UFA-Dabei 600/1968 23.01.1968


01 initial Assembly UFA ball and WIF and WIB. Cameraman goes on recording car via Elbe bridge. Film editor. Athletes from old time go. Demonstration. Fashion Ahrensburg. Ester Ofarim, constantly. Photos: Udo Jürgens at rehearsal. Heart surgery. Trampoline jumper. Mannequin. Abduction on the Jungfernstieg.
(21 m)

Munich: Bambi award Senta Berger gets out of car. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton on arrival to the Bambi awards. Minister Hundhammer handed over Bambi Senta Berger. Heinz Rühmann receives Bambi. Uschi Siebert leads him back to the square. Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Marika Rökk, Heinz Rühmann sitting, half-close.
(10 m)

Awarded the Golden screen for "The dog of Blackwood Castle" in Munich doctor Engelbrecht presented Golden screen Horst Wendtlandt. Karin Dor bows. Joachim Fuchsberger bows.
New title - UFA in (6 m) 2 Hamburg: Bundesbahn-assassin Roy Clark title: Dabai crime: A man named..., image: train At night driving record via Elbe bridge. Hamburg central station. Waiting at the station. Newspaper page with assassination reports. Railway officials goes between snow-covered train tracks. Newspaper pages. Destroyed locker on station. Homemade bomb. Train against tempered steel cable. Train At night. Excellent image of the bomber. To listen his voice. Roy Clark at local time. Village of old fracture in the snow. Village sign. House of Roy Clark at Gogomobil before the door. His work room. His 2 sons. Mr Wiechmann interviewed his wife, his neighbors, his boss. An Inn landlady speaks. Rotating disc, great. Hamburg remand prison.
(102 m) 3rd earthquake in Sicily title: this exclusive: SOS Sicilia, image: helpers with mouth protection faces of Sicilians, great. Debris. Helper with helmets. Workers search for survivors with special device in the rubble. Coffins. Output of food. Excavator is in ruins. Loading of ceilings. Driving record on rubble, past. On the side of the road cars and refugees.
(48 m) 04. Fashion 1968 title: this fashion: colors for 1968, picture: mannequin 2 girls with long boots and long pants go up stairs. Clothes are thrown on heaps.
Hands access colorful dresses and sweater by bunch of color (57 m). Mannequin in red bathing suit and silver Cape shoots with revolver. Girls faces, large, disappear behind veils. Mannequins on a rotating pedestal. You jump down. Colorful dress. Long fur Cape. Mannequin with pants paints from range. Trouser suit. Black long dress. Mannequin from sliding down banisters. Carnival dresses.
(16 m)

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Berger, Senta ; Burton, Richard ; Clark, Roy ; Dor, Karin ; Engelbrecht, Wolfram ; Fuchsberger, Joachim ; Hundhammer ; Jürgens, Udo ; Ofarim, Abi ; Röck, Marika ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Siebert, Uschi ; Taylor, Elisabeth ; Wendlandt, Horst


Hamburg ; Munich ; Old fracture ; Sicily


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Honors ; Industry ; Interviews ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; filmmaking ; musical instruments ; News, communications ; Night ; Photographers ; Townscapes: Germany ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Crime ; Fashion ; Assassinations ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 600/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of Aufangs [...]
Origin: S [...]

Camera: Rau, Wiers Golden screen camera: out this thriller [...] m [...]NN called...

Roy Clark (Bundesbahn assassin) camera: fire, Seib, Rieck, l. in Exkluisv SOS [...]icilis earthquake a. Sicily camera: fire mode (s/w) mode (color) u. End & end camera: Rieck Anfangstitel6s / w) at the beginning and end of

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