UFA-Wochenschau 440/1964 28.12.1964


Year review of materials used in the special folder year in review 1964 screams (large) all men of this year British Sergeant. Trick: All men of this year. stops the hand when the clock (large), man looks through the door. Public men firing. Rugby players. Men in the audience tear up arms. Students in stripes. French guard present sabers. Mass demonstrations by soldiers. Motorcycle pyramid. Man on a parachute training. Artist jumps from the Chair. Viewers wearing glasses (large). Emilio Schubert takes off glasses (half close). Man fashion show, man opens bright coat. Aircraft a Winker. Man rock laps of the suit to dnöpft. Dali with the Venus de Milo. Karate fighter, muscle man. Untermann at power sport. Strauß playing Skat (large). Erhard winkend(Groß). Park guard fence (large).
De Gaulle on the balcony waving (Strasbourg). De Gaulle from behind in front of crowd. De Gaulle with greeting movement, the hands zusamsengelegt. De Gaulle spread arms. De Gaulle behind microphones (total). "Moi, de Gaulle" (original sound) enthusiastic crowd with transparent "Bienvenu de Gaulle"smacking elder woman in the crowd. De Gaulle beigt to children. De Gaulle in South America, shaking hands. De Gaulle greeted the head of State of Mexico with embrace, Hagen from de Gaulle behind motorcycle escort. Audience waving flags, de Gaulle goes through confetti. De Gaulle in an open car, constantly by bodyguards accompanied. Mirage IV (large) frontal and lateral, de Gaulle for sightseeing in the center of the rocket. Rockets toward the sky. De Gaulle at the side (half-close). Missile launch. De Gaulle gets out of aircraft and welcomes Erhard. Camera people. De Gaulle to Pompidou and Couve de Murville in negotiations. Erhard next to Schröder. De Gaulle speaks (original) half close in Straßburf. "Vive la France vive la Repoblic". De Gaulle sings the Marseillaise (original sound). Skyscraper (balloon) confetti. Johnson rides on his farm (total). Johnson next to his daughter Lucie at the Apple Blossom Queen selection. Johnson pulls Jund on the yours. Johnson horse on the farm (standard copied). Johnson and Humphrey on the farm eating (standard-copied). Short cuts in the rhythm. Johnson, Colt at hip. (Wild West in France). Johnson pushing hands of people during election campaign (total). Voters, clapping, Johnson before microphones at the side (half close) close-up Johnson speaking. Goldwater (large), enthusiastic Americans. Goldwater and wife (half close) at the election meeting, arms high stretched. Goldwater shakes the hands of Leuten(halbnah). Johnson speaks half-close (original sound). Plane taking off from aircraft carriers. Aircraft carrier (total). Helicopter (large). Soldiers on the gun. Impact. Riots in Saigon. viatnamesin (large). Negro race moves. Stick in the hand of a policeman on the back, Negro in Harlem. Negro woman with curlers leans out the window. (total). Houses in Harlem. Wall in Berlin. People go through wall gate pass action. People COP. Embrace by relatives in Berlin. National Police rejects American officers on the border. Wall settings. Johnson speaks half-close (original sound). Slamming Americans during election campaign. Johnson (half close). With his wife and Töchten Johnson (total) circling lights.
Close-up of Erhard catches cigar. Erhard goes to the Bundeshaus (half close). De Gaulle, large, Erhard, great. De Gaulle embraces Adenauer. Erhard goes beyond market, half-close. Adenauer awards a doctoral hat. Erhard does not receive you as gift get angry man. Erhard with Texas hat at Johnson, Erhard in the aircraft, large. Erhard and wife in Tegernsee on the breakfast table on terrace, half-close. Erhard goes under umbrella, half-close. Adenauer under umbrella vacation, great. Adenauer soieltboccia. Town crier newspaper the evening news "Welcome". Erhard with Schröder goes to Downing Street 10 with Lord home (total). Erhard catches cigar