Stacheldrahtverhau, great. Protesters To try to storm Stacheldrahtverhau. Young man with a red flag. Chanting "Down with the NPD". Young men with clenched fist. Half-empty Hall, because access is hampered by protesters delegates. 2 police officers with gas masks. Police dog. Street battle. Press photographers with protective helmets. Adolf von Thadden's lectern, half close u. Thadden speaks actuality, big: "in the last months we had me opportunity to say several times, what, that make us harder what does not kill us. And this includes even this day. One should not underestimate please us." Listeners on long tables. Audience claps, half-close. Brawl outside the Hall. Water cannons. Young protester speaks interview, screen: "we have tried here to prevent the Party Congress of the NPD in the Siegerland. And for are we stay here so long, until the Party Congress to end."
(52 m) 06. Amnesty International title: doing justice: some in need, image: prison window with bars. Prison hallway. Cell. Photo of prisoners with arms raised to wall standing. Defendant dock. Tab of the Organization "International Amnesty", which deals with prisoners of conscience. Photo of the released convict Peter Brandt. Hamburg actor read from letters of prisoners, big, o-ton: "On the first night in my cell I couldn't sleep, because in the secondary cell a prisoner in a row according to cried several hours without having looked after someone." - "you're under arrest. He speaks kindly, as if he said: how are you? You're under arrest, arrested."–"any person who visits us, can be arrested, as happened with lawyers. The fear is everywhere."-"The main impression of the first days, remained the same until today, consisted of covered the Untersuchungshäftlingbereits as a criminal here."-"the way of the future is dark and daunting, but history has shown that tyranny may not long endure." Photos of prisoners, large. Freedom songs are sung. Prison hallway. Guard goes on floor.
(49 m) 07. Berlin: Karl Böhm conducted "Figaro" title: this music: Karl Böhm conducted, image: score, swivel to Karl Böhm, half-close. Notes, screen-filling. Karl Böhm. The baritone Hermann Prey, half-close. Dietrich Fischer York, great. Karl Böhm goes to the conductor's stand. Sound mixer on the mixing desk. Mixer, great. Böhm collects baton and speaks interview. Böhm conducted the Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Geiger. Gundula Janowitz and Edith Mathis sing Duet actuality. Böhm conducted half close and big.
(59 m)

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Böhm, Karl ; Brandt, Willy ; Engelbrecht, Wolfram ; Fischer-Dieskau ; Hebecker, Klaus ; Janowitz, Gundula ; Mathis, Edith ; Prey, Hermann ; Rusk, Dean ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Strobel, Käthe ; Thadden von, Adolf ; Toussaint ; Maier, Josef ; Müller, Gerd


Hamburg ; Win ; Bonn ; Brussels ; Berlin ; Lübeck ; Offenbach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Honors ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Emblems ; Flags ; filmmaking ; Photographer ; Football ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Police ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Doors ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Military events ; Crime ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Listener ; NATO ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 643/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This sport bravo Kickers Offenbach football Kickers Offenbach-Bayern Munich origin: look in the world currently doing notes at the time of NATO meeting in Brussels origin: Belgavox Golden screen for "Helga" + film journalist Conference camera: Luppa origin: look typically world political protests against the NPD NPD party conference in Siegen origin: look in the world justice some in emergency international Amnesty camera: fire, Rühe origin: Archive this music Karl Böhm conducted Figaro at the beginning and end of total length

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