UFA-Wochenschau 545/1967 03.01.1967


01 Texas: Johnson at wounded from Viet Nam title: notes at the time, image: rolling out hospital aircraft. Johnson and Ladybird Johnson in conversation, great. Soldier gets out of aircraft. Johnson and Ladybird welcome wounded soldiers. Wounded carried on stretchers from the aircraft. Johnson goes from airport.

02. Viet Nam: Bob hope Bob hope fails screening prior to GI's. Soldiers as a listener. Soldiers on lampposts. Bob hope dances. Bob hope as well as the "most beautiful woman in the world" Reita Faria. Soldiers clapping. Juggler. Japanese dancers.

03. the Hague: World Press Photo 1967 photos: man with head arm supported on, weeping woman. Wounded Vietnamese with blindfold. Child with head bandage. Child order. Award-winning photo of a Japanese. Prisoner is dragged behind tanks. Claus von Amsberg, great. Amsberg presented prices. Photos: billiards player, moving. Archer. Car racing with Carom. Flying car wheels.

04. South America - trade schools in Lima and Santiago - aid training for the skilled workers in Sao Paolo title: our money in South America - DM comes before image. Workers pour fruit from baskets. Old car repair shop workers. Old truck drives. Driving record by slums. Children from huts. German bus through Lima. Young men sit on the bus. Apprentices in training. Face of a young South American, great. Shield: Escuella Industriella. Palm trees. Young people go to school in Santiago. Young people in training to work bench headed by Chilean and German engineers. Apprentices at the work bench, vise, files. Urban landscape of São Paulo (Brazil). Mercedes buses, VW. German in German development operation actuality on education refers to skilled workers: "you will have one of our staff before him who brought it years from unskilled workers in 2 ½ to the machine designers. Our company is created in cooperation with the German development aid in Cologne, exported today about 1/3 its production to other countries in South America." People on the street with umbrella. Traffic on the road. VW buses and cars.

05. London: wig production title: the fashion carrousel, image: young blond girl. Young blond girl enters hair salon and sits down on the Chair. Wig is done for you. Wig makers at work. Hair in the hair washing. Roll up the hair. Tying the wigs. Mannequin with wig, big. Elaborate wig with upright braid.

06. Munich: Schwabingmoden - plastic rock girl with mini plastic dress. Mini dress with a transparent Center. Artists painted clear middle with flowers. Plastic suit and mini dresses.

07. Amsterdam: feet in socks family game "Twister" occur colored points are marked on the playing field. Pointer is turned. Young people trample underfoot and hands on colored dots, and To try to prevent opponents to touch points. Young girl gets Cup.

08 Garmisch sponsor churches: four hills title: sport, sport, sport, image: ski jumpers at the start. Ski jumpers at the start and on the Hill. Total Garmisch. ZL jumps (3), Dieter Neuendorf / Thuringia. Tikander jumps (2.). Wirkola / Norway jumps, ZL and WINS with 91.5 m. Wirkola after victory, half-close.

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Amsberg von, Claus ; Faria, Reita ; Hope, Bob ; Johnson, Ladybird ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Kankkonen, Veikko ; Neuendorf, Dieter ; Wirkola, Björn


The Hague ; Amsterdam ; Lima ; Peru ; Chile ; Brazil ; South America ; England ; Munich ; São Paulo ; Santiago ; Viet Nam ; Texas ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Misery ; Children ; Policy ; Rain ; Schools, training ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Cities: South America ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Men ; Transport: General ; Science and research ; Currency ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Policy ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 545/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand notes Viet Nam wounded in Texas origin: Metro Bob hope in Viet Nam origin: Metro Word Press Photo origin: Polygoon our money in South America development aid (commercial schools Lima and Santiago and São Paulo city pictures) mode carousel wigs origin: Pathe news mini-skirts (plastic look) camera: Rau Twister (family game) origin: Polygoon Sports Sports Sports four hills tournament camera: Rau, Oelsner A and E at the beginning and end of

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