UFA-Wochenschau 475/1965 31.08.1965


1st landing of Gemini V a helicopter landing, great close-ups. Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad rise from helicopter, laughing, waving, half-close. (All pictures are Very much unclear).

02. Hamburg: Exhibition "You and your world" globe with writing "You and your world" revolves, great. Two women from a rotating display stand with watering can and spade. Fashion dolls. Hand sets record. Young girl puts headphones on, big. Young girl with big headphones. Hand enough to stick taste. Hand rotates to Massager. Woman at screening the massage device. Women dressing men's shoes.

03. money series No. 5 - pickpockets - check better than cash rotating warning light on police car, great. Plate help illuminate robbery. Bullet in anti-splinter glass. Man lying in bed next to him on the nightstand alarm clock and candle. Man rubs the eyes upon waking and sits up. The ceiling hole from collapse. Shattered storefronts after break-in. Man on the phone in the phone booth. Man behind him in the door half open and takes his wallet from the jacket. Junction of Feuerlöschschläuchen, great. Firefighters with hoses. Burning house. Burnt notes. Money Messenger comes with a Briefcase from a House. Thief snatches bag, swells from the smoke and sounds for alarm him. At a desk clerk in a building society and customer sitting opposite. On the table of house model. Man opens a suitcase of full of banknote bundles. Another man looks horrified. Man writes cheque. Bank vault door closes. Pickpocket steals from Briefcase. Pickpocket wallet searches in bushes and finds only checkbooks. Checkbooks fall into trash.

04. accident series No. 6 - Wichmann in car wash, finger in the Pencil Sharpener, electric drill title: because with me - image: Wichmann under the car wash. Mr Wichmann stands with bouquet of flowers in his hand waiting at the roadside. Car drives through a puddle and splashing him wet. Walsh looks at the clock. Wichmann wipes dirt from the suit is angry, great. Spray showers a car wash. Walsh stands in the suit in the shower. Walsh runs on car radiators under the washer dryer. Günter Jerschke as a doctor, great. Apprentice sits at the desk and draw line with ruler. Pencil breaks off. Spitz machine does not work. Apprentice put fingers in the Spitz machine. Jerschke, great. Workers in factory sets under drill piece of iron. He is a machine and puts the work piece without fix it under the drill and keeps the set. Drill breaks away piece of iron. Günter Jerschke faces grave. He combines manual and has 4 arms: "For me, you're right."

05. development aid - Ethiopia title: our money in Africa - picture: 1 DM. traffic to roundabout in Addis Abeba. Townscape with tall buildings. Sign Hilton Hotel. Shoe cleaning machine on the road. Negress with load on the back, great. Man sewing on a sewing machine. Children and people in poorer road. The Haile Selassie hospital. Doctor with a mouth guard during operation, large. Colored sister with mouth protection. Operation team in operation. Is washing hands of the doctor, great. Chief physician of Dr. Frederick gives interview, big o-ton: "40-45 hours not uncommon is continuously in the service for these on-duty doctors on the Haile-Selassie hospital in Addis Abeba. 6 German specialists in a team are completely inadequate and insufficient in a 200 bed hospital, where all subordinate doctors such as physician, help doctors and so on are missing, and lead to an additional workload. The hospital is equipped with 5 different departments, all of which are led by German doctors. The X-ray and radiation Division, which was equipped with the help of federal funds and represents the only Institute of this kind in all East Africa is exceptional for the Ethiopia and throughout East Africa. " Operation team at work. Black patients in the waiting room. Patient is under radiation device. Negress before X-ray screen. Man sitting on the examination table, leg is x-rayed him. Patients at Sehprobe. Black doctor for an eye operation. Bahar Dar: field Negro child. Stretcher across the Hall is pushed into the hospital. Negress with headscarf, large. Negroes in the waiting room. Children's beds. Negro children sitting in front of the beds on pots. The German physician Dr. Saeed gives interview, interview, great: "the German staff has, because no Ethiopian personnel, i.e. no doctors available particularly to were made available to the Ethiopians to A few years. In addition, the hospital completely by Ethiopia is operated. We have excellent cooperation and thanks to the good equipment no complaints and no defects our work." Black doctor in business. German doctor in business. He considered cast on a patient's arm and X-ray. Ethiopian medical team during the operation.

