UFA-Wochenschau 530/1966 20.09.1966


01 Gemini 11 breakdown of ZL 869 / 1 - same section. Rising rocket, total. Hand press on push buttons. Launch of Gemini 11 with the astronauts Conrad and Gordon. Aerial view of the Earth. Spaceman in the capsule. Gordon rides capsule for astronaut training. Landing of the spaceship with a parachute and impact on the sea. Helicopter over the ship. Conrad and Gordon on aircraft carriers.

02. salvage of the submarine Hai breakdown from ZL 869/2 - same section. Tower of the school submarine of the German Navy, Hatch of the submarine will be closed. Extension of the snorkel. Search ship on the sea. Rescue a dead man on a stretcher with Bundeswehr flag covered.

03. hospital ship Helgoland arrival in Viet Nam breakdown from ZL 869/4 - shorter here. Hospital ship Helgoland from Viet Nam. Waving at the shore. Vietnamese nurses in white coats. Doctors and attendants leave ship over rail and are welcomed with flower necklaces.

04. accident story - K.O. by swinging door breakdown from ZL 869/6 - same section. Finger taps in glass with oil. He considered impression with magnifying glass. Banana peel in small bowl and balls. Joachim Teege speaks and look through magnifying glass. Young locksmith stands at vise and sawed the pipe. He throws part of tube on the floor. Clockwise advances over 16 h. Locksmith looks at watch, goes to the door and falls between swinging door. Teege with image by Christian Friedrich Grabbe "just out... but so's lives fresh meaning through life is bad". Image of the victim.

05. dinner: German building exhibition title: trade fairs and markets - image: people in exhibition. Wall stones. Houses buildings in the model. Modern models of houses. Model of the Alster Center in the St. Georg district of Hamburg. Albert Vietor speaks of the new home to the realization of this model.

06. Berlin: industrial exhibition at the radio tower people in Exhibition Hall. 1000 hp engine. Porcelain, electronically controlled lathe. Products from the developing countries. Congo with vase and ivory. Fabrics from Asia. Exhibition stand of the Kufperinstituts. Copper pipes. Laying copper pipes in apartment. Copper tubes rolled up. Model of the Concorde. Satellite station in US jurisdiction.

07. ester and ABI Ofarim title: ester and ABI Ofarim - image: Tremsbüttel. Close-up of the Ofarims. Reporters with cameras. Ester and ABI Ofarim during the handing-over of 2 Gold records from the records. Ester and ABI Ofarim sing in the baroque gardens of Schloß Schleißheim Palace. "Tomorrow is a long time". Ester, great. ABI with guitar. Both total photographed in parks, from above. Ester's singing. Driving record at the two over. Ester and ABI in bed in the form of a note. Ester and ABI Baroque column. Close-up of ester Ofarim. Both in total.

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Conrad, Charles ; Gordon, Richard ; Ofarim, Abi ; Teege, Joachim ; Victor, Albert


Food ; Berlin ; China ; North Sea ; Trembuettel ; Saigon ; United States ; Viet Nam ; Hamburg ; Bavaria ; Tremsbüttel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; development aid ; aircraft ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Rockets ; Satellite ; Shipping ; Ships ; Technology ; Watches ; Youth ; Medicine ; People ; Currency ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 530/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand this week Gemini 11 origin: Metro shark accident (submarine) origin: vis news Helgoland in Viet Nam origin: Gaumont's live accident story fairs and markets DEUBAU, Essen to bad camera: Luppa Berlin industrial exhibition camera: P [...]ster & abi Ofarim gold record and camera: Rühe, Brandes Ofarims in Schleissheim camera: rough start and end

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