UFA-Wochenschau 502/1966 08.03.1966


1st portrait of Hildegard Knef title: in love with Hilde - image: Hildegard Knef goes through snow. Hildegard Knef with fur hat immediately behind bare branches in the snow. Close-up. You put on dark glasses. Finger press tape button. Close-ups Hildegard Knef, laughing. Sample with Hildegard Knef in Berlin. It stands next to the wing. Hildegard Knef's interviews, o-ton: "brevity, brevity, in which in which one the lack of time, it has history or an emotion to portray." Sometimes I have to work two months on a chanson, because I do not cope with any one line or she don't like it. Sometimes I write in an hour. Yesterday I've been thinking yet, what you prefer eat, whether lentils and Bacon, goulash and rice and then tomorrow came suddenly." Hildegard Knef when writing text. Hildegard Knef sings front microphone, large specimen, original sound. Sound mixer to mixer. Hildegard Knef smokes cigarette, big. Discussion during the rehearsal. KNEF sings great, original sound. Hildegard Knef stands up by Bank, pull over jacket and leaves rehearsal stage. Sheet music falls to the ground.

02. Hamburg: "Golden screen" for 'Dr. Hiob Prätorius' title: what's new? -: Car frame with door. Lieselotte Pulver gets out of car and is welcomed, in addition to her Kurt Hoffmann. Lettering mumbo jumbo. Still photographs Rühmann powder. Hans Domnik receives "Golden screen" for 'Dr. Hiob Prätorius'. Film award, great.

03. Hamburg: "Golden screen" of "Angelique and the King" Gert Fröbe on arrival, great. Mario Adorf upon arrival, great. Dr. Edwards presented Ilse Kubaschewski "Golden screen".

04. Alicante: Atelier mirror "The return of the seven great" with Yul Brynner Yul Brynner, big sticks cigarette in his mouth. Rocky surroundings of Alicante in exterior shots. Yul Brynner talking to his daughter.

05. Hungarian pyrotechnicians pyrotechnicians in laboratory. It handles small Fireworks. Actor smokes cigar cigar tip. Cord is attached to his jaw with plaster. Flap is beaten. Fire beam comes out of cigar. Hand spins trigger for detonation. Railway bridge collapses. Train derailed.

06. Stuttgart: 1966 young men go body building - House election of Mister Germany. Young men in body building training. Training with weights and equipment. Strength training of the young men. Playing muscles of the men. Spectators in choice of Mister Germany. Men stand in pose. Muscle packages. Mister Germany jumps on podium after election. 2 young girls embrace his bicep with both hands.

07. 10 years people's Army title: fear to learn - image: marching Volkspolizei. Marching naval troops. Marching soldier with a helmet: singing Volksarmist, large (Windows). People policeman with dog at the border. Setting up Grenzsperren. Smoke bombs. Watchtower. New uniforms of the people's army. Volksarmisten in parade marching upon receipt of State visit. Marching boots, great. Marching youngsters in vormilitärischer education of society for sport and technology. Marching women. Parachute jumper. Boys throw hand grenades. Boy at the rifle shooting at balloons. Operating force in urban warfare. The Brandenburg Gate. Rolls of barbed wire. The building of the wall. Volksarmist carries away dead. Volksarmist with big gun. Order awarded to soldiers for special merits. Panzer parade. Rocket car. Maneuver October storm. Wall escape of a Volksarmisten. Missile units of the Volkspolizei load gun with missiles. Exercise. Fire command. Artillery fire and bullet holes.

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Adorf, Mario ; Brynner, Yul ; Domnick, Hans ; Engelbrecht, Wolfram ; Fröbe, Gerd ; Hoffmann, Kurt ; Knef, Hildegard ; Kubaschewski, Ilse ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Rühmann, Heinz


China ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Alicante ; Hungary ; Berlin ; Burep ; East Berlin ; Stuttgart


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; Medals, awards, honors ; Parades ; Portraits ; Smoking ; beauty pageants ; Technology ; Cups ; Military ; Collectors, collections ; Jobs ; Military ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 502/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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In love with Hilde portrait Hildegard Knef camera: Pahl, Jackson what's new?

Golden Leinward for Hiob Prätorius camera: L., fire Golden screen of f. Ilse Kubaschewski camera: Vlasdeck of Spanish Studio mirror with yuk Brynner origin: No. do Hungarian pyrotechnicians origin: DEFA joy through strength body building - Mister Germany camera: Vlasdeck be afraid to learn 10 years people's Army origin: DEFA, DEFA, archive

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