UFA-Wochenschau 363/1963 12.07.1963


01 Studio mirror: "11 years and 1 day". -Filming m. Bernhard Wicki and Göttfried Reinhard. -Div. once. Vorbereitg. for shooting in a park; Walters sitting close m. screenplay on knees, talking,. Reinhard m. cigar in mouth, resigns from camera, rotation. that he has seen. Intake valve is close. Paul Hubschm. standing, big. Sample scene Wicki + Ruth Leuwerik b. d. Park with the fo-speed.

02. Stuttgart. Annual general meeting d. theater owner Baden Württemberg. addressing Dr. Berthold Martins on the situation of the film industry. -Some settings. verse. -Space, A few men, single, large. Dr. B. Martin, great b. speech (production sound). -The 3 heads of the week 03 Munich. Franz-, Josef Strauß is as Chairman Re-elected lighting CSU Strauß himself at the meeting table cigar, halbseitl. close. Various settings. Congress Hall inside, including m. applauding. A politician announces the result of the vote (interview) on stage, frontal, close. -Men crowd around hands when inserting a ballot, polls close. Hall m. applauding, half-dead, Strauß appears at the lectern, nodding briefly, half close, soloseat. seen. Strauß short v. hint. seen, talking then frontal, big, (original sound). Div. action. Handset, depending on the size, including dog hammer. -04 Bonn. De Gaulle accuses for 2 days of meetings in Bonn de Gaulle on landing PAL. Schaumb. Speech front. Close (short interview), a few men stand behind him, including Erhard. Seitl. View OVR. Cameramen front on stairs, total, where de Gaulle turns around to the Ministers behind & welcomed one, away. -Cutting of the façade of the Palais'. Joint Cabinet meeting:-de Gaulle betw. French Ministers, of course, halbseitl. close. Seitschwenk OVR. total. Session table with ges. Cabinet, Adenauer betw. Erhard + Schröder sitting, side. half close. -Long honor guard at airfield, half side, de Gaulle in addition to Adenauer honor guard walks off, greets m. rose. Hand side. close, seen from the perspective of the guard. Waving U.S. flags on base in front of Cologne-Bonn airport building in the background. De Gaulle and Adenauer shaking each other in circles d. Minister close to hand, flight service personnel m. stewardess before aircraft in a series of standing, close. De Gaulle rises last levels of the gangway, v. hint. seen close, top turns around and lifts grüßd. the hand, half-close. Adenauer, Erhard, including waving, frontal, close, de Gaulle passes to stewardess on the plane before the Cabinet and flight service personnel are gathered, half close. -05. Amsterdam. Erasmus Prize for Martin Buber Buber, betw. Queen Juliana and a Princess sitting, halbseitl. Nah, oblique supervision on vord. Hall & stage, Prince Bernhard holds local speech, halbseitl., (English interview). Intermediate cutting listeners, half total, including applause, Juliane and Buber, side. close. Prz. Bernhard unt goes. Applause of rising score on Buber to and handed over the prize, close. Buber holds speech, halbseitl. Nah, m. Concept in hands (German. Original sound). -06. Amsterdam. Veterinary school. -Input mounting tab parades ahead of spectators on the lawn, front row lächld. Appl. Audience, stagnant horse close, with half obscured. Rider behind, close. -Doctor teaches in veterinary student class, shows at horse skeleton, A few settings. writing students, close. Several students in white. Coats also engage in laboratory, half the total, in short. Students in gowns a doctor see who edited a hoof of a cow, close. Pet owners with their pets in the waiting room, close, Seitschwenk, woman enter doctor room m. her. black. Poodle in her arms, sets down inside on table, doctor creates stethoscope, while d. dog from other fixed content. will close. Cat can be seen in the throat close. Mr brings a doctor (in a glass-roofed Climatehouse) a bird of prey, whose beak is open, close, bird receives an injection of währd. the man holding him close. Many wild ducks swim in u. available duck head at Bach, soloseat. large, Association of duck walk is from prostate short, close. Squatting doctor releases treated duck in the enclosure, she runs away, surfaced numerous duck flocks. Open. Transport cages and spread out on the Lake. -07 Paris. Homeless animals - dog auction. -Cats in the asylum on straw, dogs see through cage bars, close. Animal auction: - space half total m. views of auctioneer table. A number of parapet angeleinter dogs, A few settings. Dogs with their new owners, close. Individuals leave. d. building leads dog with dog on leash or on arm, Mr leash Traditio. Scooter on the road. -Shepherd sits with bound in cloth to family dining table, the wife sets him somewhat, he eats from the plate, close. -08 Hamburg. Int. Greyhound racing on d. Sieker track ("why bark your Highness?") Some settings. Stehd groups. Viewers, close in high winds, greyhounds are presented, individually and for two on grass, close + big, fressender "bürgerl. "Dog on the lawn, close, back with wedelndem cock, close. Greyhound is bound to close bib with the start number, owner has her dog in the Startboxe, when viewed from above, close. Div. race starts out. (Slow motion) perspectives on parapet leaning viewers with moustache, head goes with that, close. Rear view of a boot, various settings. Race. Women's & men's To try to pull away a Greyhound, which itself has doggedly in the train, close, Spaniel leash on grass, close. Photographed woman + man before her while watching, close. Forts. Racing of greyhounds. Man on the observation post at the driving away of train, close. Head of onlooking dog with windswept hair, close. Still photo of charging dogs. Start to the race of the Borzoi (timeless), long track (slow motion transition to normal tempo - again slow motion), still photo at the finish, wife puts sash around neck winners dog, close, kissing him on the mouth. -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Bernhard von Holland ; Buber, Martin ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Hubschmid, Paul ; Hundhammer, Alois ; Juliana von Holland ; Leuwerik, Ruth ; Wagner, Martin ; Reinhard, Gottfried ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Wicky, Bernhard


Bonn ; Canada ; Stuttgart ; Paris ; Amsterdam ; Hamburg Siek ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Salzburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Dogs ; Industrial events ; Flags ; filmmaking ; Medals, awards, honors ; Political events ; Schools, training ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; animal welfare, animal welfare ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Medicine ; Military ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; Viewers and audience ; Dogs ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 363/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m Studio mirror 11 years and 1 day camera: Vlasdeck amusement tax protest (annual meeting d. Filmtheaterbes. in Stuttgart) camera: strong re-election Strauß CSU - Munich camera: Rau, Seib de Gaulle in Bonn camera: Basic, Luppa, strong, Rau Erasmus Prize for Martin of Baranyai origin: Polygoon Dutch veterinary school and bird hospital origin: Polygoon dog auction in Paris origin: Eclair greyhound racing camera: Seib, fire, Woskowitz final brand 3, 1

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