UFA-Wochenschau 365/1963 26.07.1963


Trip input unt 01 travel in pop heaven. Pop music-based shortcut more travel photos:-slanted Blick a. herankommd. Snakes on a motorway, oblique supervision on a. einlaufd BHF. Trains, bad life, child seat. betw. Sun ends and suck something close. Headline in Hbg. newspaper: "highways and trains clogged", saddles of nebeneinand. stehd. Close (sharpening change), 4 bicycles, jg. Swimmers run into the water, close. Shepherd with his flock, Transfokator Heranf. at Acropolis, short. T. girl turns on the dresser such as camera and waving, smiling, close. Mountaineering rope attached peg in wall, close, shortly. Fischer shows gefang on the net. Fish, young couple together on then, it m. hands paddling, close. Supervision on the bow of a boat, short.
7 gold. Record for Freddy Quinn. -Div. detail settings. the Hanseatic, including through water gleitd. Bug, angle v. whether. seen close ship name. Supervisory fahnengeschm. M. people on deck. Helicopter brings the winkd. Freddy, people on reeling applaud, Freddy jumps down, Lo. Captain, close to the waves 4 related observational sailors (shirt marked "Hanseatic") briefly such camera, close. -Awards close on deck, opening and closing of the case, gold. Schallpl. Nah, m. mirror image of one dabeistehd. Reporter, 4 jg. Ladies keep champagne glasses, nod concentration camp. and drink, close. Freddy abuts m. Captain, close, Mr encounters m. jg. Lady's. Freddy's shaking hands with sailors, Captain d. peeps binoculars, close. Blick on ship edge m. entlanggleitd. Waters, look at the keel down. (Field recording: "boy, soon come again."). Bath life: T. girl in swimsuit leans m. d. Beach Chair umbrella arms a. u. look darüb. off side. close. Arch. -On the. Meyer m telescope. T. girl pulls the BRA s Beach suit something in the height, close. Highway as above. Car accident site on page liegd. Accident car (Arch.). Mr walks on geschloss. Download temporarily, briefly. JG. bent-girl in bikini over someone in a beach chair, dess. Hand s neck caressed, close. Div. announcements operating holiday, close to + bildf. -Dancer. JG. Girl in beach chair Checkin' s mouth in hand mirror, close. Road as above. Debris. Mrs jg dries back before Beach Chair. Lady, close.

02. journey to Greece (Athens impressions). -Transf. -Drive up to Acropolis, A few once., including m. travel company. Cityscape, v. above, swing. Laundry line in ärml. Backyard, close. Harbour view, people leave. Steamer, side. half close, short. Look out list. Highway driving. Car frontal + on high-rise buildings on the outskirts. Street life: Trader sells sponges, pedestrian pass road, police officer regulates traffic, smiling, close; Man reading newspaper, walking on pavement, waiter with tray on busy street runs, goes to a restaurant in the open air. Once. Pedestrians, including Patriarch, rear view of a man of who s folded hands in the inverted flight and is holding a rosary, close. Swing by smiling. Old face. Man on his hand where he had a rosary and u. forth schlenkert, close. Men face Grammophon m gr. Sound shell, 3 kl. Boys play in the sand, close m. Marmeln, ält. Skat round restaurant in the open air, close. Ox drinks from water hose hanging over ton, blacksmith works a. d. Street in front of spectators, suspended. Football & excitement, close, showcase of a bookmakers, man hands fill Betslip, close. Occupied stands of a stadium with hoh. Fence before playing field. Swing by goalkeeper on stehd behind football goal. Red Cross car. Some settings. King marching, guard. -Training of Greek. NATO troops in shortcuts: 1 man in the climbing NET, contribute. Robben unt. stretched flat. Ropes, mountain climbing boots, head in the great, jg looking up. Soldiers, individually close. Soldier slips on bias from the mountain down stretched. Rope related people, night, Seitschwenk on ancient columns, A few once backward astride down, Transfokator return from mondbeschienenem shores on the shore. Acropolis At night, illuminated. Transfokator return. -03 Memmingen travel as in the past. Tradit. Fishing day. -Man encounters in as in dress (tricorn, halberd). Horn, frontal, close, at night. 3 in miners costume go d. tunnel gang b. Dunkelht. -Some views d. town. Man in as. Official uniform unfolds sidewalk before people trellis a. a paper roll, after he has rung with a handcuff, and announced the beginning of the fishing Festival at the folgd. Day (interview), close. Once. Listeners. Train fishermen m. networks on shoulder in menschenbesäumt. Str. - Fountain with statue of a fisherman, close. Roofs are mirrored in the water. Garland m. bands on bar before City Hall. Trout in clear. Water, close. Town Hall clock (to 8) close, together, d. storm fishing in the city Creek, oblique supervision on the scene, div. close once. Fishing, single To give fish to the shore. Don't get on a city hall balcony. Winners drink fish weighed from gr. Pewter pitcher, keeps close him beaming in d. height. Zusehd. Man in Squires garb, smiling, close. b. Urach. Schäfer run. -Shepherd, frontal, Gr., various settings. Performance hats v. flocks of sheep, including m. spectators, but also neutral, dog when driving, close. Various settings. Herd. -04 journey into the future. (City Planning - Research Center, Lyon)
Flugaufn. wüstenart. rugged landscape, Flugaufn. Skyscrapers, swing from skyscraper to skyscraper in big city, short. Swivel of model of the city; Blasting in mines, working place in mine m. support cranes, short. Transfokator return of gr. Dam, gr. Bridge under construction, short, swivel OVR. MOD building facades. Gate opens to dark. Archway, building Tower m. m. bogenförm. Windows device d. circles in inclined position. Animal fresco facade, close.
Photos by Auto veteran m. inmates, old recording racing to d. turn of the century. -Aerial factory site in Lyon, working masses go practice. Business premises of the Office buildings for the engineers, abendl. illuminated, conferring engineers sitting together at table & technicians, diagonally from the whether, half-close. Engineering Hall m. series v. sign boards & engineers, 2 technicians working in the engine room, close, laboratory technicians in the laboratory. Workers at steel plant (Stanzg.), once. Conveyer belts in cars work, truck on the Assembly line. Big trucks driving in desert areas. Coloured on primitive boats in a Bay (m. long press bars). Balloon entlangfahrd jungle with a path. Vans. Aerial steppe elephant train. -

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Quinn, Freddy


Lyon ; Athens ; Memmingen ; Dortmund ; Greece ; Urach ; Teutoburg Forest ; Hamburg ; Amsterdam ; England ; Piraeus ; Niederfischbach/Siegerland ; Argentina ; Food


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; gambling ; Hands ; Dogs ; Industry ; Children ; Fishing ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Medals, awards, honors ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Advertising ; Shipping ; Ships ; sporting events ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Costumes ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; avalanche danger ; People ; Military events ; Holiday ; transport questions ; festivals ; Science ; NATO ; Jobs ; Construction ; Mining ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; mountain rescue ; Gastronomy ; Fisheries ; Dogs ; Industrial ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 365/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 trip to hit heaven with Freddy Quinn camera: Zaki, fire Golden Record aboard an ocean liner camera: Rau, Pahl trip to Greece origin: Gaumont, Gaumont fishing day in Memmingen camera: strong betting hüten camera: Hafner cities of tomorrow origin: Pathé journal final brand 3, 1

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