UFA-Wochenschau 382/1963 22.11.1963


01 accident series roller 24. See ZL 721.

02. Kyoto / Japan. Lahiri's visit. -Demonstration of a Kemari game (old Japanese Football; in the Hofgarten d. of Imperial Palace. Lübke + wife to stands, smiling, applaudrd., close. Tea ceremony in the Omiya Palace. -B. preparation, short, hands To give Japanese tea cups, close, her face halbseitl. large, water would, short; She appears, holding Bowl in hands at table d. au. -Pres.. Antiparticle approach (to link. Head Schröder shoots. -i. Htrgr. observing Japanese), Schröder + wife (?) b. tea, close, Mrs. L. and Lahiri in close, nikkend Lahiri after discontinuation of the liquid and the Bowl considering. -03. farewell to Madame NHU from America - press conference + new Vietnamese min. Pres.. Duong Van Minh. -Mme. NHU is gangway up t escort, daughter follows her, Mme. NHU beckons out, half-close. -For cameras prominent from dark room & lighting, side, as well as weak sichtb. Fashion. Mme NHU m. Sunglasses in addition to daughter sitting on sofa, half-close + close, Audition (o) microphones, doing A few heads by journalists at the edge of the image. -Swarm of Vietnamese on road, including monks and a man who is enthusiastically cheered by bystanders. 2 once. General Van Minh in a meeting room, half-close + close, speaking to a general next to him. -04 London. Lord home refers to his official residence in Downingstreet 10 - members left the Parliament building, an elder gives jg. Boy an autograph, close. Home + wife, standing in front of the building, close to half, both for greeting and response of congratulations the lips moving. -Dense crowd on street corner Downingst., half total, front door by 2 policemen flanked, half-dead., close. Home goes through rooms, in the wife + son both the close, sitting on sofa, close to half the couple, sitting, room ceiling with brennd. Chandelier & window i. Htrgr. - couple home sits on Bank in the window recess u. looking out, Parliament buildings and Big Ben of monuments framed space i. fo., half total. Lord home + wife out of the House, Lord n. front waving to cars going around, half-close, open content. Car blow aspiring to close. People trellis on d and. Side of the road.

