UFA-Wochenschau 370/1963 30.08.1963


01 Belgrade. Khrushchev at Tito. See also ZL. Asrollende machine under title, close. Tito + wife, who speaks to him, m. agree. and. People on. Airport standing close, Khrushchev appears on gangway and descends first stages herzl, frontal, remote. Begrüßg. Chruscht. / Tito with embrace and exchange of words, close. View. Guard order through since, Tito, CHR. pace honor guard, guard out, half-close. Mute + seriously dastehd. Viewers, close, Khrushchev reads welcome words in front of spectators and neb. him stehd. Close the blade (no sound), Tito & half close, hint viewers. applaud him and Tito, handshake betw. BC + Tito.

01a. Khrushchev archive footage: Children lamb gets handed over, shaking hands: is standing at a table, Gebärdenspiel m. the hands (removes mutually OVR. s. arms), does not stop at reception Welcoming Jackie Kennedy, rod with hammer + sickle to tip vertically in front of him. m. is stretched out. Belly without jacket on landing. Close-up. As a speaker in uniform. During discussion in the circle v. men repeatedly sneezing, close. At UN meeting as a listener, m. fists drumming, as speaker. Swinging threatening speech in Paris, in addition to integrating the wall index finger.

02. the UFA tests General helpfulness by the car accident. -Mr Grundmanns face & breast section under on crack. Shirt are from makeup artist with kale. Blood & wound tracks provided. Grundmann puts one in the position verunglückt. Driver in tainted VW roadside, div. once, passing cars, gr. Truck stops, wheel driver approaches the car, various settings. Mr Dr. Haese interviewed several men's friend to help bring about by men coming up on the car, (see anonymous.) as well as a jg. Policemen. Archive footage of car uni all sites + l. help. -3 shots in the wedding. -(Karl-may-Renaissance) a. Bamberg. Karl-may Memorial. -K. M. bust in library, K. M.-portrait, front. big head sculpture (metal) by Winnetou, Gr., is rotated. Once. Library and workspace. K. M.-Buch with Winnetou fig.. on the cover page. In Karl Mays manuscript title to Winnetou books. -b. wedding. Karl-may Festival. -Upcoming guests, you. Indian free m. Upper body. Ambient by children. Indians are in kl. Girl a folder. Children standing with rugs in the arm. Esterer. interviewed older men and a boy with the question, what they hierherführte (original sound). -Pan by bleachers, oblique hint. seen on stage. OVR backward swing. little boy in Trapper suit with gun in hand. Once, the performance. Ernst standing as Winnetou, lateral ones. large. Indian, big. Trappers are detached from piles, einzl. Indians in war jewelry. Esterer asks kl. Young before the scene i'. Background, who liked him best. Antw.: OLD sh. - shooting, a few settings, boys looking for, big. -Boy scares at a shot, big. -c. Yugoslavia. Based on the novel a Karl may-unt. Directed by Harald Reinl, with Lex Barker as old Shatterhand. -Camera with 2 videographers with nude. Torsos sets itself apart by crane in the height, close. Div. scene snippets of wild fighting white gg. Indians. Reinl makes lex B. agus punch. Indian Chin before, "Old Shatterhand" curled Indian k. o. - Reinl talks about his film (interviewer visible) (original sound), big. -Scene snippets: Indian crowd rides attack on settlement of steppe, built behind provisional. Barricades defend the settlers of arrows hit men and beautiful women. At the same time, old sh. fights gg. several Indians.

04. Munich, int. Military (five countries fight). Under Title: Boots come on ppl. -Scale, close. JG soldier writes in chalk on table table, briefly. Pferdeköpf, big, hands of a rider pick pads horse leg along, close... Rider pulls loop on the saddle, side. Nah, various settings. Riders including rider in site testing. Best German: Horst Karsten to Hanko. 2.: the Englishwoman Susan fleet on the Gladiator. Winners in the individual competition: Captain Templar on M ' Lord Conolly. Knights Templar in the uncoupling. Rider splashed legs of his horse with water hose. Treat of a horse with welding knife, close. Rider enters with bridle and saddle scales, scale, feet close. Site to the award ceremony, Susan fleet, close. -05 Biarritz. 1 European Championship of the surfer. Athletes polishing their boards on the beach, wearing their boards to water, upside, unt. Arm. Overturning a sportsman early in surf, various settings. Surfing multiple & individual, falls. Athletes paddling with his hands, close, lying on his stomach on board.

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Barker, Lex ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Grundmann, Friedhelm ; Haese, Jürgen ; Reinl, Harald ; Tito, Josip ; Fleet, Susan ; Karsten, Horst ; Templer, Captain


Bamberg ; Yugoslavia ; Paris ; Hamburg ; Wedding ; Munich ; Biarritz


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Interviews ; Children ; filmmaking ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; transport questions ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 370/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m Khrushchev at Tito origin: Novosti, archive traffic accident (shown) camera: Rau, Brandes, l. Karl May Museum Bamberg camera: fire Winnetou on the wedding camera: Seib Studio mirror "Winnetou' camera: strong international five match military camera: Brandes, Hafner, Vlasdeck surfing origin: Eclair end brand 3, 1"

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