UFA-Wochenschau 391/1964 21.01.1964


01 Erhard in London - Großaufnähme newspaper "welcome Dr. E." Close-up of a crier of newspaper, holding the newspaper in front of his face. Erhard rises out of the train and welcomed English Cabinet members (half total). Large aufnaehme shield "Downing St." Wagon train reverses (half total). Close-up of door no. 10 Erhard beside Schröder in front of the House (half total). Go to the KAUs (half total). You sit to work meetings at a table (half total).
Close-up of a cello, which is underpinned by two musicians between themselves. Interview Esterer to the theme of the Chancellor's visit to England. Close-ups of respondents: men with Homburger. Total urban traffic with buses. Gala dinner at Mansion House (half total). The Mayor of London welcomed Erhard, sitting next to him, in German (original sound) half total. Participants of the feast rise and clap (total). Close-up: 2 English dogs (like the dogs of Queen Elisabeth) on a leash. Erhard rises (half total) in front of the German Embassy out of the car. 2 policemen greet (half total). Schröder's hand (half total) Lord Douglas Home. Close-up of Erhard (profile). Close-up of hands with cigar. Close-up of wall painting.
Changing of the guard the bear hats before Buckingham Palace (half total). Close-up of smiling woman. Close-up face of a soldier. The guard marches, behind an officer on horseback (total). People in Trafalgar Square (total). Close-up: Young pigeons on the hand. Close-up: 2 girls legs between pigeons. Close-up shots of pigeons, flying on the shoulders and heads of people. A band of older gentlemen, happy wanderers, playing on the Oxford Street (half-total). Close up of feet that go forward at a slow pace. Close-up of timpani, accordion. The Chapel (total). Large aufnaehme: money is thrown in the whole.
Long shot of the Hyde Park orator. Old man holding cross before him, giving a speech (close-up). Close-up: Bare branches of trees. A Negro is holding one - speech (half total). Move to the Pettycoatmarket (total) close-up of a caller with a snake. Laundry hangs over a stand (half total). Close-ups of second-hand. A woman offers a cheesy statue. Total crowds of people.

02. Bonn At night - long shot of the Federal House. The Chamber (total). Close-up of a Secretary, the typewriter writes, the American Secretary of State Rusk enters the Federal House (half total). Next to him is Foreign Minister Schröder. A Secretary on the phone on 2 phones (half total). Long shot of a diplomatic reception when Lahiri. Close-up of the head of the guard. Close-up of illuminated lettering "taboo". Twist end youth (half total). Close-up of illuminated lettering "Edelweiß" total of a Bavaria Chapel. A bi-drowning man (half total). Close-up of illuminated lettering "Juliette" totals of the premises with a Stehgeiger at the table and a Gypsy band. Close-up of illuminated lettering "Eve". A beauty dancer dances (half total). In a local play the Bonn original Hermann Ningel guitar "Det Hampton", called and sings (total). Long shot of the premises, guests at tables. Hermann Ningel goes through empty road from local to local (totally). Close-up of Hermann Ningel the tuning of your guitar, and make-up. He descends the stairs in a local (half total) sings Rhenish songs (original sound) and people swaying (half total). Large aufnaehme: burning lamp. Is kissing lovers in the dark (far).

03. bad life in Montevideo - total of the crowded beach of Montevideo. A Badenixe Combs himself (half total). Close-up: Handsome man sitting on the beach, an old man lies back of a thick woman in the sand. Half total: A pair of lovers, lying on the beach.

04. people on the ice - a woman stands in front of the car and puts on skates (half total). Studies on the ice: A poodle crosses the ice (half total). A man with a child on the ice slides (half total). Between cars, people put on their skates. (half total) 3 young people from behind on the ice (half total). Close-up of legs with ice skates. A child crashes, 2 children fall (half total). Glitscht a man, a woman glitscht (half total). Man drives a stroller, woman driving a stroller (medium shots to the waist). A little boy falls down and is slowly recovering (total). A Dachshund runs between 2 rising legs close-up of the running dog. Sausage dog and poodle together (total). 4 young people run (total). The legs of a man of who also runs a child with roller skates. Torso of a young man, running, then a man with Beanie (half total). Woman with shopping bag (total). Close-up of the legs of a woman skate boots, in between running a baby. (Picture from the back). Photographed total of a boxer between the legs of a woman from the front. Total fall of a young man and again set up in slow motion.

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Erhard, Ludwig ; Home ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Ningel, Hermann ; Rusk, Dean ; Schröder, Gerhard


Bonn ; London ; Hamburg ; Montevideo, Uruguay


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Leisure, recreation ; musical instruments ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Holiday ; winter pictures ; Jobs ; Entertainment, festivals ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 391/1964

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 Erhard London camera: Pahl origin: Pathe news Bonn At night camera: Basic, strong origin: archive material bad life in Montevideo camera: Brandes, Musitelli people on the ice camera: Jürgens, Zakariah final brand 3, 1

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