UFA-Wochenschau 381/1963 15.11.1963


01 Lengede. Mine disaster: Joy + funeral - protest gg. a press hoax. -Once. waiting anxiously looking women a. Katastr. - place close. Bouquet in women's hands - before a vorbeigehd. Man, it's short. In the back, folded hands of the Lord, close. Part of drilling the scaffolding itself while wire wheel, close. Pick up a tube of boat with a buddy, buddy is led away by Red Cross volunteers, close, cutting drilling scaffolding m. rotate. Cable wheel, working group, ropes close, ongoing, close, and the rescued is down levels d. scaffolding unt. the. Views which stand around. Workers, half-close. Miners strikes colleagues group before scaffolding Merry on shoulder, close, fröhl. waving and swinging beer bottles. Ambulance driving through the Espalier of winkd. Workers on one and police guard on and. Page, close. Katastr. place of birth is you. Stone by Walsh in the circle of helpers interviewed (interview), close, to add A few words (original sound). -Ride approach to opening a senkr. stehd. Tube wide - screen is dark. -Strauß is drawn by hand of a recovered in hospital bed from Hull, near Carnation, div. Nahaufn. Buddy in beds, wives of beds, woman's hand stroking man hands on bed cover, close. -2 workers when mining work on Katastr. - place, close, short, muddy drill place after removal. -02 Berlin. New Reichstag - keys Gerstenmaier. -Div. outdoor settings. of the building, Gerstenmaier unt takes. Applause umstehd. Guests, standing at microphones, Dr. Dollinger key, half close, speech, many people in the back keeps having, close (original sound). Intermediate cuts audience group, right. interested in eavesdropping Lord, sitting before the men's, close. -03 Berlin. Soviet parade & Kranzniederl. at the Memorial. -Once. sovie March squad on str. d. 17 j., dead. & close, gr. train v. military and civilians m. wreath makers on top, Kranzniederl. before the Memorial, half close Memorial total m. set up. Military on the forecourt. Once. Parade steps on the place close, General alone i. Picture salutierend hand holding on temporal, lateral ones. half close. Tank monument, half total. -04 Berlin. U.S. maneuvers in the Grunewald forest. -Div. once. Tanks, driving and swinging the barrel of a gun, Nahaufn. something with a shrub, 2 radio in Jeep - a telephoning, camouflages close armed soldiers, soldier. CL. Group on location meeting, hand leads pencil demonstrating OVR. Sketch map, close. Armoured soldier turning a steering wheel, targeted something this close, soldier m. field glasses and hearing aid, puts field. that close. Various settings. Soldiers on guns, single, on belly, with MGs Gunning, close, including a shooter m. cigarette in his mouth & cartridge battery around neck, gr. Wasn't a MG at shot release, Gr., individual soldiers with mail flow by. Radio, close, 2 dead this because soldiers are sampled by a soldier, half-close. -5th Moscow. 46th anniversary of the October revolution. -Khrushchev alone i. image gallery in coat and hat, smiling, front. close. Oblique supervision on red. PL. When mass formation, half total, Khrushchev betw. General and official, all beckoning, half-close. Backward swing of schwebd. Balloon with Finderscope Vali. Flag half close, opened with Lenin image, schrg. Supervision on columns and square i. background., onslaught m. railways prior to Lenin's mausoleum i. Htrgr., short, einzl. beckoning officials on grandstand, close. DIV set mass moving population with flowers, posters, Transp., has. stormy winking. Valentina Tereshkova, neb. Cosmonaut Bykovski, smiling winkd., close, jg. Girl waving b. passing thrilled with collaboration Set hands, close. KL. winkd. Boy will be lifted up, close. jg 2. Cosmonauts waving, smiling, close. Chruscht. with hat in rose. Hand, halbseitl, smiling, close. Transfok. Tour of red. 3rd mass moving with mausoleum i. Htrgr. - 06 Hamburg original: "eel - eel:". -Once. Hbg. port b. darkness agree m. lights v. ships and dark streets with lights. Cars, once. Fish market, tax m. Light drives up close, Wilhelm Schreibereit blumengeschm. Melon on head leaving, going to agree. Trellis stehd. Dealers in background. on Hall, enters eel Großhandlg. hint in fish Hall, seller. covered with eels. Counter, recorder smells & checks eels, eating old bread. Man on the street front corner restaurant at the fish market, close. -Woman writer turns away v. window, through which she looked, before parakeet cage & is feed through the bars, speaking (o-ton - see anonymous.). -Div. once. Schreiber on s. route through downtown, permanent standing amused beobachtd. People, prices of eels recorded interview. Sale square in front of Alsterhaus. -Clerk in s. eel Chamber home b. balancing d. eels, assorted eels m. price tags close. SCH sets eels in basket, take basket and rises A few settings. nächtl. Reeperbahn. Once. Stall of scribe, surrounded by customers, eating jg. Ladies, close, chhd wrap wrapped. Eel in paper. Pushes along House wall. Wood wall m. Aufschr. "Passage for youth. forbidden", close, in - opening left appears the eel seller; pushes s. Cart window with smiling herausguckd. ält. Wife, is unt. Advertise s eels (interview) by narrow alley, v. hint. seen. -07 Dahr. German championship in motor sport. -Mounting heads and upper body of athletes b. Press close colleagues and viewers heads, + big. Marion + Brigitte with ground Act (GER. M.) (double. Balancing Act). -Winner Peter Trost poised in a Handstand on series rods. Winner of the Group of four, "4 Nikola" b. ground stroke, make column, the serious. tense. Faces of 2 Untermänner this close. The Rondos"short with spin Board. -08 Düsseldorf. Europe-bowling. -While throwing on the numerous cars and tracking of the balls, side. GES., half total, individual sport Kegler b. litters, close, kippd. Ball pins, camera follows closely until to the results, copies of State athletes during & after throwing, illuminated statue one owes. Olympians with discus in hand thrower pose, half-dead, tops and. Statues, v. unt. seen. Ballet / Dance pair (Klaß) on stage (more. Intermediate cuts), Transfok. -Drive up to pins falling over. -(Cut the latter addition & arch. recordings jew. betw.) Once. v. Bowlg.)

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Bykovski ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Dollinger, Werner ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Schreiber, Wilhelm ; Stein, Peter ; Tereschkowa, Valentina ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; 4 Nikols ; Trost, Peter


Berlin ; Lengede ; Hamburg ; Moskau ; Lahr ; Düsseldorf ; Black Forest


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Bowling, bowling, boules, pétanque ; natural disasters ; Parades ; Portraits ; Armor ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Buildings ; Art ; Maneuver ; Military events ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Mining ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 381/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m Lengede (morning post) camera: Seib new Reichstag - Gallo camera: Jürgens, Arndt Soviet parade - Memorial camera: Arndt maneuvers in the Grunewald camera: Pahl, Arndt October revolution in Moscow origin: Sovkino Hamburg original "eel eels" camera: Rau German Championship motor sport camera: Hafner, Vlasdeck bowling, Düsseldorf camera: Basic, rough final brand 3, 1

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