05. Washington. "The Black Watch Highlanders" at Kennedy - family celebration with invited colored children. -Kennedy + Jacqueline accompanied by generals and a "Highländer" m. Bearskin CAP, close to half, totally, go over parade ground with "Highländers" (band) joined. Looking for white and colored children on the edge of the field, halbseitl. half close. Long shot of the balcony with the Kennedy family and the Scot m. Bärenfellnütze, of wearers. Children welcomed good will, Caroline climbs with the support of her father on the Chair next to him. A few. once. Parade, total + half total, people umsaeumtem square. -Above group on balcony, interested in watching, half close, totally. -06 interview with editor in Chief d. Hbg. Morning post Henry Brown - flashback to Lengede. -Pick up a hose boots with Amy. Buddy (s ZL), joy on the crew (on-shoulder tapping), Bergwerksdir. Stone m. morning post in hand (no sound here - see ZL) b. interview. -Henry Brown speaks (interview) - see narration - shows the title pages and-Schlagzeilen einzl. Expenditure to neckline m. thick printed. Schlagz. "Thanks to the rescuers', bildf., upward swing of water pool on by the extremely. At the end of the village in the background. shoots. Drilling mast. -07 Zodiac "Sagittarius". -Mainly archival footage: - falling leaves, Laubkehrer - ride in past 2 ladies man who reads newspapers on horseback, in forest, short - m. arrow and ARC contactors, treffd in middle of a bullseye (bildf.). Arrow, sketch of a Kentaurs m. arrow & bow - Rodeo m. horses - intermediate section of the astrologers who speaks the text front. close to the unt. The screen - top right sketch of an Archer. -DCH forest of riding Hunter v. rear, half - man with clamped pipes and bow on galoppierendem horse - unt. Part of the horse, near W. Brandt - young lady who is standing, Checkin', on str. i. mirror, flying Hat v. head, close - she picks up on the head - b. speech, close, PAL. Schaumburg, total, Brandt speaks on Großkundgebg. in Berlin - Mr holds large horseshoe before the face, hangs it to nail on the wall, briefly - when falls to the ground, short - K. O. hit Old Shatterhand's from Winnetou film - Captain d. look from binoculars from ship - through reeling the fahrd. "'Bremen ' shoots. entgegenkommd. Ship - sketch of the shooter", gr. Curd Jürgens + wife outdoors (close), before easel, painting Jean Marais - Walt Disney Mickey Mouse figurine - Maria Callas, Garden Gate on street immediately - supervision on jub. Quantity total half - Gen. Franco. by increased. Location to the street down waving, side. -Heisenberg, is winking smiling entertaining, close - stormy - Churchill, s. V making signs, close - sitting Ibn Saud in addition to a small son, this takes s hand - Carlo Schmid b. speech - 2 single, thick men b. food. -Movie: get packet. jg in a shop on arm. Stacked Lady, she runs it by road, wide staircase down, where you slip the packet, jg. Man can it impose itself, it pointing in a direction at the first. Already d. only Pack slipping him steps. Mr., legs rising on roller skates, close - one by St writing. Cyclists, moped and car, minute - once. einzl. fahrd. Car, dashboard, close, switching lights, short - short to short - nervous, impatient drivers at the wheel, close, railroad - W. Brandt is beckoning half Drehbewegg. m. head, close - Schröder, on. Manager prior s House in champion. -Movie: t. Lord & jg. Lady sitting on wearers. extremely. Ends a park bench, move together, rush miteinand. of them, v. hint. seen Seitschwenk for case front bench. -Silhouette one is küssd. Couple - interview m. Brandt (Kiss story). -The astrologer, speaking, frontal close. Brandt makes her porcelain plates on head b. speech - young wife. Man smash, Gr., short - clinking shards on ground, the m. shards is covered, close contact men's shoes on the fragments around, close. -08 Cologne. Football Cologne (l. FC): HSV = 4:1 - div once., div. goal scenes in Zeitl., shot on goal d. Stephen in Zeitl., seen by netting, flags (mesh nested squares as print) are i. fo. a spectator box, swung close. Excited spectators, close to bildf. -Ball shooting f. d. equaliser and swing gate with landendem ball. Head of the Cologne Billy goat (mascot) b. Chew, side. large. -2nd + 3rd goal for Cologne, v. playfield from ges., half close, 2 players jump einand. in the arms, half close, total. Spectators rousing up the poor. Nah, bildf. -Gate scene, b. the goalkeeper are throwing towards ball & lands on stomach in slow motion. -3 jg chewing gum. Men side by side, close. Senior man shares somewhat enthusiastically with his neighbors moved in m. cigarette in hand, that close. Men with prior to laughter and excitement on tagged ripped. Mouths, close. Players fall einand. located in the arms, seen by netting, during HSV goalie on floor. and after a while throwing the ball on the field. -

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Brandt, Willy ; Braune, Heinrich ; Callas, Maria ; Churchill, Winston ; Disney, Walt ; Heisenberg, Werner ; Home ; Jürgens, Curd ; Kennedy, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, John F. ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Marais, Jean ; Minh van, Duong ; Nhu ; Saud, Ibn ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Dörfel, Charly Bernd ; Franco, Carmen ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


London ; Kyoto/Japan ; Lengede ; Hamburg ; Washington ; United States ; Berlin ; Viet Nam ; Cologne ; Kyoto ; Japan


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Children ; Football ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Parades ; Parliaments ; Political events ; Press, press conferences ; Joke ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Youth ; Buildings ; Military events ; Events ; Astrology ; Entertainment, festivals ; Mining ; Gastronomy ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 382/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m accident story roller 24 origin: Jupiter film Lübke in Japan farewell Mme NHU from America press conference origin: Metro Lord home origin: Pathe news "Bear hats" at Kennedy (The Black Watch Highlanders) origin: Metro "Titan II" home origin Cape Canaveral: Metro editor-in-Chief Morgenpost Brown camera: Seib constellation 'Sagittarius' camera: Rau, Rahim origin: archive material football: 1. FC Köln - HSV camera: strong final brand 3, 1

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