UFA-Wochenschau 575/1967 01.08.1967


1st season title: Europe in the water, image: beach chairs on the beach. Cars driving on motorway (recording from the top through bridges grille). Lovely beach. Motorway traffic. Strandkorb keepers. Fat people on the beach. Man walks into the water and swims. Lady in the water with a bathing cap. Shower is turned on. Man rushes. Boy rushes, are women. Mother and toddler on meadow. Young couple lies in the Sun. Couple kisses. Man rushes. Water squirts on the head. Bathers. Children jump from springboard into the water. Lovers in the cinema.

02. United States: Johnson speaks to mass unrest title: notes at the time, image: driving record at ruined buildings. Driving record at ruined buildings. Johnson talks o-ton, large: "pillage, looting, murder and arson have nothing to do with civil rights. They criminal conduct. are" Fires At night. Destruction and fires. Fire brigade. Insurgents on the street.

03. de Gaulle in Canada people wave at de Gaulle. Policeman chain before pressing people. De Gaulle speaks on balcony, actuality, total: "Vive, vive le Canada of Français et vive la France!" De Gaulle beckoning, half-close. De Gaulle shaking hands in the crowd.

04. food: Death of Alfred Krupp Krupp flags at half-mast. Miners next to coffin at wake. Krupp laid out. Miner lamp. Villa hills, total.

05. Nijmegen: four charity with Prince Claus tent camp. Feet be powdered. Marching on the road. Prince Claus among the marchers. 3 women. Soldier group. Claus von Amsberg on the March. Beatrix, half-close. Amsberg of last stage with flowers and is received by Beatrix with embrace.

06. Berlin: World Championship in the continuous dance of Beatle men. Young girl with long hair, big. Duration of dancers on the stage. Dancers of duration of dancing on stockings, he shaves during the dance, dance in the basin. Barefoot dancing, food during the dance.

07. Queen of the pickpockets of Hedwig Succows title: Germany's longest finger, image: woman's hand with rings. Women on the market. Large shopping bag. Open basket. Detailed feet, tall. Pickpocket attacks in shopping bag. Road train station. Legs when entering the tram. Taxi rank. Department store. Driving record on escalator. Woman turns off the bag. Headlines about the pickpocket. Close-up of Hedwig Succows. Road transport. Recycle Bin. Hand throws the wallet in the trash. Policeman regulates traffic. Penthouse of the pickpocket. Entries in postal savings account. Bank statement, great. Detective writes on a typewriter. Prosecutor talks about the case, o-ton: "it is Mrs Succow a Gewohnheitsverbrecherin, who was sentenced to the backup storage. As soon as it comes in stick, it becomes Malloth and must be dismissed." Pictures of the Succows criminal register. Additional feet. Hedwig Succows in the garden of the prison. She gives interview and declared not sane, o-ton: "And I am Not yet so a real Rascal, otherwise I would have buried the money in the forest or somewhere." - "and now me not so Leonida on, and not to flatter you on, you're here in the hospital, you know that Yes well." - "but in any case I must be sick. "Otherwise you'd be and put me in the know, then I'm gone." - Yes Not here."-"otherwise I would so Not here, and the doctors would not be with me so make a stuff every morning."-"How are you now in the moment."-"Yes, me doin dirty, shitty, go me. Because what you guys so lousy doctors, when the, when the doctors, that To write me haftunfähig Yes, because I'm so Malloth. So I have to be but yes here does not seal in the head. "I must be not normal or yet?" Law enforcement officials in crowd on the market.

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Amsberg von, Claus ; Beatrice von Holland ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Krupp, Alfried ; Succows, Hedwig


Food ; United States ; Munich ; Cologne ; Berlin ; Hanover ; Rome ; Moskau ; Canada ; Decathlon ; Holland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; Justice ; Children ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Flags ; Fire ; filmmaking ; News, communications ; Police ; Races ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Deaths, funerals ; Unrest ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; People ; Crime ; Outlander ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Foreign policy events ; Jobs ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 575/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Europe in water bath study new and archive camera: Pahl origin: Hungaro, archive notes at the time Johnson and Detroit race riots (gleaning) origin: Metro de Gaulle in Canada origin: Canada of Krupps death camera: Luppa Prince Claus in Njimwegen (4 days March) origin: Polygoon life dancer in Berlin camera: Wiers Germany's longest finger of Germany's largest pickpocket camera: Seib beginning and end

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