UFA-Wochenschau 574/1967 25.07.1967


01 dream job mannequin - yesterday and today title: be like Twiggy?, image: Twiggy stretches out tongue. Booth photo Twiggy on stairs. Pan across the body to the legs. Close-up Bettina Lauer. Fashion photographer. Mannequin with Coureèges glasses. Mannequin during demonstration on a moving car. 1st mannequin school in Berlin after the war. Girl walking with books on his head. Young girls being interviewed by dream profession, o-ton: "don't I know I don't have a dream professions." - "actually, I'm satisfied with my profession Secretary." - "I would think advertising." - "Maybe I would like to to the moon." - "Flight attendant." -"technical artist" - "Doctor." - "journalist." - "Housewife." Young girls say career aspirations, big. Girls in mini dresses immediately. Booth photo: Kindergarten teacher, nurse, saleswoman, Milliner, Marion Fritze as a teacher, statistical curve in 19th place mannequin. Pan across Europe Center. Mannequins are available on window sills. Mannequin pupils in gymnastic exercises and beauty care. Susanne Erichsen, great. Boy girl talk interview about mannequin job, big, o-ton: "as people watch Too much one, I don't like it. I don't know, because only pose in front of other people."-" you can't get up, so I don't think so, that it's worth. "-"Ne, that's all pretty strenuous, I'd say."-" Want to be like Me too, when I would look better."-"Oh, you look good."-"don't I." Girl's dress.

02. the soldiers in the Congo atrocities: title: notes at the time, image. Kinshasa road. Road transport. Negro and black women To give the interview. The Belgian engineer van der Steen with bandage over ears chopped off and choppy find speaks about atrocities that surrounded by reporters. Van der Steen is limping.

03. Detroit: race riots, burning houses. Fires At night. Woman is arrested. Destroyed car. Negril lies on the road.

04. Turkey: earthquake search people in rubble of houses. Collapsed houses. Recovery of substance. People sleep on the street. Child's blanket.

05. Rome: Engagement Teddy Reno - Rita Pavone heart made of flowers. Still image and face Teddy Reno, great. Rita Pavone, still image and face, great. Fiancée, surrounded by reporters. Fixed panels. Engagement cake. Kiss. Rita Pavone, great.

06. Duisburg: Excretions for European Cup title: German victory in Duisburg, image: pole vaulter. 4 x 100 m relay: start. Barrel. Last change in ZL. Slower change. Decathlete Nerlich beats the Englishman just plunging in the target. Spectators stand up and clap. 800 m race: Franz Josef Kemper goes into the lead and WINS. Shoes on the starting blocks at startup, big. 110 m hurdles: race in ZL. Hinrich John WINS. Hinrich John between the 2nd and 3rd to win, great. Triple jump: Niki jumps, ZL. Pole vault: ZL jumps Bull / England, 4.50 m. Bulgarian jump 4.80 m. He is 2nd, ZL. Jump from Klaus Lehnertz, ZL, who wins with 4.90 m. Hammer throw: Uwe Beyer in movie scene as Siegfried and the hammer throw, great.

07. Berlin: car Acrobat José Canga transport title: sensation on 2 wheels, image: hands put on car gloves. José Canga relies on control. He drives a car increase and continue on 2 wheels. Drive on 2 wheels in the traffic between other cars. Cameraman filming Street in the sloping car and interviewed canga. Canga turns on car at an angle driving. Car falls on 4 wheels back on road to the Brandenburg Gate.

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Bull ; Erichsen, Susanne ; Fritze, Marion ; Lauer, Bettina ; Pavone, Rita ; Reno, Teddy ; Steen van der ; Twiggy ; Canga, José ; John, Hinrich ; Kemper, Franz Josef ; Lehnertz, Claus ; Nerlich


Berlin ; Detroit ; Cologne ; Rome ; Hamburg ; Turkey ; Of the Congo ; Duisburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Fire ; Women, mothers ; Races ; beauty care ; Schools, training ; Sensations ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Unrest ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Engagement ; Fashion ; Jobs ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 574/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand like Twiggy?

Report about dream careers and mannequin school camera: L., Seib, Pahl origin: Archive notes at the time of the Congo report origin: Belgavox earthquake in Turkey origin: vis news race riots, Detroit origin: vis news Rita Pavone, engagement origin: SEDI German victory in Duisburg athletics, Duisburg camera: fire, Luppa, Pahl sensation on two wheels Berlin car Acrobat camera: Pahl, Wiers beginning and end

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