UFA-Wochenschau 559/1967 11.04.1967


1st Moscow: Funeral Marshall Malinovsky title: notes at the time, image: Russian soldiers parading. Russian soldiers parading. Urn Malinowski on carriage. In the funeral procession of Brezhnev and Podgorny, total. Wreaths are worn. Brezhnev and Kosygin Podgorny among the winners of the ballot box. Kosygin sets URN in the Kremlin wall. Gun salutes. Customs officials on the stand. Image Malinowski and flowers before the grave. Guard of honor.

02. Holland: First aid kits to Red Cross, screen-filling highways. First aid kits at the edge of the highway. Recording of driving on Highway. A car tilted to wheel. Crash box is opened and bandages removed. Man on the phone at highway telephone. Injured lies on the side of the road. Policemen get out of car.

03. New York: circus parade parade through the town. Clown car. 2 children in sport cart on the roadside as a spectator. Rider on the elephant. Feed of the elephants at Madison Square Garden. Artist supported by elephant. Horse plays ball with the hind legs. Tiger riding on horse. Tamer with Tiger group. Tiger stand on hind legs.

04. Krefeld: Bowed double for Claudia Cardinale the winner of the competition. She receives a bouquet of roses. Close-up. Her cleavage. The winner between the 2nd and 3rd Prize-winner. Comparison with the real Claudia Cardinale. Her eyes, great. In addition to picture of Claudia Cardinale in sexy underwear, cigar-smoking. Close-up.

05. development aid for South America: Bolivia water title: our money in South America. Bolivia: Street of La Paz with car traffic. Nivea advertisement and 4711. residents pump water from pump in bucket. Eucalyptus tree planting against soil erosion. Ride through mountains. Construction of a sewage for drinking water supply. Residents queue at waterhole with containers. Face of a girl, great.

06. Hamburg: There are people in the space?
Title: The question of the week, picture: Mr Wiechmann interviewed elderly woman. Rocket launch. Trick shots for Moon landings. Jungfernstieg with people. Range will be set up. Mr Wiechmann interviewed passers-by, o-ton: "How you imagine life in outer space?" - "A human being in space?" - "Yes, how it looks in your imagination?" - "maybe flying, just like here. As well as here, like you, for example."-" I imagine a little stiff, not. "-"What a little stiff?"-"Yes, not as limber as shown here on the Earth."-"Yes, you To try it once."-"That is any person who hovers."-"is a female creature now?"-"It is a female, Yes."-" should you here picking flowers, that actually would be also nice."-"I can imagine, that also in space the shapes around a bit edgier are without any formation of hair, etc. The arms are also available as more tentacles; Yes, this has even ' a thing out and perhaps they clothes somehow inherently have. "It is not like here, that you then somehow buy a coat or so."--there are it's Yes may like microscopes or depending, as the critters are called not true, how can you explain even that? "-"and the legs?"-"From or of the other?"-"are two?"-"no, these are all individual. "If I should draw just one, then would this with the only way ' n legs or so."-"you would see also no distinction of the sexes? "Yes, you would have to leave that to science." - "the eyes are closed, you can not draw." - "well, okay, we omit them, which now has hair or something like that?" -No, he did not hair, not space. Doesn't need it. Ears, which have shrunk; the nose is absolutely important--Oops. You do not need your mouth, I want to suggest the only."-"food he doesn't need therefore to take?"-" Yes, there are other food. "-" Ah, yes! "-"as completely turns the whole organism, will listen to the space. That's him." Old woman replies. Old woman painted on Panel. Young man painting robot-like figure. Postal worker paints small lines. Man paints with fur hat. Different viewers.

07. Aintree: Grand National title: Ascension Derby, image: spectators, half-close. Spectators, racing display. Bookmakers. Man looks through binoculars, great. Start. Jump over the first obstacle. 1 horse crashes. Reiterlose horses in the race, jump via Beechers Brook little falls. Reiterloses horse runs ahead of the field and throws massive crash. Outsider horse comes from last position forward and WINS ahead of 150 m. Winning horse with loop after the race, sweaty. People filling picture.

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Breschnjew, Leonid ; Cardinale, Claudia ; Kossygin, Alexej ; Malinowski ; Podgorny ; Wiechmann, Johannes


Hamburg ; Krefeld ; Bolivia ; New York ; Holland ; Moskau ; Aintree


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flowers ; Karate ; Interviews ; Children ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Parades ; Plants ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Postal, postal services ; Rockets ; Smoking ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Advertising ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities: South America ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Accidents ; Medicine ; Military ; Transport: General ; Water ; Competitions ; Circus ; Entertainment, festivals ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 559/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand notes at the time of Malinowski's funeral origin: Sovkino first aid boxes in Holland origin: Polygoon circus parade in New York origin: Metro double for Claudia Cardinale camera: Luppa, Rühe our money in South America development aid IV (water supply and afforestation in La Paz) the question of the week people in space camera: Seib Ascension Derby grand national origin: Pathe news at the beginning and end of

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