UFA-Wochenschau 486/1965 16.11.1965


01 Lörrach: art turn international match Germany - Switzerland title: sport, sport, sport - Bild: floor Turner Jürgen Bischof. Jürgen Bischof in the floor exercises, 3 individual, Peter Aliesch / Switzerland on the parallel bars. Günter Lyhs on the parallel bars, 1 individual. Karl Banzhaf on the pommel horse, ZL. Gilbert Jossevel / Switzerland a Reck, 4 individual, Willi Jaschek on the horizontal bar, ZL.

02. development aid Africa: model village in Togo - hospital and shower House title: our money in Africa - 1 DM comes into picture. Native harvest. Child in cloth on the back of its mother. Negress with a bowl on his head. Negroes on tractor. Natives working in car repair workshops, joinery saws and bench planer and weaving. Negro and Negril to loom large. Baby in the arms of his mother. Patients are in the hospital on the floor and in old beds. Hospital barracks. Assembly of the village community due to construction of a new hospital, original sound. Negro, that's great. Children. Negro carry mattresses and beds. Construction work on the new hospital construction. Palm, great. Negerjungen under shower, hand washes his feet, tall.

03. usage practice of air defence "Shield upwards" title: shield upwards - image: rolling out jet fighter. Start 2 star fighter. Flying starfighters. Rotating radar screen, great. The air defense command. Start Starfighter. Radio for voice communication with the pilots. Trace on the air location map. Flying hunters. Command post of the fighter squadron. Pilots in the lounge get usage message. Radar recording. Alert Bravo. Soldier boots. Helmets are taken by the Board. Gun teams run to missiles. Missiles are erected. Soldier looks through binoculars, great. Radio operator in command headquarters. Fire control gun. Radar screen. Missiles at launch base (Nike). Rockets turn in the direction of the target. Gun revolves. Faces of soldiers. Air location map. Radio operator. Hand push button. At the end of the exercise. Watch shows 17:27 clock. Rotating radar screen, great.

04. Power outage in New York title: and yet do not panic - image: illuminated New York. Illuminated skyscrapers in the skyline. Lighted streets. Train in subway station. Watch. Light goes off. Police officers directing traffic. Car headlights of passing cars. People sitting in the dark by candlelight. People sitting on the stairs. Reading, playing cards, sleeping. Power plant in Canada. Relay station. Pylons. Long shots of New York.

05th operation in Viet Nam title: the picture of the week - image: operating room with sandbags. Vietnamese farmer lies down behind sand bags. Doctor operates shrapnel from the back of the farmers behind sand bags with a long surgical instruments. Bauer is carried away on a stretcher. Doctor up wipes sweat from his brow. The farmer sits on the hospital bed.

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Aliesch, Peter ; Banzhaf, Karl ; Bischof, Hans Jürgen ; Jaschek, Willi ; Jossevel, Gilbert ; Llyhs, Günther


Federal Republic of Germany ; New York ; Togo ; Burep ; Viet Nam ; Canada ; Lörrach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flowers ; Bundeswehr ; Electricity ; Gymnastics ; Craft ; Disasters ; Children ; development aid ; Harvest ; filmmaking ; Night ; Plants ; Police ; Radar ; Rockets ; Townscapes: North America ; Technology ; Gymnastics ; People ; Microphones ; Outlander ; Currency ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 486/1965

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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"Sport, sport, sport gymnastics Germany Switzerland camera: reason our money in Africa, strong development aid patterns village in Togo camera: Seib shield upward use exercise for the air defense shield for top" origin: archive and still no panic blackout in New York origin: Metro picture of the week operation Viet Nam origin: Metro beginning and end mark

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