UFA-Dabei 620/1968 11.06.1968


01 Robert Kennedy assassination title: in memoriam Robert Kennedy, image: close-up of Robert Kennedy. US flags at the St. Patrick's Cathedral. Americans stand in long queue in front of the Cathedral and parade past the casket. Robert Kennedy on the lectern. Robert Kennedy to Ethel Kennedy. Photos: Robert and Edward Kennedy in addition to Adenauer. Robert Kennedy in addition to Kiesinger. Robert Kennedy in addition to Willy Brandt. In addition to Willy Brandt, Robert Kennedy in Berlin goes in car. He puts hands of people and speaks before the Schöneberg Town Hall interview: "freedom - President Kennedy said when hey what here a year ago - is indivisable, and when one man one is a slave, all are not free."
Robert Kennedy kneeling at the coffin of his brother's in Arlington. Entrance of the hotel. Ambassador. Robert Kennedy lying on the ground after shooting. MC Carty on arrival before Cathedral funeral service. Johnson goes to the funeral. Edward Kennedy on the coffin. Ethel Kennedy in addition to her son Joseph. Coffin is carried, led by Edward Kennedy. The children of Roberts, Rose Kennedy. People on the line of the Sonderzuges. Boy carries the flag. Burial in Arlington. Capitol At night.
(76 m) 02. normalization of life in Paris title: it currently: notes at the time of image: Arc de Triomphe and cars. Lattice of subway shaft be postponed. People walk down the stairs to the train. Bus. Moving on the road. Veterans marching with flags. Police in street battle with workers of the Renault works.
(22 m) 03 social elections in the Federal Republic choice Park to stop column. Polling station. Voters fill out ballots. Driving record DAK building, Hanseatische health insurance, Barmer spare cash. Hand slips inside ballot boxes. Hand's letter in mail box. Ballots, great. Election posters.
(22 m) 04 rock ´ n ´ roll Bill Haley in Munich Bill Haley singing. Rock and roll dancers. Bill Haley with a guitar during performance. Bill Haley singing "Rock around the clock". Dancers.
(25 m) 05. Review on currency reform title: this series: so we lived in 1948 image: bundled banknotes. Man meat Bank. Young woman with Hat and veil. Mrs Mach. Returnees drinking from Cup. Girls wanted. Refugees hang on train. Crowded tram. Closed shops: long queue before point of money in currency reform. Withdrawal of new money. Old bills are ground into a paper mill. Original report WIF: Filling the basket with blueberries. Vegetables on the market. Cucumbers are weighed. Full window. Iron. Sign cigars in stock. Radios. Cup. Tram with empty running boards. Taxes. Train station. Munich-Hamburg train. Empty chairs in the garden restaurant. Vehicle reverses at Esso gas station.
(69 m) 6th Ratzeburg: eighth rowing to the Gillette - Cup title: doing sports: omen for Mexico, image: start the eighth start. Rowers in the race, half-close. Viewers with binoculars. It leads the Germany aft. 2 Russian boats overtake the German boat. Vilnius is in front of Moscow across the finish line. 3. boot from the United States against Germany. Russian team at award ceremony. Kiss for athletes. Reporter is located next to the boat in the water. Level copying of the inlet of the Germany United States boats.
(33 m)

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Brandt, Willy ; Haley, Bill ; Johnson, Ladybird ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Kennedy, Edward ; Kennedy, Ethel ; Kennedy, Joseph ; Kennedy, Robert ; Kennedy, Rose ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; McCarthy


Los Angeles ; Washington ; New York ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Paris ; Holland ; Munich ; London ; Ratzeburg ; Israel ; Baden-Württemberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Buildings in Germany ; Misery ; Trade, finance ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Flags ; Women, mothers ; Musical events ; Night ; Police ; Postal, postal services ; Reviews ; Rowing ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Deaths, funerals ; Unrest ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Outlander ; Elections ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Assassinations ; Buildings in North America ; Gastronomy ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 620/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand in memoriam Robert Kennedy Robert Kennedy assassination origin: Pathé news, vis news, this news archive notes at the time normalization in Paris origin: Pathé journal social elections typically Bill Heley i. Munich Federal Republic camera: Rau origin: Archive this series so we lived in 1948 currency reform origin: Archive this sport omen for Mexico?

Eighth row, Ratzeburg camera: fire, Jürgens, Rühe at the beginning and end of

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