UFA-Wochenschau 423/1964 01.09.1964


01 accident story no. 6 (tired) ZL see 762/4 02. "man in the ear" Hannes Walton runs through Berlin. Mr security guard faces transistors. The seller shows a small tape recorder. Walsh is in the ear hearing aid. He goes on the road and hits against passersby. He goes down the Kurfürstendamm. In the background the Gedächtniskirche. Wichman push button of the device in error. He faces a Porter opens the box of Tobandgerätes The baboons at the Zoo enclosure. Wichmann rubs behind the ear (shot from behind). He unscrews the phone. He passes shops and enters through a door. He runs against a box and crashes into the water. His hat floats next to the small device. Water bubbles bubble up.

03. Manfred man band and Swingtime hair fashions. Star band Manfred Mann music. Young man in a striped sweater sings with Rumba balls. 2 young girls with short sparkling dresses, long cigarette holder and Swingtime hair coming down the stairs. Jutta Heine as a spectator (large). Hairdressing Combs at hair. Wig is removed, head of a girl with long cigarette holder (large). Alternating between the presentation of the fashion hairstyle opens of the English star band Manfred Mann. Mannequins show off hairstyles. 3 mannequins toast with champagne glasses.

04. fashions from Paris. Dressmaker is tight dress on the mannequin. Mannequin pulls far cut rock over a 3/4 long breeches. Costumes and coats (carving). Long skirt is buttoned up, including tight short skirt. Blouse with deep back cutout. Evening dress with a fur collar. White evening dress. Sporting tight pants to the knee. Zebra stockings leg that occurs bike pedals. Trousers by Jaques home. Zebra pants. Glittering pants under wide dress. 3/4 long Telzhosen under coat. Cocktail dresses, mannequin opens stoles and shows deep Decolté on the dress. 3 mannequins in evening clothes walk down the stairs.

05. ice Revue with Kilius/Bäumler. Hans Jürgen Bäumler before the mirror for make-up (large). Marike Kilius powder her face in front of the mirror. (large). She paints her lips after. Ice Ballet on the ice surface. Tyrolean dance of the Ballet. South American Dance of the Ballet. Marika Kilius alone on the ice surface of the twist. In the headlights Kilius / Bäumler dance on the ice.

06. Bavarian Rhönradmeisterschfaten. Rhönradbau demonstrations. Gymnasts at the wheel. Turner at the wheel. Gymnast goes in the wheel with hands-free. Demonstration of spirals, a wheel driver jumps as a disposal by the wheel. Winner: Gisel Abbot (Nuremberg) and Helmut page (Este field)

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Abt, Gisela ; Bäumler, Hans Jürgen ; Jerschke, Günther ; Mann, Manfred ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Heine, Jutta ; Kilius, Marika ; Page, Helmut


Berlin ; Paris ; Nuremberg ; England ; Ansbach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Musical events ; rescue services ; Animals (except dogs) ; Transport: public transport ; Revues ; Fashion ; Entertainment, festivals ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 423/1964

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m accident story no. 6 time mosaic "Man in the ear" Hannes Walton Berlin done by camera: Pahl Manfred Mann - band origin: Pathe news Swingtime - hair fashion camera: Pahl fashions from Paris origin: Pathé journal Vienna ice Revue with tooth Kilius / Bäumler camera: Luppa, basic Bavarian Gymnastics Championships camera: Luppa final brand 3, 1 m

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