UFA-Wochenschau 580/1967 05.09.1967


1st Holland: Title baptism of Prince Willem-Alexander: notes at the time, image: If baby legs. Claus Amsberg and Beatrix bend over baby carriages. Close-up of Prince Willem Alexander. Prince Claus with camera, great. Beatrix sets baby on blanket. Spotted dog next to the baby. Beatrix and Willem-Alexander Claus close-up. Baptism. Children sister wears baby and there is Beatrix. Beatrix, Claus and baby at christening.

02. United States: Shirley Temple is in the politics of Shirley Temple goes to press conference and sits on the lectern, half-close. Shirley Temple, great. Shirley Temple in role as a child star. Close up at press conference. She speaks interview. Cameramen.

03. Cape Kennedy: moon rocket Saturn 5 rocket ramps. Giant tractors transport the Saturn rocket to the launch pad. Astronaut Cooper in different settings, half-close.

04. Cologne: Premiere in the largest drive-in of Europe's giant screen in addition to road. Swivel to canvas. Neon sign of the cinema. Vehicles before cinema. Presenter sets in cassette film. Snack bar. Couple in car kisses. Cars in cinema.

05 cars tourists in Paris on the Champs Elysée. Driving record over bridge, in the background of the Eiffel Tower. Closed shops in streets. Arc de Triomphe. Tourists photograph. Coach. Travelers get off bus. Girls legs wrapped with cords, great. Tourists see upwards. Yawning man. Painters in Montmartre. Legs go up stairs. Sleeper on park bench.

06. Studio mirror: "Caroline Cherie" Jean Claude Brialy increases in carriage and interview in English, o-ton: "we we are working actors, and I'm going with François Guérin"Caroline Chérie"and I am going to play a love scene in bed." Shooting. Actress Françoise Guerin. Gerd Fröbe close-up. Gerd Fröbe gives interview, big, o-ton: "Yes, my dream role to be actually getting the next, because I in the selection of materials try, to do anything other than in the preceding in the next movie and I am so gangsters and lovers – lovers of less, but some metaphor, but but comedian and old men and differentiated characters." Gerd Fröbe film scene.

07. the new models from BMW and NSU title: UFA series: new on our roads, image: cars. Car Assembly - cars - Autosalon - car park - Highway - headlights. BMW 1600 GT: front view of the vehicle: open hood. Door opens. Dashboard. Settings of part of. Car on road. BMW 1600 TI: settings. Driving on the road. BMW 1600 convertible: cars are on the road. Children see in open cars. Young man goes next to girls in Carbriolett. NSU RO 80: Cars are ranked. Men walking on the car. Settings of part of. Driving record in car. Motor, screen-filling. Gas and brake pedal, missing clutch pedal due to automatic. Hand at the wheel. Drive through tunnel and motorway.

08 Hamburg: holiday experiences of school children title: holiday 67 - children report - image: little girl. Adults sit on desks. Blackboard is: "My best holiday experience". Children sit in school. Boy paints, large. Seven boys and girls tell actuality, big holiday experiences, and paint: "we went 60 kilometers by bike to bad Schwartau and because I stabbed a bee. Because we are descended, because my father Rauf did ointment and then we went further and since we were there."-"we were at my grandma in bed and getting great stories told by the woman Gackack and the Lady Duck. "-"we were in the Heath and there we met a Skunk, that has stunk so terrible. Because I got to hold his nose."-" and there we took a piece of wood and a Board and there we took a ladder and because we have taken a tire, tires, and suddenly crashed the Board. "-"me and this is my Bruder.Da we have to eat 10 Negerküsse. My brother has managed 8 and I got 10 and then I got the price."-"there was a little boy, said the always "Hancock" to fish, who could not pronounce the "F"." Rosi Höfer as a teacher interview: "my best holiday, I can you not tell and draw."

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Amsberg von, Claus ; Beatrice von Holland ; Cooper, Gordon ; Fröbe, Gerd ; Guerin, Francoise ; Höfer, Rose ; Temple, Shirley ; Willem-Alexander von Holland


Paris ; Cologne ; Hamburg ; United States ; Holland ; Cape Kennedy


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; filmmaking ; Photographers ; Press, press conferences ; Rockets ; Religious events ; Sleep ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Europe ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; People ; Holiday ; Foreign policy events ; Jobs ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 580/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand notes at the time of Paufe in Holland origin: Polygoon Shriley Temple archive Office - origin: Metro transport of the Saturn rocket to the launch pad and Cooper (archive) origin: Metro, largest archive. European. Drive-in movie camera: Luppa origin: Archive tourists govern Paris tourists in Paris and Atelier mirror "Caroline Cherie" camera: Jürgens on our roads cars II: BMW and RO 88 camera: L., l. holiday 67 children children experiences report i. holiday camera: Jackson at the beginning and end of

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