UFA-Wochenschau 349/1963 05.04.1963


1st Munich. "Agent Centre N r 1"-Seitschwenk about District Church of our Lady, car and pedestrian traffic at the Stachus, street passerby, close. Lady hand draws file loading (population register), Gr., hands b. searching, Gr., draw card of an ausländ. Refugee half out, big, close to tram (detail), people. Stand at the Viktualienmarkt agree with... Women, offer goods in off. Bagged with price tags close + g, f., price list Sheep's milk cheese, Gr., swivel OVR. Potatoes in baskets, close. -D. side street of incoming foreigners. Gr. -Abendzeitungs snippet m. title "kidnapping in M'sila chn. -Who deported Argoud n. Paris? ", big. -Eden-Hotel m. road & fahrd. Tram before, half the total, Argoud cover photo of "mirror", great. -Facades "Eulenspiegel-Bar" + theatre, from window of fahrd. Cars seen. Part of a postal building m. parkd. Cars before, Hall m. operating, half total. Headlines, including "Hoegner warns all immigrants". House cutting, bildf., 1 from entlanggehd. Mr + parkd. VW before. Expensed. Pan stairs + handrail, 2 off cut. Newspaper photos v. murdered, per gr., div. headlines: "Soviet. "Agent shot with poison" - Munich - a playground d. Soviet agent "-" secret agent accused himself: I killed in Munich ' ". -Criminal investigation Director specifies writes. sitting, Gr., interview (interview - s. narration). -Seitschwenk about. Built d. emigrant colony in Ludwigsfeld, apartment building facades, soloseat. + oblique, population name plates and House ringing, close, bildf. Foreigners to off. Hood its in some more. Car parkd. Cars. Sign m. Aufschr. Close "Police station Ludwig field". Playground m. emigrant children, short, lächelnder gutbürgerl. gekl. Asian ethnicity, walking, frontal, big. Entrance to the "Ukrainian free University" (Pan) with leaking out PIC. Lord, around Mr groups, coming down from the stairs behind it and vorbeigehd. Man, man pulls the hat before temporary Patriarch, half close, jg. Man leads ükrain. Patriarchen(?), frontal, close. Sign at the grid "Russ. Orthodox myself. -Church", nah, m. views of Church dome i. background. -Ukrainian printing: DIV set. Rotary machine, v. osteurop. Newspapers. Some close once. Editors b. Conference, including notierend. A bunch of ausgebreit. Newspapers, bildf. New will be thrown. -Some settings, message Studio of "radio free Europe" speakers space, control room m. technicians, series gauges (outputs d. East languages) m. ausschlagd. Pointers and the name div. osteur. Countries, sound system with laufd. Coils. -Mounting obig. Instruments m. only Pointers and people on d Street as above, oblique supervision on Marienplatz and swivel of Town Hall on Church of our Lady with environment, half total. -02 Cadenabbia. Adenauer in holiday. -Villa Collina, unt. Title. -A. sitting at desk and reads in writing, frontal + halbseitl.., close, it passes to the side, begins to read another. Secretary to the Schreibmasch., halbseitl. Nah, businesswoman, great. A Secretary dictated Secretary desk, close. Rear view A. b. reading a book, neb. Window sitting close, prolonged once. A. when reading, frontal, big (book title "German foreign policy"), rhododendron-Strauß, big. A. read, sitting in the sofa corner, crime, great. Angled swivel about part d. Villa at unt. Arch heraustretd. & herabsteigd levels before. Adenauer, A. descend Parkweg W short, grüßd. Polizist(?), hat, big hand. -Div. once. Adenauer with daughter Lotte & Secretaries b. bowling. A. before FIR, are interested in observing, gr.

03. Paris. Strike wave - power struggle d. trade unions. -Man shaved s. umständl. in the light of a candle, which he and others into mouth, great. -Demonstrators of a "Hôpital" m. gr. Transparent on a place, close, bigger with oblique supervision at the place the. Quantity m vl. dark banners, half total, traffic lights, close, cars bogged down to man at the wheel of one standing, close. Car, side. close. Seitschwenk about in length. Close drive suitable motorcade, front.. Crowds of people at the Metro stairs (snake - vl. umbrellas), half-close. Factory bus leaves the premises in which the work rests, bus column comes up Highway, frontal, close. Oblique supervision on huge. The. Train on road next to the river port, half total, brings together part of the train from above, bildf., cut out a State building on balcony. Men's & flags before, group men's looks interested in one direction, close.