06. film in the title: film in the picture: Will Tremper.
Munich: Première "Oil Prince" (Karl May) in the Mathäuser Filmpalast. Audience (photographed from above) can be located To give autographs, total. Controller cards control in the throng. In the Foyer advertisement "Oil Prince".
Duisburg: film performance in the Palace of Europe: thick and stupid "2 rides to Texas". Young cinema-goers going up the stairs. Movie poster "Fat and stupid".
Atelier mirror: "land of Cockaigne". Will Tremper interview interview: "I have a firm idea I want to say from the film, and write the screenplay from day to day and let me inspire from the scene." Berlin. Shooting. Actress Eva Renzi, great. Written in the hand of the Director, big. Will Tremper gives interview, as Director of the film, big o-ton: "How do you finance your film?" - "Yes, that's no problem, because no money is required. We have issued until today 190,000 mark on paper. But, Of course too cash, but that's so few thousand mark, turn with enthusiasm is all and that is why we need no money."-"as A lot of the film cost"-" which will cost at least half a million, if No more, because we have this time stars, like Paul Hubschmidt. " Main cast of the film Paul Hubschmid speaks before a microphone, large, original sound: "the Gage interested me in this case only so to all last, first and foremost I care to make a refreshing movie, to participate in an experiment, as it is unfortunately Very much rarely made in Germany." Actor Eva Renzi, Harald Leipniz.
Hamburg: Atelier mirror "The night of the murder in Manhattan". Headlights, large. George Nader is running around the corner in the garage to a Jaguar sports car. George Nader creates machine gun, large and shoots on tank columns, which burst into flames.

07. Duisburg: European Rowing Championships title: sport, sport, sport - Bild: rowers. Start the eighth. On line 4 of the Ratzeburg rowing. The boat of the Soviet Union goes after best start in management. Top of rowing boat with start number. The Ratzeburger boat defeated the Soviet Union with 1 second in the final sprint. Spectators firing at. The rowers exhausted after the victory in the boat totally. In the stands clapping audience. The German rower waving from the boat. Swan lands on the water.

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Conrad, Charles ; Cooper, Gordon ; Friedrichs ; Hubschmid, Paul ; Jerschke, Günther ; Leipniz, Harald ; Nader, George ; Renzi, Eva ; Schäufele ; Tremper, Will ; Wiechmann, Johannes


Hamburg ; Munich ; Ethiopia ; Duisburg ; Los Angeles ; Addis Ababa ; Ludwigshafen, Germany ; East Berlin ; Berlin ; Bahar Dar ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Interviews ; Justice ; Children ; development aid ; Education, youth ; Fire ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; musical instruments ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Postal, postal services ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Rowing ; Sleep ; beauty care ; Townscapes: Africa ; Animals (except dogs) ; Transport: public transport ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Medicine ; Crime ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Listener ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Autographs ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; Fire brigade ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 475/1965

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand you and your world of Gemini V landing origin: UPI "You and your world" camera: Rau money series No. 5 origin: K 152 and Kit. "Lenz & Liabei" because with me...

Accident series No. 6 (Wiechmann i. d. car wash, finger in the pencil sharpeners, drilling machine) our money in Africa Ethiopia (development aid) camera: Seib film in the come the night of the murder in Manhattan and Will Tremper (Karl May) Laurel and Hardy oil Prince camera: Vlasdeck, Luppa, Seib, Zakariah, Brandes, Pahl Sports Sports Sports Rowing Championships of men camera: Luppa, Brandes, Zakariah, Seib end brand

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