UFA-Wochenschau 357/1963 31.05.1963


01. the tip of the week (bad loading of milk cans + r transport boxes). -Milkman sets across milk jugs b. loading, OVR. Edge d. schunkelnd. Car great pitchers. Gr., driver rises from the Werkhof stehd. Trolley, side cover flips up cargo area d, scratching s. b. views of d. load on the head, jugs down again, where it occupies hinzukommd. (O) helps man. -Camp justice m. box vans, kl. Transporter is packed abounding, a man rises hint. on it, at entrance to factory gate d. falling crates such page. -02. "closer to you, Italy!" Europe bridge betw. Innsbruck & the burners in the last stage of construction. -Arch. -Pictures: T. ladies look from terrace on Mediterranean beach, soloseat. close, short. Sunny coast rocks, by blinding. Surrounded by water. Car snake pass road. Street full. Cars in mountain village. Staatl. Pigeon feed in St. Mark's square. V. Venice's gondolas. Two horses ranked hack beschnüff. s back one from image fahrd. HH-DW car. -OVR upward swing. Pillar on Not yet geschloss. Bridge lines. Various settings. Construction work out. Perspectives, welder close. Gondola comes with 2 workers. the high bridge parts and will be conducted. Workers look to and airs the helmet. Seitschwenk v. construction workers results in views in the Valley. Various settings. Total bridge. Detail and close once. move d. bridges plates. -Pass road, frontal, m. car traffic bridge in. -Engineers measure distance d. last gap, close up beieinand. and advise on the basis of a book, close. Bridge plate is lifted (m. crane), depressed, 2 once. Hands of the crane operator to d. close control. Work on the seam, close. Bridge total at twilight (with construction).

03. Spain. Sophia Loren during filming of the movie "D. demise d. ROM." Empire". Costumed actor b. d. pause before setting a ROM. Fortress. Male. Actor m. cigarette in his mouth, big, Sophia sitting in costume, is doctored, close. Desc. Pan of the camera team on scene (thread v. slaves in chains). Director Anthony Mann on bridge, pleasing and lively Bewegg. making, close. Div. scene settings. (gr. Human effort). Camera crew on bridge total. Sophia and a performer account. tender 2 tiny jg. Dogs in their hands, close.

04. Studio mirror: "the black Abbot" (Wallace). -Director Gottlieb signal whistles soloseat on flute, d.. Close (in the semi-darkness), arranges to turn (original sound), lighting lamp goes, Assistent reads the name v. Fuchsberger Borsche and Mrs. Böttcher produced (interview), the person concerned come out of tunnel, close. Intake valve w. kept close. Camera crew on moving pedestal. Once. a scene the Director pauses, briefly.

05. Studio mirror: staging of the breakthrough of a train d. zone border (report) with the advice d. heater Hartmuth Licky & locomotive engineer Harry Deterling. -Director: Wisbar. Actor d. heater: Helmut Oeser. -Frank WisBar u. Actor before the rehearsal, recording door close. WisBar m. Bell in front of mouth, lateral ones. Nah, Oakley speaks on the boiler, (o-ton: "here, we're making a movie, the daredevil escape...") ") Licky, frontal, big." Deterling, gr. -Div. realistic scene settings.

06. Berlin. Exhibition of children's drawings. -Div. once. Children playing on the wall (new + arch. - on the.). Policeman, standing on the wall, half-close. Mounting various images in exhibition and children b. play on wall (children noise actuality). Children's faces, great. Little Sparrow sitting on barbed wire and chirps, flies away, close.

07. Wahlwies (Pestalozzi-Dorf). 13 Tibetan children in custody of a German couple and buddh. Lamas. -Div. once. the children in the hour of prayer, praying Lama, frontal, big. his hands folded in prayer, great. Various settings. School lessons with jg. Her German rates speak for production (sound), a sprechd teacher, d. children. Boy, that's great. Boy writes on Blackboard "I am a Tibetan" big children. KL. Boys Watch a Carpenter journeymen when planing, little girls watch weavers b. d. work. KL. Bell is rung with hand, close. Kids storm in Garden, carry a dance game supervisor family m. vocals on (o).

8th Nuremberg. L. FC Nürnberg football match: 1. FC Köln. -Div. once. Spectators rubbing excited against each other, frontal, close hands d. Div aufgeregter & happy excited more close-up and close-up shots. actor. Viewers. Cheering in stands with flags swing. -Jump to the ball in slow motion, ball in the goal, close, in slow motion. Gate scene in slow motion. Viewers disappointed face makes close, throwing away hand movement. Goalkeeper hangs himself, while d. ball over goal comes across, the cross post, close, fails to pass the bounce back (slow motion). -ALT. Viewers with a dissatisfied expression, large, m. neurotic head twitches.

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Böttcher ; Borsche, Dieter ; Deterling, Harry ; Fuchsberger, Joachim ; Gottlieb ; Licky, Hartmuth ; Loren, Sophia ; Mann, Anthony ; Oeser, Helmut ; Wisbar, Frank


Innsbruck ; Berlin ; Wahlwies ; Spain ; Hong Kong ; Nuremberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bells ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Children ; child care, education problems ; filmmaking ; Escape ; Refugees ; Football ; Religious events ; Schools, training ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; Jobs ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 357/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 accident story (12): falling objects origin: Jupiter film German tourism in Italy origin: archive material Europe bridge - high from Innsbruck to Brenner of the Valley of the sill camera: Vlasdeck Sophia Loren (with kittens in the arm) is filming in Spain origin: No.-do Studio mirror: "The black Abbot" Wallace in Berlin camera: Pahl Studio mirror: "Locomotive 234" in Geesthacht turned v. Frank Wisbar camera: Rau Berlin children draw and paint the wall camera: Pahl Tibetan children in the Pestalozzi children's village, Wahlwies camera: Vlasdeck German football championship 63 in [...]
Camera: Strong, Luppa, Hafner final brand 3, 1

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