UFA-Wochenschau 558/1967 04.04.1967


1 Hannover: FDP Party Congress title: notes at the time, image: Mende speaking, great. Mende talks big, o-ton: "ladies and gentlemen, the Liberals stand and fall with the respect the fundamental and civil rights, and who criticized the Nazi violations of human rights law, may not be lower condemn today the Communist in Central Germany." Long shot of the meeting hall with shield targets progress FDP. Weyer, great. Maida, big, Weyer, discussing, half-close. Dr. Hamm Brücher, great. Hans Wolfgang Rubin, big. Mende discusses, actuality, big, German Ostpolitik: "here Mr. Rubin can take position to all of his thoughts and here he can decide. But, we guard ladies and gentlemen, to shift the policy of the party conferences and boards in magazines." FDP-politician, half-close.

02. food: Alfred Krupp changes legal form of the company. Speaking before celebrating Villa hills, half-close. Alfred Krupp welcomes men, half-close. Krupp speaks interview, before microphones, about the change of legal form to a capital company: "belongs to the major challenges that lie ahead, also a change of the legal form of our company. I am therefore the expression committed tradition of the House of Krupp is intended to be the common good, to convert to a corporation decided the company through a foundation. To go this way, my son Arndt enabled by his his rights. For its responsibility-ready insight I would like to thank expressly him also before publicly."

03. Washington: Leonardo da Vinci go stairs to the Gallery of art image for DM 20 million Museum visitors up the picture tour of the purchased image. Viewer before the image. The image of a young lady, Transfokator, and camera trip. Man photographed. Painting picture filling.

04. Berlin: Exhibition "Junger deutscher film" in the European Center title: neues vom film, image: film photo of exhibition. Film photos, great. Sabine Sinjen in the exhibition, large. Ulrich Lohmar, Chairman of the cultural Committee of the Bundestag, speaks interview about the "young German film": "if I understand it correctly, the young film not only in the Federal Republic starts here to feel a new dimension of understanding and of design. It is not only the way of making movies, it is those who gradually shifting ideological barriers, but especially the perspective of the issues and the people."

05. Yugoslavia: Atelier mirror "3 supermen" walls of old Castle in Dubrovnik. 3 supermen in phantom clothing. Blonde film actress dancing moves with hips. Supermen in fight scenes.

06. Berlin: Studio mirror "Blue hand" Klaus Kinsky, great. Movie scenes. Kinsky discusses actuality, big, previous roles in the German film: "on the contrary, I am disgusted by most of the roles I've played. I used to play that, because she, as to make any movies at all, until one day I fully had the nose and got off because they had no better films here because it was better to earn A lot, A lot." Klaus Kinsky is running the House in film scene.

07. Holland: International sailing regatta title: start in the season, image: sailing boat. Boats at anchor with billowing sails. The Flying Dutchman on a stormy sea with wind strength 8 upset boat race. Sailing in dangerous maneuvers, far from boat hanging.

08 Goodwood: race Snatterton Stirling Moss, great. Stirling Moss in car at the start. Start the formula II race car. Collision. Chris Irwin is recovered from the burning vehicle. Delete the flame. Official waving banner. Winner Jochen Rindt / Austria with wreath and cup size.

09. the Red revolution - last part: "the legacy of Lenin's onslaught of mass after assassination of the Tsar's family 1918 image of Tsar Nicholas II and his family." Lenin speaks, half-close. Russian misery. Refugees sit on the edge of Rails. Children eat bread. Shapes of misery. Conscripting men to work. Masses converge on place in Communist uprising in Germany (recording from the top). Poster kills Liebknecht. Military fighting Communists. Lenin, half close, various recordings. Stalin on Lenin's grave after his death 1924 Stalin, big, waving, as Lenin's successor. Took by troops. Stalin smacking. Leo Trotzki, half close, will be expelled from the country. Trotsky with wrapped in bandages head to hospital bed after assassination attempt in Mexico. Photos by Alexander Kerensky. Kerensky in the United States, immediately. Kerensky sitting in Chair's interview, recorded interview. Took from crowds on the red square. Banners and flags, waving people. Lenin-transparent.

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Hamm-Brücher ; Kerensky, Alexander ; Kinski, Klaus ; Krupp, Alfried ; Lenin, Wladimir ; Lohmar, Ulrich ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Nikolaus II. von Russland ; Rubin, Hans Wolfgang ; Sinjen, Sabine ; Stalin, Josef ; Trotzki ; Weyer, Willi ; Irwin, Chris ; Moss, Stirling ; Rindt, Jochen


Mexico ; Washington ; Berlin ; Food ; Russia ; Yugoslavia ; United States ; Rome ; Hanover ; England ; Goodwood ; Holland ; Russia


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Misery ; Industrial events ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Refugees ; motor sports ; Parades ; Photographers ; Revolution ; Reviews ; Sailing ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Deaths, funerals ; freedom of expression ; Art ; Works of art ; Cups ; Assassinations ; Exhibitions ; Buildings in North America ; Skateboarding, Skelten ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 558/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand notes at the time of Mende on the FDJ party day camera: Jürgens Krupp before celebrating origin: Roto-film sales of the Leonardo image in the United States origin: Metro new by the film exhibition: Junger deutscher film camera: Pahl Studio mirror: 3 supermen in Dubrovnik Klaus Kinsky in "Blue hand" start the season int. Sailing Regatta in Holland origin: road racing in Snatterton origin: Pathe news the Red revolution the Red revolution (part III) (the legacy of Lenin's) camera: L. origin: Sovkino, archive, Mexico beginning and end

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