UFA-Dabei 601/1968 30.01.1968


1 Berlin: street naming "Kaiserdamm" title: this satire: ghosts of yesterday, image: Mercedes drives. Pferdedroschke moves to Berlin. Road sign Kaiserdamm Adenauer dam. Kaiser Wilhelm II. salute. Cars with headlights. Road sign Kaiserdamm. People in business celebrate street naming. People in the Inn To give interview about street naming. Elderly woman, older man. Young people To give interviews interview: question: "Homesick after the Empire?"
Answers: I know Kaiser Wilhelm II. "from my childhood and was born as a child and as a young man for the monarchy and for Kaiser Wilhelm and his family set." - "Yes of course." - question: "And why please?" - answer: "because then there is and respect, especially from pages of young people." More reviews: "Because it is a little outdated State." - "Outdated form of Government, with which I myself not can befriend." - "I would say, not timely." - "Yes, I think the people No more right and nowadays fit and No more are enough misplaced."
(37 m) 02. Tom Jones - say goodbye to Munich title: it currently: stars and fashion, image: Tom Jones Tom Jones goes on road. Tom Jones gets out of car. Star photos by Tom Jones. Tom Jones increases car, goes up stairs and waves from aircraft.
(16 m) 03. London: Beatles and fashion mannequin with curly hair and long dresses. John Lennon and George Harrison, big. Demonstration of long dresses.
(10 m) 04. Paris: Opening of fashion boutique Liz Taylor - Richard Burton mannequin introduces mini dress. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton as a spectator half close. Transparent wedding dress with long pantyhose. Bikinis. 3/4 long dresses. Narrow carrier cover breast.
(17 m) 05 action against polio title: in medicine: danger in the summer, image: woman lying in bed paralyzed woman talks about her illness actuality: "I was 11 years old, when I wanted to jump one morning out of bed, I could suddenly No more run." I was in front of the bed. The doctor finds: spinal infantile paralysis.
For a year I can walk again something." Paralyzed woman practiced movements of the legs. She goes with bandages on floor. Boy in Walker. X-ray image of left spine. Orthopaedic bandages. People with oral polio vaccine. Baby swallows vaccine. Professor Bernbeck talks about oral polio vaccine production sound: "Thus the enormous responsibility for the parents is apparent, which can avoid such a fate their children by the oral polio vaccine."
(47 m) 6 Constantin Film child star Gaylord seeks title: this child star seeks image: children boy on slide. Children paint. Laughing boy. Shirley Temple as a child star. The twins, ISA and Jutta Günther. Cornelia Froeboess. Director Kurt Hoffmann in selection of boys. He talks with them. Sample scenes with the boys. Jungengesichter, great.
(63 m) 07. Hamburg: performance Anatewka in the Operettenhaus title: this music: if I was rich, image: Shmuel Rodensky sings. Shmuel Rodinsky sings "if I was rich, original sound." Atonement of the villagers with Russian song and Russian dance.
(63 m)

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Die Beatles ; Bernbeck ; Burton, Richard ; Froeboess, Cornelia ; Günther, Jutta ; Harrison, George ; Hoffmann, Kurt ; Jones, Tom ; Lennon, John ; Rodensky, Shmuel ; Taylor, Elisabeth ; Temple, Shirley ; Wilhelm II.


Munich ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; London ; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Children ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; Night ; Reviews ; Townscapes: Germany ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Disease ; Cultural events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 601/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Dabei-[...] geistin of yesterday doing satire camera: Pahl of doing news stars and fashion Tom Jones "I-11 ge home" camera: Rau Beatles and fashion origin: Pathe news DIS Taylor and hypocrisy i. Paris (fashion opening) origin: Pathé journal in medicine dangers in the summer polio camera: Berwig, l., Jackson doing gently reducing star child star origin wanted: Archive this music if I was rich...

Fiddler on the roof premiere camera: Brandes, l. at the beginning and end of

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