UFA-Dabei 608/1968 19.03.1968


01 Oldenburg: Competition of gymnasts of Germany - Sweden title: in sports: the soft shaft, image: gymnast on uneven bars breakdown from ZL 947 / 6 - same editing: Solveig Andersson turns on uneven bars, ZL. She is second in the individual competition. Marie Lundquist / Sweden in floor exercise. She is 3rd in the individual competition. IRMI Krauser at Vault. Angelika Kern makes flick flack on balance beam. IRMI Krauser turns on uneven bars, ZL. They won the competition.
(46 m) 2 Nuremberg: SPD Party Congress and demonstrations title: notes at the time, image: protesters move. Demonstrators outside the Meistersingerhalle. Police push back protesters. Wehner is attacked. Brandt is attacked. Brandt speaks on party day, actuality, big: "we know that to this State much to improve; by permanent provocation or great negation that can only be prevented. The young people need to formulate what they enter. I would like to specify that the new party Chairman will be mandated to prepare a Congress with the young generation. "These should all students and youth groups would be asked, who are willing to fight on the soil of the democratic constitutional order and act." Schiller slaps liver, Wehner, Carlo Schmid, half close, close to half.
(31 m) 03. Cologne: DGB - Congress - call participatory transparent DGB participation. Ludwig Rosenberg, great. Ludwig Rosenberg speaks half close quote: "property is obliged, then there is only so long entitled to protection, as long it meets this obligation. It is easy apply here nonsense, the unconditional ownership concept like a fetish is. These trade unions and their workers refuse clearly and unequivocally, to assume any responsibility for an economy in which they can not determine with."
(22 m) 04. London: Anti-Viet Nam demonstrations at Trafalgar Square, protesters on the road during the storm. Street fight police against demonstrators outside the U.S. Embassy. Smoke bombs. Mounted police. Police appear on protesters.
(21 m) 5th West Berlin: prison on new title: this report: leisure time behind bars, image: prison gate opens watchtower. Prisoners go to court. Swivel on prison Windows past. Staircase of the prison. Prisoners in a room at a discussion with members of Parliament. Prisoners, large. Guards on the Bank. Prisoners wear black glasses. Prisoners at painting lessons. Prisoner as a model on the table. Bubi Scholz in jail. He speaks with prisoners on the "day of celebrities" and answers interview questions: "are there any opponent against which you really do not like to have boxed or not have boxed?"
"I must say today, I was always wondering how high I'm involved and how high my warranty is and sometimes, when I was then at home, occurred to me: Oh, forgot to ask, against whom you fight actually." Prisoners with black glasses sing Canon. Teacher conducts.
06. Mexico-look (74 m) title: in fashion anywhere in Mexico, image: rotating covers. Mexican dances. Mexican Chapel. Mexico fashions. Mexico week in department store. Mexican exhibition. Aztec masks. Dead pile. Sombreros. Mexican court. Girl at bar. Ponchos are presented.
(60 m)

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Andersson, Solveig ; Brandt, Willy ; Ho Chi Minh ; Leber, Georg ; Tse Tung, Mao ; Rosenberg, Ludwig ; Schiller, Karl ; Schmid, Carlo ; Wehner, Herbert ; Kern, Angelika ; Krauser, Irmi ; Lundquist, Marie ; Scholz, Gustav


Nuremberg ; London ; Cologne ; Mexico ; West Berlin ; Berlin ; Oldenburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Trade, finance ; Domestic events ; Justice ; Musical events ; Olympics ; Police ; Dance ; Gymnastics ; Men ; Crime ; Currency ; Listener ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Trade unions ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 608/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand in sport gymnastics in Oldenburg soft wave camera: fire, Rühe notes at the time of SPD Party Congress participation Congress demonstration in Trafalgar Square (anti-Viet Nam) origin: Pathe news in fashion anywhere is Mexico camera in love with Mexico (modes): fire Rühe, Luppa this reportage freedom behind bars prison in West Berlin camera: Pahl at the beginning and end of

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