UFA-Wochenschau 589/1967 07.11.1967


1st portrait: Nobel Laureate Professor Manfred equity title: UFA-portrait: the Nobel Prize winner, picture: Professor equity. Professor intrinsically at the piano in house music with 3 colleagues. Close-up. Reading their own at the desk. Notes, physical formulas. Own investigations and measurements with scientists in the laboratory. Microscopic examination. Close-up of equity. Own production sound speaks: "my interest has in recent years actually quite the biological phenomena, so the signs of life embraced. This includes a certain financial effort. But when you consider that the great economic boom in this century or the progress of medicine all based on scientific discoveries, then this effort is justified." Hand writes formulas on Blackboard. Own reading, big.

02. Berlin: Trial of death protecting Benno Ohnesorg Karl Heinz Kurras title: notes at the time, image: Kurras on the way to the hearing. Kurras enters the courtroom, half-close. Photo reporter. Review: Farah immediately before the German Opera, half-close. Student demonstration with posters. Shah gets out of car. Police in the operation to drive the protesters. Benno Ohnesorg is shot on a stretcher and carried away. Wounded students. Photo Benno Ohnesorg is lying on the ground. Karl Heinz Kurras on the dock, half-close. Photographers.

03. Berlin: on the anniversary of the October revolution Russian soldiers marching wreath at the Soviet war memorial. Marching. Soldiers carrying wreaths. Marching boots, half-close. Pan across monument. Wreath-laying ceremony. Monument, great. Faces of Russian soldiers, great. Turnaround. General Koschevoi is raised off the front. 2 tits sitting in the pipe by cannon of the monument.

04. Bavaria: ride horses priest Leonhardi-ride (Patron Saint of horses). Population moves in decorated wagons. Young riders. Young women in traditional costumes. Head of Monteaura, great.

05. Accident Series IV - episode 6 - gasoline propped to catches fire breakdown from ZL 928 / 5 - same section. Günter Jerschke as a funeral entrepreneur rounded up bone pile. He swings a bone in the hand. Eiffel Tower artist. Man jumps from a high tower in burning barrels. Young workers is in workshop. He wants to light cigarette. Lighter doesn't work. He filled with gasoline from canisters of lighter and pours gasoline next to it. He wipes up gasoline with cloth and keeps lighter gasoline. Darting flame. Günter Jerschke drinking from bottle and sitting in front of the pile of bones: "For me, you're right."

06. Hamburg: Cow on the Jungfernstieg title: UFA series: A breath of country air, image: farmers with sickles go before Kaplan. Farmer plowing the field with horse. Rooster crows, great. Geese marching. Herd of pigs. Cow running on the Jungfernstieg on the crosswalk. Cow goes on Jungfernstieg. 2 girls at window of the House. Jungfernstieg, from above. Rump and tail of cow, great. Cow bridge connected. Cow caresses young girls. Mr Wiechmann asked people, o-ton: "You have a certain relationship with agriculture?" - "no, no, I am businessman." - "no, Not now, 1932 I had time." - "am" - "But of course." rich urbanites. - "I would To try it like"Can you imagine now as urbanites to milk a cow so?"-." - "Yes, I would like to try this out ever, if I still can do it." - "Yes" If you hold my bag would be. Walton called on people to milk. Young girl binds to milking and tried to milk. Bauer gives instructions, o-ton: "That man not below starts upward, because yes no milk comes out - see you, so!"-"Oh, the first splash." Have to say, am Very much satisfied with the cow."-"How do you feel it?"–"They found the exercise, which is a real milkers Yes Not yet."–"Remember their muscles."-"I don't notice the muscles, maybe it remembers the cow."-"Have milked in 1932 so you?"-" Yes, and there it came, and now at the moment, does not back front only. "-"Oh,", then it came and now - we go again." Laughing audience. Man in the milking. Young man sits with milking. Cow makes thick flat on the road. People jump back. Laughing people. Baby wipes clean shoes by Lady. People to clean clothes. Young men are on the road with photo equipment and photograph cow from below. Cow continues. Bucket with small amount of milk that covers the floor.

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Eigen, Manfred ; Farah, Diba ; Jerschke, Günther ; Koschevoi ; Kurras, Karl Heinz ; Ohnesorg, Benno ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Wiechmann, Johannes


Berlin ; West Berlin ; Egypt ; Hamburg ; Göttingen ; Bavaria


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Monuments ; Hands ; Higher education ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Fire ; Musical events ; Parades ; Photographers ; Portraits ; Smoking ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Military events ; Crime ; Testing ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 589/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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UFA portrait of own Nobel Prize Nobel Laureate title brand camera: Rahim notes at the time of Kurras process & review (Ohnesorg) camera: Pahl origin: archive, Ohnesorg material Soviet. Parade i. Berlin (wreath a. Memorial) camera: Pahl Leonhardi-ride camera: Rau accident Series IV/6 UFA story a touch of country air cow on the Jungfernstieg camera: L., Rühe, fire, wild Hagen at the beginning and end of

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