UFA-Wochenschau 355/1963 17.05.1963


01. the tip of the week. Children at risk in road traffic (children on bicycles). -Individual properly d. str. pedaling children. Boy goes hands-free, frontal. 3 children riding side by side. Workers leave the premises, including youth. s. bike leads, Porter admonished him freundl.: "look, that you m. your bike not unt." d. wheels come! ", youth cycle practice." Vorortsstraßen, truck overtakes him, he tried rear to attach themselves, to handle hand rising to, close, young man descends, is throwing away hand movement.

02. Cannes. Opening of the Internation. Cannes Film Festival. -Cut-out Harbor m. wehd. Flag set in the fo, crowds from Festival Hall (tags), actor. Movie star autographs in cafe on the street are young ladies, close, young interested in fans looking to, close, bildf. -Hitchcock and a young lady raise pigeons into the air at the same time, close, Hitchcock played tears that he strips himself, and by d. shakes hands close while d. Lady in silly laughs. Row Campo. their Krädern stehd. Police officers, night, side. close. -The dense ambient v. people. Hitchcock is the jg. Lady on the camera attention, waving H. such camera and frontal, close. Stehd drangvoller against a wall in the foyer. Stars and guests and increases standing Flash photographers, the Begum Middle dazw., after more. Pages smiling, close. Roger Vadim, by Blitzl. Photographers surrounded, front. close, Japanese female. Stars, close.

03. Hamburg. Convention of movie theater owners. -View of the Elbe, halbseitl., m. shore in the foreground + faster round pan on Elbe castle brewery, half-dead., banner on whether. Wall bar "abolition of entertainment tax is also film help", close. Sitzungsraun with speakers in the background, half total, Rolf Theile speaks, front., close (anonymous see actuality -.). Close once. listening to. Women + men, applause. Auditorium, half total, Mrs. Dr. Schümann speaks, frontal, gr. (O - s narration).

04. Manching, Bavaria. 1 German newcomer will be presented. -Start hovering rig (experimental model), in the total air + half total. A number in the height of far-sighted men on the edge of the box, half-close. Engine of the VJ 101 C machine is vertical, detail of the nozzles, start total. total in d. air + half total, turning. Mr collection + cameramen on tripod cameras i. fo., halbseitl. close. Machine series heads in the fo, half close, total, landing close to half the total. Firefighters + journalists go close, concentration camp.

05. Vogelfluglinie Germany - Denmark. -Driving record ride over Fehmarn sound bridge country Kartenskizze, bridge total. Div. flight recordings routes to land and water, waving crowd at Quay, opening of the new traffic by handshake between Lübke + King Frederik IX, half-close. Various settings. Opening drive abide by ferry, Frederik feast, Campo. Lübke sitting, short speech, the he in German. Language of journal reading, large (o - s narration). -All gentlemen raise the glasses. A gaggle of young people + m. paper flags waving at children e.g. greeting of the vessel, soloseat. close. Bridge approach moving next to road train, half total. King fr. sits on a corner square Campo. Lübke in the railway, converses, looking, lively with him both speaking, gr. -Once. Bridge.

06. Helsinki. International fashion Revue (Dralon models more. European. Couturiers). -Silhouettes of the city, 3 mannequins in spring. -Mänteln + costume get nebeneinand. wide staircase to a public. Gr. Building up, man lets his newspaper something fall + over look the other way, frontal, big. Mannequins walk through streets of downtown: 3 jackets + pullovers, side. Nah, 2 in spring coats. a mannequin is dark. Smth jacket over pleated dress. back and spins, pivoting on your feet, close. -Swimwear demonstration on Lake Beach (div. once), mannequin throwing flat stones in the matt unt. the evening sun shining water. Mannequins sitting individually aufBalkons + front doors of a series Finn. Wooden house and knitting, including hands close, are clothed itself with various knitwear.

07. Munich. Mr.-Germany election.-interviews div. once. the show involved on stage powerhouses, various on the. individual looking to. JG. Girl, it's great. Interviews with several jg. Girls, a youth and a PIC. Woman in the audience (o - s SPR. text), winner receives Cup, great. -08 Monschau. International Wildwasserrennen. -Div Setup, individual capsizing, capsized while attempting to hide their boat, boat + driver separated in water, tipped over driving boat - embankment of hurrying along water sports, boat stuck in tree before it looking children.

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Die Begum ; Frederik von Dänemark ; Hitchcock, Alfred ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Schümann ; Theile, Rolf ; Vadim, Roger


Fehmarn sound bridge ; Hamburg ; Tokyo ; Cannes ; Manching, Bavaria, Germany ; Munich ; Fontainebleau ; Helsinki ; Manching ; Monschau


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Interviews ; festivals ; filmmaking ; aircraft ; News, communications ; Paddle ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Advertising ; beauty pageants ; Cities ; Youth ; Buildings ; transport questions ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; aerial photographs ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 355/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 series of accident: (8) children at risk origin: Jupiter-film Cannes Film Festival (Hitschcock and the Begum) + movie-theater owners Conference in Hamburg camera: Rieck, rough origin: Pathé journal German newcomer premiere in Manching (Bavaria) origin: window material opening the Vogelfluglinie Germany Denmark. Fehmarnsund bridge. King Frederik v Denmark (original sound) + Bundespr. Lübke camera: Rieck, Seib, fire fashion show in Helsinki camera: Jackson-body-building (interviews) Mr. Germany 63 camera: Hafner, Vlasdeck int. Wildwasserrennen in Monschau (RUR) camera: Luppa final brand 3, 1

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