UFA-Wochenschau 553/1967 28.02.1967


1st Congo: President Mobuto title: notes at the time, image: Mobutu, great. Mobutu, great. Mobutu with order, grüßend. Mobutu continues with combine harvesters, mowing with a sickle, riding with his wife and children.

02. Switzerland promotes chemical and mathematical drawing on board with Rotavision in Montreal. Are crossovers push end pictures of Rotavision.

03. Bonn: SPD Congress and memorial service for Fritz Erler flags blowing at half mast. Arrival of SPD members. Carlo Schmid on arrival, half-close. Helmut Schmidt, sitting, half-close. Meeting/banquet facilities, total. Orchestra plays. Herbert Wehner speaks to the death of Fritz Efijemue, large, original sound: "and he was a tireless thinker and engineer for the community of Nations in a European peace order. He was trustee of the people as such a parliamentarian. Fritz Erler is not required of our boasting. But we need his example." Among the listeners of Willy Brandt, half-close. Next to him, wife wipes his eyes. Still photographs from Fritz Erler, great.

04. Hamburg: Portrait of the violinist Henrik Szerynk title: Ambassador of music, image: Henrik Szerynk enters stage. Szerynk plays the violin, big. Dr. Haese interviewed the artist, original sound: "there is a moment in your life where you realized that you are on the way, becoming a great artist?"-"I would have an example Right away by the hand. "You know it was my encounter in 1954 with one of the greatest artists of all time, I think, with Mr Arthur Rubinstein, and he convinced me that I should actually be concert violinist." - all the world's famous concert halls. Is there one that you would prefer?"-"What you think "actually not, I find that an artist, when he well planned is, in every room, he can play in the open, he can on the country, anywhere he can play if he is to really moving." - If you bow before the audience after a large distance?"–"I don't think that one thinks of something. "But since my childhood, I've always felt that the music is the real key to the hearts and the minds of all people." Szerynk close-ups during interview. Henrik Szerynk played violin, big. His hands and bow, great.

05. St. Moritz: Cresta ball and fur fashions in the snow title: mink days in St. Moritz, picture: mannequin with mink. Headlights cut into the rhythm and audience at the Cresta ball. Mannequins show off dancing mini dresses. Dance in fancy dresses and suits on the runway. White mink coat and bikini. Mannequins show off mink fashions in the snow. Mink suits, coats, costumes and dresses. Fashion photographers.

06. Inzell: Speed skating title: hunting records, image: speed skater. 1500 m: Kees Verkerk / Holland runs and WINS with 1.4 seconds better than last year. 500 m: duel between Germany and Eugen Grischin, Erhard Keller / Russia. Keller wins the head-to-head race. 3000 m: ARD Schenk / Holland starts and runs record. Firing at spectators on the edge of the track.

07. Dortmund: power jumping breakdown from ZL 892 / 8 - same section. Mold on the course, ZL. Hindquarters touches wall that stops but. Oxer is torn. Gerd skips the wall at 2.10 m, PLN, in the 3rd playoff wild-catch on Shane. Smith, England tears the wall, ZL. Hauke Schmidt on Wolf Dieter breaks the wall. 4. sticking: Lutz Merkel on Schlagetta rips wall at 2.20 m. Gerd tomboy on Ferdl takes wall and Oxer. He wins. Attentive viewers, half-close. Award ceremony.

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Brandt, Willy ; Erler, Fritz ; Haese, Jürgen ; Mobuto, Desiré ; Szerynk, Henrik ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Wehner, Herbert ; Grischin, Eugen ; Keller, Erhard ; Merkel, Lutz ; Smith, Harvey ; Schenk, Ard ; Schmidt, Hauke ; Verkerk, Kees ; Wildfang, Gerd


Switzerland ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; St. Moritz ; Of the Congo ; Dortmund ; Inzell


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating ; Hands ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Flags ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Medals, awards, honors ; Photographers ; Portraits ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Art ; Works of art ; Social events ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 553/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand notes the time Mobutu official and private origin: Belgavox, archive Swiss RotoVision origin: Cine journal SPD Congress and commemoration Erler Ambassador of music portrait: Henryk Szerynk (violinist) camera: Seib, l., Jackson mink days in St. Moritz Cresta-ball and fur fashions origin: Cine journal hunting records speed skater in Inzell camera: Rau, summer power jumping Dortmund camera: fire at the beginning and end of

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