UFA-Wochenschau 420/1964 11.08.1964


1st Vietnam report. Gunner shot from aircraft. Aerial view of forest park in Viet Nam. Flying helicopter with rotating propellers. Soldiers in the helicopter. Vietnamese soldier (large). Soldiers get out of the helicopter. Soldiers go through jungle area. Vietnamese. Refugees. Transport of an ill person. Young Vietnamese woman is carried on stretcher. General Khan before microphone (half total) soldiers on a gun. Gunfire and crashes. A woman picks up desperately at the forehead, young Vietnamese woman and crying child. Guns on a U.S. destroyer. US warship at sea. U.S. soldiers get on plane on an aircraft carrier. Start a plane on an aircraft carrier. Balloon: Deck of an aircraft carrier with startendem aircraft. President Johnson before lectern wipe U.S. flags (half total) he speaks (interview) big. Mao Tse Tung (half total and large).

02. Cyprus report. Archbishop of Makarios behind speakers (total). Slamming people (total). Makarios (half total). Soldiers in use running around the grounds. Wrecks of off of airplanes. Turkish emblem on an airplane wing. Burning ship (total and large).

03. measure for measure / against SPD Schmitt Vockenhausen. Cucumbers (large). Collet takes out cucumbers. Woman at the cucumbers stand (total). The cucumbers are placed in wrapping and wrapped. Picture Schmitt-Vockenhausen. "Newspaper clipping:"Social-democratic press service"Tagespoltik comments". "Heading: SPD: UFA weekly news: too much partisan" "sharp SPD criticism of UFA weekly news" "accusation against UFA weekly news" hands typing on a typewriter (large) blade in the Schteibmaschine moves further "Free democratic correspondence" "press-service»"Free democratic party"Secretary takes leaf from the machine. Duplicating machine (large). In narrow gap line by line of the letter of reply of the FDP. Eyes (large). Harald Wingankow measuring film strips (total) measures Mr Noelle. On the wall behind the film strip font CDU CSU FDP SPD. Before the FDP font filmstrips with Mende. Before CSU Filmstrip with Straub. Miss driving at the its. Before font SPD film strips with Erler. Hand with stopwatch on the cutting table. Cut out of the movie. Willi Brandt (large) Stopwatch (large). Mende (large). Hand press Stop button on the cutting table. Erler (large). Scissor cut film strips. Ostrich (large) picture Schmitt Vockenhausen (large) finger presses on lock-off button. Eyes (large). Great camera lens. Erhard (large) cameraman Luppa with camera (large). Weyer on the desk. Rahim with camera (large). Schröder on vacation. Zaki with camera (large) Carlo Schmid on Carnival event. Seib with camera (large) Weyer (large) 4 German Championships in Berlin 1964 hand laces tie string on athletic footwear. Hands hammer Stratblöcke. Foot gives off the starting block, starter kick-off. Start men 100 m run. Running in slow motion. Winner kink mountain. Kisses his wife (half total) after the victory. Finish 800 m race of men. Winner: Children, Wuppertal from Kemper, Ibbenbüren. Children waving (half total). Long jump: It starts small, Hamburg (slow motion). Measures of the judges. Table rotates with wide 7 85. Pole vaulter in slow motion. Reinhardt, Leverkusen, wipes the bar before jump (half total). His talisman, Leo minor, at the jump pit. Reinhardt jumping 5.05 m (slow motion). Start 110 m hurdles men. An athlete sitting as spectators under a mattress. Winner: John, Hanover (half total). Falls after throwing a Javelin thrower. Forest of umbrellas. Herbert Salamon throws and becomes the winner. Flying spear. Uwe Beyer, Kiel, in the hammer throw. Flying hammer. Legs and feet of high jumper Marlene Schmitz Porz. Swing upwards. Marlene Schmitz Porz in the high jump (slow motion). 100 m women, race start. Champion: Renate Meyer Rose is congratulated after the victory of Erika Fisch (half total).

05. European Championships rowing in Amsterdam. Tricks in a row swim (total) hintereinanander. Rowing eights on the Boosbaan in Amsterdam at the European Championships. The Ratzeburger aft alongside the Russian roller coaster. (Half total) call audience audience held hands. Viewers are (half total) of the seats. The Ratzeburger aft goes on ahead as a winner by the target. The winners standing side by side at the award ceremony (total) 06. kite flying. (Water ski flying). Hang gliders at the start. He leaves behind a motor boat and floats high. The motor boat driving through fountain gates. Artistic exercises of the kite-flyers and ride through the spring breastplate gates. Plane lands on the water and climb up again. The hang-glider falls into the water.

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Beyer, Uwe ; Brandt, Willy ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Erler, Fritz ; Johnson, Lyndon ; Azam, Khan ; Luppa, Wilhelm ; Makarios von Zypern ; Tse Tung, Mao ; Noelle, Hermann ; Rieck, Hans Jürgen ; Seib, Gerd ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schmitt-Vockenhausen ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Trieb, Ursel ; Weyer, Willi ; Wigankow, Harald ; Zimpel, Werner ; Fisch, Erika ; Kinder, Manfred ; Klein, Wolfgang ; Knickenberg, Manfred ; Kopp-Gastl, Zenta ; Meyer, Rose Renate ; Reinhardt, Wolfgang ; Salomon, Hermann ; Schell, Inge ; Schmitz-Portz, Marlene


Bonn ; Munich ; Cyprus ; Viet Nam ; Düsseldorf ; Berlin ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Amsterdam ; United States ; Washington ; North Rhine-Westphalia ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Special events ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; filmmaking ; Escape ; Refugees ; News, communications ; Rowing ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Unrest ; War, prisoners of war ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Economy ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Fire brigade ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 420/1964

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand report 7, 6 m events Viet Nam - origin: Metro, vis news Cyprus - report source: vis news, Pathe news reviews measure for measure/geg. SPD-Schmitt-Vockenhausen camera: Seib, Brandes, Rau, l., basic origin: Archive sports reportage German Championships in athletics, Berlin camera: reason, Zakariah, Pahl Rowing - Championships, Amsterdam origin: Polygoon kite-flying (water ski flying) origin: Metro final brand 3, 1 m

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