UFA-Wochenschau 506/1966 05.04.1966


01 labour victory in England title: this week - image: London Trafalgar fountain. Young people bathe in the Trafalgar fountain after the announcement of the Wahlsiegers. The crowd on the street. Choice display. Photographers. Wilson and wife before Downingstreet 10, half-close.

02. 23 Party Congress in Moscow attendees contact. Brezhnev at the lectern, total and half close, with an order of the button hole. Pan across the Grand Hall to the grandstands. Lenin image large.

03. national day in Pakistan Pakistani troops parading. Ayub Khan salute, parade decreases. Chinese tank with driving past. Rolling wheels of a tank, large.

04. rotchinesischer President Lio Shao young women wave skiing in Pakistan. Liu Shao ski apart from Ayub Khan, total. Liu Shao ski and Ayub Khan pace front of troops. Liu Shao ski with Flower necklace with welcome. Posters of him. Decorated car drives through the crowd.

05. demonstrations in South Vietnam and report a GI Rikscha driver during demonstrations. Parade of banners. General KY walking, laughing, half-close. Demonstration procession of monks and students. Destroyed US Hotel in Saigon. Weeping Vietnamese. American GI's report from the frontlines in the North (original sound). Soldiers search cabins for Vietcong and To find only women and children. Search of the jungle. Fires and explosions. Gunfire.

06. Israel: strangers attraction Nazareth title: images from Israel - image: Nazareth. Market on the road. Tourist guide speaks through a microphone. Fruit and poultry on the market. Woman wearing a bag on his head. Feet of strangers go up staircase when visiting the city. The Saint Joseph Church. Tour guide speaking and strangers immediately. Arab traders offers souvenirs. Holy pictures. He sold a turban. Statue of the mother of God.

07th killer Jürgen Rosteck title: the criminal case - image: images rust corner. The painting of Christ head, large. Newspaper page quick with Jürgen RAI's image and his wife Marion. Pictures of rust corner. Church in Bremen, where rust corner attempted suicide years ago. Barrier opens before carriage in transit to the Hospital of Osterholz. Shield State art school in Bremen. Pictures of rust corner. Title page morning post double homicide. Pictures of the two murdered women. Road sign Besselstrasse. The Tathaus. TV drama the trout farm. Two women sitting in front of TV. The axe, the murder weapon. Hand draws antenna from radio. The Olympic class. People sit on stools of driving. Landlady's interview behind bar, o-ton: "after a while, Mr Rostock asked me if he could talk to me on the other end of the bar and gave me 6 rolls 2-penny pieces and asked me whether I could redeem, because he would get the money from his wife, who at the time would have collected it for wedding shoes. I had been in the camp, it was Mr Rostock at the music box and asked me, what was it for a piece of music in the evening before, and I took close, that it was this Greek dance "Syrtaki". 2 Pfennig pieces passed 6 rolls. Hand push button music box, square sets itself. Restaurant visitors, the Rostock had told the fact speaks o-ton: "here Mr. raihan has told me about the gruesome fact, uh described. I could not remove easily, because he told them so confused. I thought he would once again be in money trouble and I've loaned him 50 mark. "." The mother of the murderer and the son and brother of the murdered in the cemetery at the grave. Rust Ecks mother speaks, original sound, before prison: "I visited my son; This first get-together was infinitely hard for both of us. He asked me all about drawing materials, he would like to continue to paint." Images of grid rectangle. Newspaper pages from price increases for the pictures. The head of Christ.

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Breschnjew, Leonid ; Khan, Ayub ; Ky ; Lenin, Wladimir ; Liu Schao Tschi ; Rosteck, Jürgen ; Wilson, Harold


Nazareth ; South Vietnam ; Moskau ; Pakistan ; Bremen ; Israel ; Raisting ; England ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Emblems ; filmmaking ; musical instruments ; News, communications ; Medals, awards, honors ; Photographers ; Radio, television ; Townscapes: Asia ; Townscapes: Germany ; Deaths, funerals ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Art ; Works of art ; maps ; Medicine ; Cups ; Military ; Crime ; Currency ; Elections ; Foreign policy events ; NATO ; Buildings in Asia ; Gastronomy ; Buildings in Australia ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 506/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand this week labour election victory origin: Pathe News 23 Party Congress in Moscow origin: Sovkino Pakistan, national origin: Pakistan visit Liu Shao ski (rotchin. Pres..)
Origin: Pakistan Viet Nam: demonstrations reported a GI origin: Metro, GAUMONT, vis news children of Israel Nazareth camera: Pahl, strong of the criminal case camera: Rau killer rust corner (painter from Bremen) at the beginning and end of

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