UFA-Wochenschau 356/1963 24.05.1963


01. the good tip. For those in a hurry people: "Take time and not life!" Construction workers stop work & upgrade see such departure. 2 young men are talking together, one looking plötzl. on watch and crashes of (o - s anonymous.). Steaming locomotive gr, YouTube stands in the ticket office on the block, man running past him, tried herabkommd by stairs. People swarm to squeeze, short. Official's departure signal, locomotive propelled in, bildf., our urgent man encounters whether. Stair part one v. several oncoming such page, runs Campo. Train neb produced, among other things. Running Board laufd. Close legs, man is breathless and disappointed back, frontal, big. -Young man runs to down Eisenbahnschranke, tried to press them high, sees happen train youth, close, frontal, big: "Man, that was the eye go!"

02. our neighbor Norway Kiel: ship of the line "Crown Prince Harald" in the port, total remote (Kai i. fo.), vessel wall m. name, anchor rope being filling picture. Supervision on Kai + man who raises anchor rope and throws it into the water, half-close. Driving record wake, frontal. Review of invasion of Norway in 1940 from federal film archive (naval battle with the British, German troops go marching in Oslo on land,) Oslo 63: district, streets, squares, Park monument to m., head d. m. Statue with a dove on it, great. People on bench in d. Sun, Lito by road. MOD young couple (m. books unt. Arm - he m long pipe in the mouth), close, kl. Boy Checkin' / groped children statue. Various local, total - Großaufn. Statue at Vigeland Park. Div. Viewer, including monument level m. Briefcase neb. be Chairman Mr. Mannequins lead in ländl. Environment mink capes before breeders keeps alive. Mink in behandschuht. Hands, close. Man pushing cart through Hall a fox farm & throws feed in d. boxes, front, half-close, short, Silver Fox hint. Wire, totally, close. -Mannequin leads Fox Cape in ländl. Environment, close. -Woman in traditional costume spinning wool in Exchange, rotierd. Spinning wheel, big, dev. Pan from her head hands b. knitting, close. T. girls in factory on circular knitting machines, 2 once. Machines + rotating spool of wool, close. Young couple in knitted sweaters to sit on a Tribüne(?) at Holmenkollen, he is distant with d. d. hand, close. -City total m. Harbour.
Folk Festival national holiday:-District m. views of road with a procession, musician-garden parade at the Palace, King draws a hat on balcony & beckons, half-close. Div. closely settings. vorbeiziehd on people trellis with umbrellas. Brass bands, including boy band, kl. Leader exerziert with bar, children wear. Flags over, close, King and Crown Prince wink. v. balcony down, half close, boisterous young people with umbrellas and paper flags pulling over, close, with umbrellas in rows ahead jumping, fröhl. laughing face of a j.g.. Neb girl. Big screen floor. Fröhl. Course. on car veteran and and. immediately afterwards, kl with banners. Boy peeps to go temporarily d. Umzüglern up, close. Disguised Umzügler unt. Umbrellas, man with Adenauer similarity looking m., close the head from a hole in the poster "Der Spiegel". Toddler m. rain hat on dad's shoulder, surrounded by umbrellas close. Man head adorns d. Memorial figure (monument v. Holberg) fire ladder, half-close. Spectators waving m. screens on Parkweg m. rods, upper part d. Figure m. student Cap covers and wreath around neck, great.

03. Australia. Bluebird driver of Campbell's record attempt fell into the water. -Detail setting a machine that smoothes the surface of the Salt Lake Eyre, rotierd. The disc is voranbewegd. Masch., close. Jet car with split off. In addition, pan across car technician who screw on valve, half close, 2 tubes connected to equipment with measuring instruments, is OVR. preventing the Jet car men, Campbell in cabin, front, hood nestelnd. -Car edged by viewers the rebound damping. Tripod camera is panned by man in white coat, great. Jet car on d. route, A few settings. -KL. propeller aircraft in the air, half-close.