size. At Aldo Moro in Rome. Erhard at Pope Paul. Parade of French guards before the Elysee Palace. Erhard alongside de Gaulle sitting, half-close. Gala dinner, Erhatd shake hands at the door of the Elysee Palace total de Gaulle. Onslaught by U.S. soldiers. Erhard is Ms. Johnson kiss on the hand. Kemeraleute. Erhard in the white Jakett in addition to Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, and Schröder. Garden Party at the White House. Erhard and Johnson in conversation, laughing, great. CDU delegates clap (Hale, Scheffer) Erhard speaks (interview) "The Chancellor determines the guidelines of policy". Strauß coming at Erhard and greets him, totally. Camera people. Erhard, Tall (portrait). Erhard sounds records, half-close. Heads of Brüning, Adenauer, Bismarck, great. Erhard shakes the hand of Adenauer. Erhard spreads cigar, half-close. Cigar tip, great. Erhard laughing, half-close.
Khrushchev, big, smacking. Khrushchev with fur hat in addition to Ulbrich. Khrushchev, speaking at the side, big. Khrushchev laughing, great. Khrushchev in the bushes (Vienna). Khrushchev in. Vienna. Khrushchev in hollywood. Khrushchev pounding at the UN with his fists on the table. Khrushchev laughing. Khrushchev hand adheres to the face. Khrushchev in Vienna with interpreters. Khrushchev hammer in the Tino with fists on the table image Khrushchev to transparent "peace friendship. Picture of Khrushchev's fall from the frame (trick). Khrushchev in various poses as a speaker. Khrushchev in shirt sleeves in front of House close to half. Confetti. Khrushchev in addition to Nasser. Khrushchev embracing Castro. Khrushchev comes from aircraft and embraced Gomulka. Khrushchev comes from aircraft and embraced Tito. Khrushchev embracing Mao. Khrushchev threatening course (original sound), half-close. Young pioneers run me bouquets in Stadium. Khrushchev embracing Ulbricht. Khrushchev with integrating on the wall. Wall and watchtower. Khrushchev embracing Gagarin, totally. Khrushchev considered ear bundle. Khrushchev is handed round bread. Khrushchev with beret. He embraced Breschnjef. Khrushchev leaves the ship in Scandinavia, he goes next to King Gustav Adolf of Sweden, half-close. Beckoning cheering people, half-close. Khrushchev waving with Hat, great. Women and children waving at took. Brezhnev kissing Khrushchev. Officials one by one Kiss Khrushchev. Khrushchev with flowers aircraft staircase goes up (shot from behind). The officials waving hats.
The beatles, totally. Girl beckoning, half-close. The Beatles waving from balconies. Girls. Beatles wave by plane. Girls. The Beatles get off the plane. Girls. The Beatles between amount in addition to policemen, police pushing people back. The Beatles single, large. Hysterical girl. You throw your arms over your head. The Beatles playing totally. Young listener move to the rhythm. Young girl twist. Girl screams. Young man takes off sweaters. Girl is carried away. The Beatles are pushing the crowd, girls are behind bars. Girl is lifted from a COP over fence. Production of Beatle wigs. Beatle mania. The Rolling Stones singing. 2 girls do dance moves, half-close. Tricks: Adenauer with Beatle haircut. Khrushchev, de Gaulle, Erhatd with Beatle hairstyles. Short cuts to the rhythm: boy with Hur, man with melon, man with beret. Adenauer with hat from behind on vacation. Man under shower, muscle man, man in fashion show in Cologne, Germany, crazy artists, man bends expander, Mathieu. In the rhythm: muscle man, man with Babiker, man with a long beard, walkers, vegetarian Congress, old men gymnastics team. Get good recruits. 3 boys, boy with glasses, boy with thumb in the mouth. Baby sleeping. Baby crying trick: all the best for 1965.

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UFA-Wochenschau 440/1964

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Year in review 1964 "All men of this year"

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