UFA-Wochenschau 539/1966 22.11.1966


01 Gemini XII title: this week, image: helicopter. Capsule floats to the sky. Landing. Capsule in the sea. Helicopter over the sea. Rescue the astronauts. Man looks through binoculars. Astronauts are drawn in helicopters. Greeting the astronauts on aircraft carriers. Kovell and aldrin on aircraft carriers. Aldrin in the space suspended by exterior of capsule. Globe in the background. Sheet metal flying in space.

02. Bavarian Landtag elections Bauer in polling station. Hand's ballot in ballot box. Sister when dialing. Man in election cell. Distribution of votes. Counting of votes. Prime Minister Goppel is congratulated.

03. Post story: timely Santa Claus - Christmas parcel post printing machine prints labels for packages please only Christmas opening. Package is accepted at post office counter and weighed. Packages on carts and on assembly line. Parcel distribution system distributed packages. Full-package sticker image.

04. Prague: "the assassination" - secret documents by bombing against SD Chief Heydrich as the basis for Czech feature film title: Anatomy of an assassination attempt. Secret documents of the assassination of the Third Reich. Photos of the SD Heydrich of Heads of. Scenes from movie: Heydrich rides in the car, assassins with machine gun. Bombers drop bomb. Original photos of the assassination. Battles of resistance fighters in Church against SS men. Hitler at Heydrich's funeral. Coffin on half-timber. People greet with Heil Hitler. Wreckage of the village of Lidice and Memorial.

05. Cologne: Football Germany - Norway 3-0 title: Sports Sports sports, image: audience. Playback. Shot on goal, ZL. Shot on goal for Germany. Viewers with Hat, half-close. Erhard among the spectators, great. The second goal for Germany. Viewers behind bars, screen-filling. Goalkeeper keeps ball. Ulsaß shoots the 3:0, ZL.

06. Berlin. Boxing Norbert Gruppe - Papa impact change, half-close to the Championship in the light heavyweight. Group must accept heavy hits. Both boxers fall down. Spectator, large. Dad needs to ground. Referee counts. Papa stands in his corner. Impact change in poor box style. Hand beats Gong. Group boxes posted in the 11th round. He is disqualified for head-butt. Dad with wreath, half-close.

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Aldrin ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Goppel, Alfons ; Heydrich ; Hitler, Adolf ; Lovell ; Grupe, Norbert ; Papa ; Ulsaß


Prague ; CSR ; United States ; North Rhine-Westphalia ; Bavaria ; Berlin ; Cologne ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; filmmaking ; Football ; Postal, postal services ; Rockets ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Deaths, funerals ; Debris ; Elections ; Assassinations ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 539/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand this week Gemini 12 origin: Metro Landtag elections in Bavaria camera: Rau, strong post story: timely Santa Anatomy of assassination of Heydrich assassination origin: Constantin "10:30" "Transit" Deutsche Wochenschau CSSR Sports Sports Sports Football / Germany / Norway camera: Luppa, Rieck, l., basic boxes: grupe / p camera: Jackson at the beginning and end of

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