04. Zermatt. Typhoid epidemic - disease squads. -Seitschwenk wear hlg over Church funeral procession coming down cemetery road, Sacristans and choir boys. Banner and cross, pallbearers, close, close. -Moving up red cross car in str., great. Table on disk "visits forbidden!", close. Clinics, doctor performs a vaccination on arm, close + size. -Hotel's façade with OVR. Window & balcony side hanging down bedding. Nah, valet extra-constitutional mattress from the balcony, side. Close (also down overlooking Street), feather bed is taken from the bed, close, Seifenlauge(?) will be from canister in large. Cast tub, close, steaming bowl in the midst of surrounding laundry, close. Swing over mountains with long. Building before on Man Group on River Jetty, one coming m. water-filled shell from the River, presses the water through this filter sleeve over a kl. Glass, close. -Man pushes her cart full of cases before him, close. Pferdedroschke close with departing tourists. At Fernstem, a fahrd. Train related people in the past scurry, nah! Train conductor on rear footboard, makes close to the platform, and herded hand movement.

05. Sikkim. Himalaya. US millionaire's daughter is Maharani. In the fo. with a small boy on the arm, close a few observational natives elderly woman. An artfully painted tent is pitched. Crown Prince + s bride Hope Cooke speak in front of a building smiling together, close, it great too. -Temple, half the total, with crowd before. Sikkimer prominence and including the Americ. Ambassador earlier Temple, close. Cutting head + breast Buddha figure, large, full-image. Maharaja on throne Chair in a magnificent room with the heir apparent to Nebenthron, close to half. The bride b. d. Ankft. on the people-full Festival square, accompanied by men, half-close. Local musicians in the crowd in front of tent in the background, close. Maharaja on throne, large, easy kisses a white sash, the bride turns on of the Maharaja from the throne, A few men's post before, half-close, shortly. Sumptuous altar with a Buddha figure, close. The bride and groom sitting side by side, close. Throne with the Maharajah, great. White sash under the eyes of the Maharajas and their groom is set to close the bride by servants. -.

06. Aintree. Grand National steeple Chase oblique supervision ranked Senn, half total, under title. Bookmakers in front of crowds, close, frontal. A few single, expectant smile guests, including 3 jg. Ladies b. Read a book, close. Saddle seat, television, short, paradierend, the horse "Owen's sedge" close. Gregory Peck, speaking, frontal, large (short). The box goes off. Various settings, the race falls. Viewers makes swivel with gr. Binoculars in mind, great. Audience side. Nah, bildf. "Out and about" alone on the track side. close. Running horse without a rider at the top. Longer follow-up of geschloss. Top flight. Noisy viewers with binoculars, lateral ones. close, full-screen. -Ayala, Pat Buckley wins a length before Carrickbeg. Honor ride d. people trellis, close, short. Media in addition to building, woman caressing the head of Ayala in the boxes, close (people i. Htrgr.). -

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Buckley, Pat ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Cooke, Hope ; Peck, Gregory ; Schreiber


Munich ; Zermatt ; Paris ; Cadenabbia ; Sikkim ; Himalaya ; Brussels ; Aintree


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Railways ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Leisure, recreation ; News, communications ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Strike, strike ; Technology ; Deaths, funerals ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; Technology, industry ; Medicine ; People ; Holiday ; traffic ; transport questions ; Engagement ; Science ; Agents ; Jobs ; Emigrants ; Health, hygiene ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 349/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m agent Munich camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner Adenauer in Cadenabbia (Exlusivbericht) camera: Luppa strike in France origin: Gaumont, Pathé journal typhus in Zermatt origin: Cine journal wedding in Sikkim (Himalayan State) origin: Pathe news Grand National steeple Chase at Aintree origin: Pathe news final brand 3, 1

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