UFA-Dabei 627/1968 30.07.1968


01 Otto Hahn died title: In the memoriam Otto Hahn, image: close-up of Otto Hahn. Close-ups of Otto Hahn. Old lab of Otto Hahn in 1938, where he was the splitting of the atomic nucleus. Chemical formulas. Picture of Otto Hahn in the laboratory. Otto Hahn with employees in the lab of his Göttingen Institute. Heuss awarded order of Otto Hahn. His Nobel Prize in chemistry. Otto Hahn in addition to its staff of Lise Meitner, half-close. Otto Hahn is kissed in celebration of his 80th birthday by Heuss. TAP talks to Max Planck after awarding of the Nobel Prize interview: "we are proud of You and me the confident hope give to me, that the consequences of your great discovery will benefit in the future only for peaceful purposes. Also I am of the opinion that you should expose the exploitation of nuclear energy brought by the fission of uranium in the realm of ideas really only humanitarian purposes. We To want hope so and also the scholars are same opinion all over the world. Close-up of Otto Hahn.
(48 m) 02 CSSR: Summit of the CSSR and USSR of party President title: notes at the time, image: Prague cityscape. Herd of cows. Village sign of Cierna nad Tisou. Car parking in long snake. People on the street. Railway tracks.
(21 m) 3rd Rome: Italian fur fashion mannequins perform ankle-length fur coats. Processing of samples from different materials. Mannequin and dress man with Persian lamb fur coat. Short fur. Fur dress. Leopard Cape.
(26 m) 4 losses of the post by incorrect addresses girls in bikini beckons, great. Water skiers. Girl lies on the shore. Beach full of beach chairs. Couple in Beach Chair. Girl writes postcard deck chairs and a beach chair. Different postcards with incorrect addresses. Search of the post searches for undeliverable addresses in address books. Mailman is running from door to door.
(28 m) 5th Olympia changing: 1948-1968 image: soldiers and students during rehearsal for the ceremony in Mexico. Olympic Stadium. Soldiers March. Young shield delegation of Mexico. Delegations in the stadium. Invasion of the athletes in the Wembley Stadium in London 1948. King George VI. greeting. Queen Elizabeth in conversation with the Shah of Persia. Statistics: Comparison of the participation numbers in 1948 and 1968 National Championship 1948: United States, Sweden, France. Torch bearer lit the Olympic flame. Photos of services: 100 m run, pole vault, 10,000 m run, 100 m race: it wins Dillard / United States. Booth photo finish. 50 km walk: Swiss runner thinks arriving at the stadium he arrived and stops too early. 100 m women: Fanny Blankers Koen WINS. 10,000 m race: Zapotek lapped everyone and WINS in record time. Marathon run: Gailly / Belgium, leads, arrives first at the stadium and is being over 400 m before the finish of 2 runners. Marathon runner on stretcher.
(77 m) 6th Travemünde: arrival of the trans-Atlantic sailor title: fast time practicing Atlantic, image: ocean going yacht in the wind offshore yacht in the wind. Offshore yachts at sea. You are in the wind. Driving past the lighthouse at the port of Travemünde. The Dutch yacht Stormvogel with the only female crew member. The best yacht Germania in the port. Mr. Lüthkt interviewed Hans Victor Howaldt, o-ton: "something unpleasant was the fog near Newfoundland, because we have crossed the main road of merchant shipping from the United States to Europe. But only two, three days. You were never toy with the idea, to give up? No, the... No, that was Not at all in question. "You can see the merry laughter of the crew that we have stood our man even in difficult situations."
(48 m)

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Blankers Koen, Fanny ; Elizabeth von England ; Georg V. von England ; Hahn, Otto ; Heuss, Theodor ; Lütke ; Meitner, Lise ; Planck, Max ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Dillard, Harrison ; Gailly, Etienne ; Howaldt, Hans Victor ; Zatopek, Emil


Travemünde ; CSSR ; France ; Italy ; Pilsen ; Hamburg ; Israel ; London ; Göttingen ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Buildings in Germany ; Interviews ; Leisure, recreation ; Olympics ; Medals, awards, honors ; Postal, postal services ; Reviews ; Sailing ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Livestock, livestock ; Foreign policy events ; Fashion ; Astrology ; Time hotels ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 627/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand died in memoriam Otto Hahn hahn origin: Archive this up-to-date notes at the time Czechoslovakia negotiations (DUBCEK) origin: Fox Italian fur fashions origin: SEDI post story (holiday mailing address) (aunt Emma sends his regards) 1948-1968 Olympic i. change Olympic changing origin: archive quickly across the Atlantic Atlantic regatta (arrival Trave) camera: Rühe, Petersen at the beginning and end of

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