UFA-Wochenschau 474/1965 24.08.1965


1st East Berlin diary title: over in East Berlin, image: building in East Berlin. Door of the Friedrich Werderschen Church. Man walks through the door. Construction work in the Church. Restaurateur on the figure of an Angel. Dome of the Church. To the wall frame. Look through the window on a high crane. Zeughaus with scaffolding. Workers at restoration figures. Bookstore at the Alexanderplatz. Young people listening to records. Wolfgang Esterer interviewed CEO: "Which records sell especially well?" - "there would be first to name a few: masterpieces of the synagogue, then Georgi Dimitriov, hero of Leipzig, a documentary about the Reichstag fire process." The turnover was. "Marlene Dietrich singing old Berlin songs." Records in Hull, great. "Masterpieces of the synagogue", "Georgi Dimitroff", "Hero of Leipzig" (documentation of the Reichstagsbrandes). A receiver with headphones, great face. "What is an LP?" - "so, for example the Marlene Dietrich-plate in the size 10-12 mark and also all other"-"and now at the end: you can call us the hit of the month?"-"Yes, this is clearly"downtown with Ina Martell." People in the bookstore. Picture of Walter Ulbricht in the wall. Wolfgang Esterer interviewed the General Manager of the bookstore. "What is the book of the month?" - "here want to first call the Erik Neutsch,"The trace of stones"." I would like to mention Erwin Stritt r "OLE Balabantaray head", a book that shows the development of agriculture in the German Democratic Republic in recent years. "I would like to mention Christa Wolf" divided heaven ", the book of two young people, their love to each other in the divided Germany and their decision that arises from this." Book, great Erik Neutsch: "the trace of stones". Hand scrolls book. Book by Erwin Stritt Maker: "Ole Bienkopp". Hand scrolls book. A man's head sideways, large. Book: Christa Wolf: "The divided sky". Reader sees in book. Young reader, great. Readers, it's great. "What books could you mention in the area of policy?"-"in the first place I would like to mention:"The speech of Comrade Walther Ulbricht at the 9th meeting of the Central Committee."-"will be bought this brochure? " -"We have sold them much like all brochures and reports of the meetings of the Central Committee of our SED." - "and what is this book?" - "as a brochure cost 80 pfennigs, here you go." Brochure: "speeches by Walter Ulbricht at the 9th meeting of the Central Committee.". Brochure in the hands of a reader. Head of a man, great. Head of a woman, great. Reader in bookshelves. Head of an older reader. "We have"what West German literature can I buy from you? "- at the moment a number of authors as licensed editions in the offer. We are often despite significant circulation not in a position to satisfy all needs, but I think that it is a Very much good sign for our readers."-"And then my last question now: what there is to read... here to buy current political literature from Germany here?" - "current political literature? About West Germany or West Germany?"-"from West Germany."-" in West Germany... we have nothing here... will have nothing here. "

02. Ambassador to Israel title: this week - picture: Rolf Pauls. Procession of demonstrators with placards. Companion in uniform gets out of car and opens the door. Dr. Pauls gets out of the car, half-close. Protesters with placards. Dr. Pauls passing on police force to the inaugural visit to Prime Minister Schasar. Police officers on horseback holding back demonstrators. Dr. Inaugural recite Pauls, half close, o-ton: "Allow me to excellence that I concluded on behalf of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany of your Excellency and the people of Israel the best wishes for a happy and successful future übermittleund myself these wishes from heart to join." Paul's close-up. Police push back protesters. Dr. Pauls leaving the Government building after presentation of the attestation letter. Paul, standing, half-close. Police officers on horseback pushing back protesters.

03. successful launch of the Gemini space capsule to V Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad the Launcher, half-close. Elevator moves up. Conrad with space helmet, great. Cooper with space helmet, great. The astronauts climb into the capsule. Launch of the rocket.

04. air raid in England retracts excavator. Boy sees through round opening of a family bunker beneath the Earth. Mattresses are thrown through opening. Boy go down head. Man and boy in the bunker. Boy sits down on the bed. Head. Toilet. Man screws to cover to shelter. Bunker opening above the Earth.

05. illusionist Cantarelli and the floating Virgin settles woman before plane on stretcher. Photographer, half-close. Cantarelli conjures up the medium. Woman is suspended rises from grave. The floating Virgin before the magician. Hand, great. Eyes and nose of the magician, great.

06. Duisburg-Wedau: the Rowing Championships women start the a. The Russian rower Galina Konstantinova. The from the Netherlands, total field. Champion Galina Konstantinova receives Medal, half-close. Start of the men's double sculls. From the Netherlands of German pair. Finally, total. Soviet Union WINS ahead of Czech Republic and the Netherlands. The Russian winners will receive medals, half close medals, half-close. Start the eights, totally. It leads the boat of the Soviet Union. Russia WINS ahead of Holland and Romania. Clapping spectators on benches, half-close. Winners receive a medal.

07. Cloppenburg: German Aerobatic Championships view from airplane wheel to the ground. Flight of the Spanish world champion Thomas Castano on a Czech Slin Trener. Aerobatics by Gerd Hum on the French biplane Stampe. Freestyle program of the new German master Herbert Greb on a Zlin Trener. Low-level aerobatics. Landing.

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Brumm, Gerd ; Cantarelli ; Castano de Meneses, Thomas ; Conrad, Charles ; Cooper, Gordon ; Esterer ; Greb ; Pauls, Rolf ; Schasar ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Konstantinova, Galina


Cyprus ; East Berlin ; Israel ; England ; Tel Aviv ; United States ; Berlin ; Cloppenburg ; Duisburg ; Varelbusch ; Cape Kennedy ; Houston


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Libraries ; Books ; DDR ; Demonstrations ; Hands ; public opinion research ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; Aviation ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Smuggling ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Police ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Rowing ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; Magic, magicians ; Air raid ; People ; Foreign policy events ; Magician, magic ; Construction ; Eyes ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 474/1965

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand over in East Berlin East Berlin diary camera: Pahl this week in Israel Ambassador Paul camera: Woskowitz Gemini V origin: Metro air raid in England origin: Pathe news illusionist Cantarelli and the floating Virgin camera: Pahl sport Rowing Championships of women, Duisburg camera: fire, Luppa, strong German Aerobatic Championships in Varrelbusch camera: basic end-mark

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