UFA-Wochenschau 375/1963 04.10.1963


1st portrait Willi Weyer (Innenmin. NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA). -W. enters Porsche continued on the edge of the motorway, near, saith the driver m., close; on street Court speakers on the back, size, blue light, close. oblique supervision on Highway b traffic congestion. Weyer is on intimate. Bridge interview (interview. Intermediate cuts: Div. once. TRUCK traffic on highway sign "Slow lane" + animals truck, close. Behind the truck in the spirals cars snakes, increase fat through bars on quality caravans and man, which is neb. s. wagon represents the feet. Sign "Road congestion - redirect" on the edge of the track, close. Panoramic view of slowly moving cars on 2 lightly damaged cars at the edge of m. dabeistehd. Gentlemen. Pan to the and. Page with slightly battered cars on medians. -Düsseldorf. -Street half totally overlooking Interior Ministry Office. half dead., with Walter b. signature type and standing with Secretary i. Htrgr., plaster head relief on wall, close. Heuss-portrait to wall, close. Weyer, cigar smoking, m. gesenktem thick, large. Signing a letter, close, OVR. Shoulder seen. Signature, Gr., is deleted v. Dame hand, gr. Weyer sits m. cigar in the corner of the sofa, is Mohammed Adnan, who is partly in rear view i. image, interview (interview). Photo portrait of Fr. Naumann, great. -Door sign "W. Weyer" m. push button, close. Front porch sitting Collie, close, total, sits Villa Walter s. wing and plays, hands this close. Bending slightly. Face m. cigar i. mouth, lateral ones. Gr. -Beglückw Weyer. Winners of ADAC automobile race, half-close. Photos with him as a swimmer and tennis player. -02 Hohenfels. Bundeswehr maneuver "Hohenfels 63". -Flying helicopters, half-close. Flight recordings d. one. -Area, pulpit and pilot v. back (profile), m. front view close,. Seitschwenk v. geschloss. Tank hatch on shown through ceiling opening. Soldiers bent on lists at table, an officer at table is a serviceman. schriftl. Close message, this s turns to the door out. Legs and lower part of the bike when the d. Motors, close, soldier of the camp will continue close. Flares go beyond village low, fire box, half-close. 3 soldiers in Kampfausrüstg. d. box, strip close. phone, close, officers focus based on a map in the camp as well as outdoors. Field m. fahrd. Tanks & mist. moving among others cloaked p., close. Div zield once, with machine guns and rifle. u. schießd. Tankmen in Group and individually, close. Soldier looks through opt. Device, are characters such approach. 2 soldiers m. gas masks, div. settings, maneuvers field b. shootout, MG - u. conduits close at shot release, + gr., 2 soldiers jump down v. stealth p., robben head-on through grass, close, explosions unt. Tanks & robbende soldiers spray tanks, smoke. By hassel is Campo. Stehd General before Jeep & in the Htrgr. Soldiers, close. Soldier blowing trombone, close. Various settings. Panzer parade, helicopter. -Squadron.

03. Biarritz. Aerobatics-amateur Championships (Marcel Doret). -Div Linst, single propeller engine b. Acrobat. Flights. Great revolutions, bow before rotating background, close. Machine a. attaches airfield for landing, close. -04 Hamburg. Greyhound racing. Various settings. of the race, mostly in slow motion, winner standing next to Mr, close exhausted and schwanzwedelnd. -See folgd. Story!

05. France. Holiday paradise for dogs. Greyhound Desk Secretary bends over, close. Pensions forms don't. is written off, Lady dog on a scale d., dogs come out of miniature House out, close, go employees m. dog & elegant dog basket garden, dog look from scheibenlosem window, close. Once. the ambient of an enclosure. Dog House, indoor and outdoor. Door shield "Toilettes". Dog is combed in beauty salon, gets held before mirror. Cook shredded meat in the meat grinder, stirs in Rice Soup ladle, close. Cooks dog bowls table apply to a. i. outdoor greedy schlappernder dog, close. Bulldog m. glasses in deck chair. close. People in motion of a dog shelter look into grid, individual dogs, close. Arml. dressed man left beaming with joy m. dog. d. asylum, close. -Lazy dog in Garden stalls, including gr. Pond water curls under rainfall, distinguished dogs look out in the rain. -Home to greyhound racing with high fixed grid i. fo., frontal, dog runs to train, then snaps.

06. Frankfurt. Soccer. -Länderspiel Dtld.: Turkey (s. ZL). Something and. Cut. -Spectator: Man drinking beer with stocking cap from bottle, close. Cheering freudestrahlende young Turkish girl, frontal, close. Some game settings, from and. Perspective. Foul a Turk, pregnant with opponents on the ground, the ball rolls out. 11 meters in Zeitl. -

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Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Weyer, Willi ; Seeler, Uwe


Düsseldorf ; Hohenfels ; Biarritz ; France ; Greece ; Hamburg ; Bamberg ; North Rhine-Westphalia ; Paris ; Frankfurt


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; close-ups, detail ; Dogs ; Interviews ; Aviation ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Parades ; Portraits ; Armor ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; Maneuver ; Military events ; Holiday ; traffic ; transport questions ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Gastronomy ; Dogs ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 375/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 portrait: Willi Weyer Interior Minister NRW camera: base, Seib, Jürgens exercises in Hohenfels French aerobatic manoeuvres origin: Eclair greyhound racing camera: fire, Seib, Rieck French dogs origin: Eclair, Gaumont football: Germany: Turkey camera: Luppa, reason, strong final brand 3, 1

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