UFA-Wochenschau 521/1966 19.07.1966


01 Bamberg: 81st Katholikentag breakdown from ZL 860 / 1 - same section. The Bamberger St. Henry procession moves through the streets At night. People with torches and relics. Ceremony prior to the Bamberg Cathedral. People filling picture. The portal of the Cathedral. Believers, half-close. Professor Otto Roegele speaks interview before microphones: "we To want clean away the debris of centuries, to reveal the path to the Church. But we cannot change it, that there the Christ of the cross is waiting, whose Verheißung go not in this world time in performance. Christ will remain difficult in the future. "But where in the world if there ever an easy answer on the eternal question of the people the meaning of life?" Audience, great. Catholic sister, great. The Cathedral, total.

02. captive US pilots in Hanoi breakdown from ZL 860 / 2 - same section. Shot down American pilots to deal with handcuffs together tied up by the angry crowd. Guardian go with bare mount next to the prisoners.

03. Paris: Parade on 14 July on the Champs-Elysées aircraft parade with contrails on the Champs of Elysées. Marching troops. De Gaulle, total, parade takes off, next to him Pompidou. Horse troop, tank, rocket car, aircraft.

04. money series XI - traveller's cheques parents with children come out, close the door and drive in car with boat on the roof from (archive). Traffic lights, large. Pedestrians on the road and cars. Tickets fall into basket. Holiday trains on station. View from bridge on Highway. Mr Angel at bank counters. Credit payment. Mr Angel at the wheel of his car, great. Birgit Lensch, Mr. Engel and Ms. of Jackson sunning themselves on the beach. Beach full of beach chairs. You can get a Tan and turn clock back and forth. Mr. Herzberg steals money from suit jacket hanging on a beach chair. Mr Angel moves jacket and finds theft. Exchange of banknotes in Traveler's checks. Mr Angel pays hotel bill with Traveller's cheques in swimming trunks. Beach. Mr. Herzberg intervenes in suit jacket and is traveller's cheques back again.

05. England: sailing regatta title: Sports Sports Sports - image: sailing boats. Sailing boats on the sea at regatta "Round the Isle of Wight". Offshore yachts. Boats with colorful spinnaker.

06. England: World Cup: game Germany - Argentina 0-0 breakdown of ZL 860 / 7 - same section. German fans wave flags. Invasion of the teams. Uwe Seeler greeting and Exchange pennants with the Argentine team leader. Shield Germany wins. Kick-off of the German team. Argentines on the ball. Almost own goal of the Argentines by header. Uwe Seeler on the ball. Argentina goalkeeper holds. Tilkowski runs out door and dropping the ball on defense. Defender save situation. Fouls by the Argentines. Uwe Seeler shoots past free-kick close to the gate. Foul on Weber, who breaks down injured on the ground. The Argentine Albrecht is sent off. Playback without highlights.

07. wedding title Brigitte Bardot - Gunther Sachs: the question of the week. Photo: Question mark with cylinder and flower. Erhard, great. Ulbricht, great. Erler, great. Pan across United Nations building. Uwe Seeler at the training. World Champion football training in Malente. Image at Versailles Wilhelm I in coronation. De Gaulle and Adenauer in the Cathedral in Reims. Football spectators jump. Gunther Sachs, half-close. Brigitte Bardot. Photos with Bardot / Sachs. Kiss, big. Brigitte Bardot, great. Brigitte Bardot gets out of car with mini skirt and goes with Gunther Sachs to aircraft. De Gaulle and Adenauer's embrace. Cartoon Sachs / Bardot on the registry office with de Gaulle and Erhard as witnesses. Convent student March. Soldiers riding in the extract to the first world war. Brigitte Bardot and Gunther Sachs, great stills. Federal Eagle, great. Cuckoo clock strikes.

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Dürer, Albrecht ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Bardot, Brigitte ; Engel, Walter ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Erler, Fritz ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Herzberg ; Jürgens, Helga ; Lensch, Birgit ; Pompidou, George ; Roegele, Otto ; Sachs, Gunther ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Wilhelm I. ; Seeler, Uwe ; Tilkowski ; Weber, Paul


Bamberg ; Bonn ; Bahamas ; Las Vegas ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; England ; Paris ; United States ; Hanoi ; Birmingham ; Malente ; Bucharest


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Railways ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; Cartoons ; Emblems ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; FIFA World Cup ; Parades ; Religious events ; Sailing ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Watches ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; People ; Cups ; Transport: General ; Science and research ; Microphones ; Engagement ; Currency ; Transport: motor vehicles ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 521/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand this week 81. Katholikentag in Hamburg U.S. pilots in Hanoi (fired pilots as a demonstration object) origin: vis news 14th July in France origin: Eclair Bank series sport sports sports sailing in England origin: Pathe News World Cup in England Germany/Argentina origin: Pathe news the question of the week Brigitte Bardot camera: Rieck, Jürgens origin: vis News [...]
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