UFA-Wochenschau 372/1963 13.09.1963


01. the tip of the week. Dangers on the highway (warning when tire - sight in rearview mirror - views from the drivers perspective road m. white. Central reservation, truck drivers at the wheel, side gr., highway + bridge from a drivers standpoint, hands tear control back and forth, close, rolling flat. Tires, side. Gr., truck stops, which both. Drivers make m. Jack & keys to d. work, exchange of words recorded interview, once. Highway m. vorbeirasd. Warning signs provides cars, the passenger.
Truck driver m. cigarette in his mouth on the tax, Gr., motorway from the drivers perspective (part d. rider on the front of the edge of the picture), look in the rear-view mirror, driver sets such overtake a truck, tearing control back, to allow overtaking cars, look soloseat. forward from Windows, see throws out cigarette butts, big, "Because I got lucky Once again!" says, scratching his head, big. -02 Dürrenäsch / Switzerland. Air disaster (crash of a 'Caravelle' Swissair - 80 dead). -Serve place next to fellow be troff. House, police talk to residents, close, Coulter soldiers at grave of. -Work, recovery and identification of debris, Anhängeschild m. imprint "Swissair" will name a part written, close, shield is tied to part of debris, close, lost property are collected in plastic bags, including wallet. Seitschwenk OVR. short series of coffin, close.

03. Polaris - feature. (Pictures of the Developm. phases - window material). -try in the laboratory: kills v. model in pool of water within a tight network. -California coast: 1 underwater launch from the bottom of the sea: laboratory is the count with engineers gauges and screens, technicians down, big, gauge registers the second units, close. Underwater d. startd. Rocket fish swarm is evaporates before the close, leaving water. Applaud the men in the control room, agreed to put. Mr d. hand. -Coast of Florida: Polaris-Rak. -Abschuß of submarine "George Washington": Tau of anchor block, lift hands of two men close, moving submarine OVR. and under water, errant-destroyer (control ship), dead., half close, many members of the vornehml. bestehd of engineers. Team look to d. reeling. Various settings. Control room with working. Technicians (original sound), individual technician b. telephoning u. b. message data, close + gr. (Original sound), operate a lever button, big, one of a group of men the count down quietly counts, close, fingers pressing fire button, big. Underwater of the hoisting rocket, close, exit from water, half close tracking of steigd. Rocket, first with front shoots. Observers. Strained faces d. itself, the men laugh technicians, who raises tension on the faces and joking. Rocket m. bright. Tail lowered, away. -Permanent routine use:-cover of a launching tube stands, g., technicians on submarine afloat b. preparations (G. Washington), one of the open cover in a series v. launch tubes close, close. Once. fahrd. U b, guy at the helm, lateral ones. from the hint, nah. Ship engine room, round navigation device m. ausschlagd. Pointer, g., technicians operated lever, close. Control room of Rak.-technology, launch preparation, switchboards, meters, great hands use a steering wheel, close. Driving record UNT. Water) icebergs from underside.

04. Bavarian lederhosen in the focus of fierce discussions lower body v. pedestrians to multitudes and individually, close. Cutting list newspaper article. Leather pants. The afghan. King Zahir Shah welcomed b. s. visit to Munich on the road s. driver, the leather pants wearing, in circles smiling BC. Bystanders, half-close. King as a spectator m. kl. close on their knees at screening a Schuhplattlers, smiling, young. -Interviews with Munich-based taxi drivers (original sound). Taxi in Garmisch with taxi drivers in shorts before their car, driver opens the car door, close a passenger to Board. -Tanners master speaks in s. workroom shortly about the history of James trousers, by he. Pants showing (o - s SPR. - T.) Upward swing OVR girls legs in skintight leather pants (long), pants Schneider put these pants on the body of the jg. Girl, that waist only with bra is wearing above d., that close. -jg 2. d. str. listener in long pants. Girls are negative of on balustrade & hockd. Men, kessy pants carrier i. fo. (only Unterkörp. visible) observed. 2 Bayerinnen on the subject of leather pants, per size. O-ton, - Mr spank in the garden a boy in lederhosen, close. T. Lady looking at tightening her lips down her companion (i.e. outdoor) pants. Munich's Mayor Albert Bayerle is opinion s. writes, front, close (original sound,).

05. Munich. Munich 1860 football game: 1 FC Cologne 1 =: 3 - audience, gr. + close, among others grinning and licking the lips. Goal scenes in Zeitl. -Its head. ält. Lean man m. Cigar in mouth, front, size., younger man with far on cracked eyes, enthusiasm in mind, close. 3 viewers sitting side by side unt. front a rain tarp. close, viewers makes a pulled St. Cheeks fast, big mouth movements. -Goalkeeper of the Munich throws magnifying glass from rear sight - old himself such page opposite the direction of the ball, in time [...] over his chin, great. Mr with the fingers facing forwards (on the pitch), close. D. Msgs field some men who have run together after the game there, as well as a policemen, a jg. Man who is Gaitan. him tackle is pushing here. Older man rubs with a sad expression, close one eye. -

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Bayerle, Albert ; Mohammed Zahir Schah von Afghanistan


Bavaria ; Switzerland ; Berlin ; Dürrenäsch/Switzerland ; Le Bourget ; Africa ; Mediterranean ; Stuttgart ; Berlin-Dahlem ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Football ; natural disasters ; Rockets ; Shipping ; Ships ; Special reports ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Technology ; Costumes ; Debris ; Youth ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 372/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m accident story role 15 repair on Highway origin: Jupiter-film plane crash Switzerland origin: Cine journal Polaris feature leather pants camera: Vlasdeck football. 1. FC Cologne-Munich 1860 3-1 camera: Zaki, Vlasdeck, Hafner final brand 3, 1

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