UFA-Dabei 640/1968 29.10.1968


01 Offenbach: DKP party day - KP 1946-1956 - interviews: admission KP title this policy: old wine in new Wineskins, image: Board member of Congress. Archive: election posters are thrown out of car. Writing on fence. Selects KPD. Max Reimann protested Parliamentary Council and goes to the lectern. Adenauer speaking before the parliamentary defence debate. Banned newspaper Abendpost KPD. Sign Federal Constitutional Court building. Reimann, great. Interviews about approval of the Communist Party. Young and older people, largely To give interview, o-ton: "Of course, you need to understand but also people who have a different opinion." - "I am not a Communist, on the contrary. But would have to be approved you."-"we want to refuse. We do not want it. There is a restlessness and discontent."-"you should abolish it altogether."-"if we really To want to have a democracy, then we must allow any extreme opinion." Party Congress of the DKP. Cameramen. Young girl photographed. Chairman Kurt Bachmann speaks actuality, big: "the German Communist Party is with their vision of the struggle for democracy and socialism a good relationship with all of the non-parliamentary opposition forces seek to. We thank all people who build the DKP in the farms, towns and cities, to create a strong Marxist force in the Federal Republic."
Listeners applaud. Close-ups of listeners. Members sing the International Communist Party. Interviews: Would you choose the KP?, o-ton: "Choose I would it not, no." - "Why not" - "no, I would not choose." - "I wouldn't no, select them, but admit I would."
(52 m 2) London: anti-Viet Nam demonstration protesters with placards and banners. Protest March. Running protesters. Police officers in the street fighting with demonstrators. Mass onslaught.
(20 m) 03 Paderborn: Ferris wheel title: this news - notes at the time, image: Ferris wheel revolves. People Pack bulbs from boxes. Screwing the bulb. Baptism of the Ferris wheel with champagne. Champagne bottle shatters. Ferris wheel revolves, screen. Long shot of the Ferris wheel. Gondolas.
(20 m) 04. Bremen: free market barrel organ player before the Bremen Roland. Audience on the free market. Gingerbread heart. Children's carousel rotates. Children. Barrel organ player. Harmonica player. Accordion player. Street singers. One man Orchestra.
(26 m) 5th Soviet steamer wreck by Circumnavigator holds yacht "Little One" officers on the Soviet ship at meeting. Secure small yacht. Fund units. Entry in the logbook of July 18. Glasses, binoculars, compass. Picture of the missing visit.
(19 m) 6th Olympic Games Mexico - 3 report title: this special report Mexico 1968 image: wheel road riders 100 km cycling road race: cyclist on the track. Cyclists from above. Franco Vianelli / Italy goes first through the objective, totally. Gold: Franco Vianelli / Italy.
Two kayak women: start. Annemarie Zimmermann Roswitha Esser assumed the leadership, half close and go first to the finish line. Display on the Panel. Award ceremony. Annemarie Esser, Roswitha Zimmermann gold medal / Hungary USSR, silver medal, bronze medal.
100 m backstroke men: start. Swimming. The gold medal WINS Roland Matthes / Erfurt, 58.7 seconds.
Diving ladies: jump of the gold medallist Milana Dutschkova / CSSR, ZL.
Diving men: Klaus Dibiasi / Italy jumps ZL and wins the gold medal.
Boxing welterweight: Manfred cloud / East Berlin defeated Joseph Bessal / Cameroon in the final and win the gold medal. Award ceremony. Cloud puts arm around Bessala.
Show jumping: Horse jumps into obstacle, rider crashes. Horse gallops away and is captured. On the stands of Prince Philip and Prince Bernhard, half-close. On the course of Marylin Coakes on the small horse stroller. You win the silver medal. William Steinkraus on snowbound wins the gold medal. Gymnasts men: Mikhail Voronin turns on the horizontal bar of ZL. and wins the gold medal. Vera Caslavska / CSSR turns on the uneven bars, ZL, floor exercises, (ZL) and Vault (ZL) and wins the gold medal at the three units and the eighth fight. Vera Caslavska at award ceremony.
(19 m)
Closing ceremony: Invasion of the flags of the countries. Olympic flag is carried out of the city. The Olympic flame is extinguished. Audience wave. Hats are tilted. Fireworks. Font Munich 72. (90 m)

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Bessala, Joseph ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Bachmann, Kurt ; Bernhard von Holland ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Reimann, Max ; Caslavska, Vera ; Coakes, Marylin ; Dibiasi, Klaus ; Dutschkova, Milana ; Esser, Roswitha ; Kutschinskaja, Natalia ; Matthes, Roland ; Steinkraus, William ; Vianelli, Franco ; Wolke, Manfred ; Woronin, Michail ; Zimmermann, Annemarie


Hanover ; Karlsruhe ; Paderborn ; Bremen ; London ; Mexico City ; Hamburg ; Offenbach ; Ireland ; Bonn ; Mexico ; Mexico City


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Demonstrations ; Electricity ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Children ; Fireworks ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Olympics ; Photographers ; Police ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Crime ; Currency ; Elections ; Listener ; Entertainment, festivals ; Viewers and audience ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 640/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This policy old wine into new Wineskins interviews: approval KP KP archive of 1946 - 1956 DKP Party Congress in Offenbach camera: Rühe, Jürgens, Luppa origin: Archive anti-Viet Nam protests in London origin: Pathe news with up-to-date notes at the time Ferris wheel in Paderborn camera: Rieck free market in Bremen camera: Rieck Fund of a yachtsman yacht origin: Sovkino this special report Mexico 1968 Olympics Mexico 3 report 100 km cycling road race origin: Polygoon, INA pool two kayak women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 100m back swimmers men origin: Polygoon, INA-pool diving women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool diving men origin: Polygoon, INA pool boxes welterweight origin: Polygoon, INA pool riding single origin: Polygoon, INA pool gymnastics men: RAD origin: Polygoon, INA pool gymnastics women: balance beam, uneven bars, floor exercises, vault origin: Polygoon, INA-pool closing ceremony origin: Polygoon, INA-pool

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