04. England. The "lightning"aerobatics flight. Jet start, total, half close machine near flies by. Boy stehd airfield. emporblickd. Men, close. Various settings. Formation flights (4, 5, squadron), and others given a rotating. Peripherals, pilot side. Gr., lever-use hand and legs before dashboard, close. (Contrail) 05. Cape Canaveral. Space travel major Gordon Cooper's. -Supervision at the swarm of reporters on observation terrace, you. Usage close. Specialists close. last off. Buckles at Coopers spacesuit, Cooper nest in helmet around, great. Driving record lit launch pad At night, total. Driving record spotlight series, close. NASA transporter moves up to the ramp by people close. Part d. framework image filling with technicians on sales. Cooper leaves transporter, welcomed A few technicians, on the railings of d. Scaffolding stands range technician and looked down, half-close. Cooper goes to such entrance of ramp, elevator door closes behind him, Elevator moving up, close. Close hood of Coopers, as he himself unt. Statements of preceding specialists in capsule pushes into. Launcher and rocket total, close to half (haze layer before). Cameramen, including m. telephoto lenses, as well as spectators on the platform side. close. Ramp + another framework, total, with parkd. Cars on site before, close to half smoke, Rak. Start, total. Rak. Level m. Firemane, close. Rocket dead. half close. Mass of excited wartd. Americans. Trick shots illustrate the individual phases of the flight. Looking across a street in city m. vl. passers-by, a gentleman from the passerby power buys newspaper kiosk, two men sit on car, listen to the car radio. Aircraft carrier at sea, total + half total. 2 flying on the carrier helicopter, half-close. Capsule in water (archive), Cooper after the flight in space m. technicians Add. standing and with a talking, big, runs his hand over the hair, gr.

06. "let but the thickness ran..." (Song parody) a. Bonn. Reception at the Palais Schaumburg. -General. Welcome in foyer, Adenauer shakes the hand women, half-close. Cameramen of m. hand cameras and strobe light, halbseitl. close. Adenauer is with Mrs Wilh. Lahiri on the table and tells her something confidential, close to both sit. Bu. -Pres.. Lübke maintains lächlnd. with ad. Mrs Ria Reiners, close subsidiary. Seitschwenk v. Nuntius Bafile on the entertaining themselves with him. Adenauer, the great. Bishop Dibelius. standing in conversation with Secretary of State by Hare, close. Adenauer i. fo. standing, front. big, turns soloseat. such subsidiary, image will remain.

b. Press, frontal, in action. Star title pages, per Gr., including Gerh. Schröder portrait. -Archive-on the. Record industry (record is injected. Review). Arch. -Recording: Adenauer's speech, swarm of hopsenden young bildf, Erhard. at the lectern, talking, frontal, gr. YouTube selects music box, detail settings. rotating discs. -The pop dialogue (see narration) coded Archivaufn. v. Adenauer + Erhard (Assembly), as well as intermediate cuts. Great cigar.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Corrado, Bafile ; Cooper, Gordon ; Dibelius ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Hase von, Karl-Günther ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Olaf V. von Norwegen ; Reiners, Ria ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Campbell, Donald ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Norway ; England ; Oslo ; Australia ; Cap Canaveral ; Holland ; Africa ; Kiel ; Cape Canaveral ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Ottawa


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Flags ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Rockets ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; Special reports ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Art ; Works of art ; Technology, industry ; People ; festivals ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; Industrial ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 356/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 accident series (6): take your time!
Origin: Jupiter-film Norway report: review: April 1940 may 63: Folk Festival in Oslo, Vigeland Park. Strickmoden camera: Jürgens origin: material d. Federal film archive "Bluebird driver" Campbell in Australia + English aerobatics day (electric Lightning) origin: Pathé news, Pathe news space flight of Gordon Cooper origin: Metro diplomat received the Adenauer camera: Luppa magazines and record origin: archive material Adenauer-Erhard hit "Let's let the thickness" "Remains of the old" camera: Seib final brand 3, 1

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