UFA-Dabei 613/1968 23.04.1968


01 a day with Manuela title: this music. A day with Manuela, image Manuela turns in ball Chair. Manuela in turns ball Chair. Manuela in dressing room prior to wardrobes in different clothes for American tour. Manuela in close colorful House suit at gymnastics. Manuela speaks actuality, big: "I had at the time in Berlin on the wedding ' a good clique, so friendships had and now I miss it Very much."
Their achievement trophies. Manuela with guitar. She talks about her songs in ball Chair sitting: "I sing slow tracks anyway A lot rather than fast numbers and I think also, the soul music that has, this is a wonderful contrast to the beat of music."
She sings original sound. Pan across tree. Manuela sings on bench. Starting in grain field, in front of trees, driving under the trees. Their reflection in the water. Front of waterfall. Wearing a cowboy hat, great. Motor boat on Lake Ammersee. Tail shaft of the boat behind her.
(70 m) 02. New aircraft for the Bundeswehr: F4 Phantom II title: this technique: be name phantom image: landing jet fighter. He puts on his helmet. Phantom rolls to the runway with 2 open pulpits: 2 phantom start machines and fly.
(29 m) 03 peine: interview with the mother of the bomber b title: this policy: topic of the week violence, image: Assassin Bachmann. House of Bachmann's would-be assassin. The attic window. His attic attic door opens. On the walls of his room pictures and crucified Saber. Ship model on Cabinet. Photo of his parents. In the kitchen, Mr. Wiechmann interviewed the mother of Bachmann. (Political activity? Preference for Hitler and the military. Assassination attempt.) Hitler painting, swing, great.
(83 m) 04. Munich: burial of the press photographer Klaus Frings student demonstration with banners against terrorism, stones are not arguments. Photos of the press photographer of Klaus Frings and the students of Rüdiger Schreck, who died during the demonstration as a spectator to the life. Photo of the shot Klaus Frings, covered in blood. Funeral service. Wreaths of flowers. Nationals at funeral.
(83 m) 5th interview on the topic of "Violence" speakers: SDS - Attorney at law, W. Otto, ASTA Hamburg, W. Landsberg, Asta FU Berlin, j. Litten, SHB Hamburg. Sound bites: "violence must not go so far that she aimed at people. She should also not where go far that people harm can come to in particular, that there can be casualties like in Munich. Because serious errors have been made and we should learn from the mistakes and we are looking for responsible also for us."
"Basically is as to reject political violence. We don't live in a banana Republic."
"I am use of force without risk to human life for symbolic acts of violence, i.e.,."
"I reject in principle violence in this society as an expression of protest. It has a political function in this society, nor can we hope if we use violence, to be able to inspire the majority of the population for our political objectives."
Harald Norpoth (83 m) 6th portrait title: stars for Mexico in sports, image: Harald Norpoth forest run. Initial installation from UFA 609th clapping audience. Norpoth in long distance running. Stand copying in the run, while he himself looks around. Viewers will keep fingers crossed. The House of his parents. Norpoth sits on couch in room and works as an insurance salesman before books. Close-up. Norpoth goes down stairs, sits in the car and driving. His feet during the course of ZL. Training run through forest ZL. Mr. Luethke interviewed Harald Norpoth. (Opportunities for Mexico). Norpoths race in Tokyo. Winning the silver medal.
(68 m)

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Bachmann, Josef ; Frings, Klaus ; Landsberg, W. ; Litten, J. ; Lütke ; Mahler, Horst ; Manuela ; Otto, W. ; Schreck, Rüdiger ; Wiechmann, Johannes ; Norpoth, Harald


Munich ; Ammersee ; Peine ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; Düsseldorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Demonstrations ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Youth ; aircraft ; Musical events ; Olympics ; Portraits ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Deaths, funerals ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 613/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand in music a day camera with Manuela Manuela story: Rau, summer this technique his name: Phantom II aircraft Phantom II camera: Luppa this policy theme of the week: violence burial press photographer of Frings eyewitnesses: camera: Rau, Rühe interviews such issue of violence camera: fire interview m. mother Bachmann & environment b camera: Pahl, Pahl this series of stars for Mexico Norpoth portrait camera: fire origin: archive at the beginning and end of

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