UFA-Wochenschau 361/1963 28.06.1963


Cheers to Kennedy Cologne-Wahn:-detail machine rolling out d. m. inscription "United States of A.", gangway and flight staff i. foreground. -Carpet is rolled out, close. Emblem printed on the plane (the seal of the President of the U. S.), close. Kennedy, gets out, comes with 2 companions gangway hint. himself down, front close, Adenauer is located. the submontane d. gangway m. Cabinet members and women stands, half-close. Cameramen side half-close. Kennedy + Adenauer, who speaks to him, move with Entourage, including from hassel + Schröder from the airplane, frontal, close. With Ehrengarden +. Audience eaves airfield, police behind the Mule. Kennedy walks, accompanied by Adenauer and generals, honor guard off, remote and close to half, shaking hands with an officer. -People are grouped and applaud. Adenauer keeps halbseitl with Kennedy, airfield, welcoming speech (production sound) in the circle of listeners. close. The generals, close. Kennedy speaks (interview - s. SPR. text), halbseitl., close, before hint. him sth. retired men's standing. -Zuhörd intermediate cuts. Cabinet members m. Adenauer in middle, Erhard + Rusk smth. behind him, halbseitl. close. Camera, half total, big, turns on the lens of cameraman. Kennedy + Adenauer shake einand. d. hands. half close.
Cologne. A young boy takes postcards m. Kennedy picture of stand, close. Men load lock bars by truck and put them on the road to close. Men are about to attach a covering for stair-step to a podium in the open air, close. Press representative sits on d Street on a pedestal and taps on the typewriter, which he keeps on d. lap, soloseat. close, short. Waiting group police officers, close in front of a House. -Triumph drive Kennedy's in off. Car along the banks of the Rhine and through streets be with spirit. The amount of driving scenes of the triumph of the wide hem of the people, by winkd. People on balconies and Windows. Police briefly with horses, pushing lot holds back, Man Group on roof, half close, Kennedy neb. Adenauer in the off. Car, close. -Kennedy appears at the lectern before the Town Hall, frontal, close, smiles and waves, various settings. be spirit. Lot, Kennedy speaks, close (original sound) (translator NEB. him), his hands m. concept, close, beckoning and jub. Amount before City Hall i. background. Smiling groups: Kennedy's sister in addition to agree. Ladies - Kennedy itself and translator - Schröder as well as Rusk - jew. close. Adenauer speaks (interview s. SPR. - T.), close, jub. Lot. Swivel about accumulation prior to Cologne Cathedral, Kennedy comes inmitt. Mr Coulter steps up, halbseitl, half-close. Expensed. About DOM, bildf pan.
Bonn. T. man on roof binoculars passes another, half-close. Police traffic sign, make up surrounded by people, again, expect & hel [...] Youth, which climbs down from monument base, half-close. Upward swing close by people along the roadside on movie poster "Patrol boat PT-109". Oblique supervision on huge Assembly and upward swing on Bonn City Hall i. Htrgr., total, half-close. Kennedy delivers speech on City Hall steps, surrounded by men and cameramen, including Luppa i Htrgr., close. Countless heads of the crowd and US banner in the fo, lateral ones. -Mr. food in d. Villa Hammerschmidt. -Aufwärtsschwehk by Händeschütt on Kennedy ended the neb. Adenauer welcomes men, close. Various settings. discussion Mr groups, among others with Erhard close. Swivel dev. on gesture de hand of one of the diskut. Gentlemen, it's close. -Swivel series soldiers (BC if seen) that keep a barrier rope, opened views of car coming up the road + escort, remotely. Guard soldier makes close before building, small head turn. Kennedy gets out of car, soloseat. located near a Lord on the road to the entrance, soloseat.
Winkd. People trellis, Kennedy, off. Car (Schröder sitting next to him) standing, waving on trellis driving temporarily, close, in the driveway before Palais Schaumburg, v. rear views with the following. Companion car, near Blick on rows of numerous camera operators ago Palais, halbhah. Hanau. Large military show. -Kennedy walks, betw. 2 generals immediately, from the garden, half-close + close. Ehrengarden + firing salute cannons behind them, half total. Car driving with Kennedy Traditio. Military parade field with related companies and tanks from, away. Driving record US-soldier series, close, short.
Frankfurt. Photo reporter in the midst of restless people, close. Various settings. Police officers keeping back the drängd. Amount, close. Policeman has close in the hustle and bustle of young girls away rising over something on the hands. -Go through lot Kennedy and companion, k. shakes hands close. Excited waving women close, close. -Kennedy on the speaker - podium, smiling, waving, close, with men behind it, among other things Rusk. Supervision on the lot before the Romans, Kennedy says, nah (original sound is interrupted v. translation of the speaker), behind him including Erhard + Schröder, once. enthusiastic crowd, including numerous heads, bildf.
Berlin with flags opium Brandenb. Gate, frontal, half total. Many cameramen + observer on a pedestal, half-close. Truck with giant Panel with hate slogans drive in front of the gate, close, Kennedy climbs high, half close, k. neb. General on high, close, considered a table shown him by a Polizisten(?) close, behind him, Adenauer now appears on the elevation to short. -Vopos 2 on the fire. Gate, frontal, close to half. Kennedy, now with several add. on high, Willi Brandts beside him, including from rear sight. -Div. once. Triumphal procession through Westberl. Neb streets under confetti - and shredded paper rain, Brandt. Kennedy in the off. Car. Div. driving scenes jub. People on balconies and along the way, 2 boys on scooters on the road driving alongside, half close, cyclists column road behind people hem, jubilant man with child in arms, close, various settings, jub. + winkd. Quantity on Schöneberg Town Hall Square, Kennedy at the lectern, frontal, close, speaks (interview) (translation). Schröder, Dean Rusk, and Adenauer on grandstand sitting and smiling, half-close. Kennedy by stepping aside and put in your purse, close concept. Cheering in d. height sehd. People, frontal, close. -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Brandt, Willy ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Kennedy, John F. ; Lochner, Robert ; Luppa, Wilhelm ; Rusk, Dean ; Schröder, Gerhard


Cologne ; Bonn ; Cologne-Wahn ; Berlin ; Niederfischbach ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Federal Republic ; Hanau ; Germany ; Kennedy


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Flags ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Advertising ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Buildings ; Military ; Military events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 361/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Jubilation to Kennedy Kennedy in Germany title brand of 7, 6 arrival airport of Cologne-Wahn Adenauer actuality, Kennedy interview Cologne preparations Town Hall (address "Cologne mass in the Cathedral Alaaf") Bonn Palais Schaumburg Hanau military parade Frankfurt speech Berlin wall checkpoint Charli Schöneberger Town Hall interview final brand

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