UFA-Wochenschau 346/1963 13.03.1963


1ST UNITED STATES. Heavy rainfall. -Input Assembly archival recordings BC driving through flooded streets. Cars, close. -High sparkling small strudel i. Wass., cottages, standing under water bildf., i. the door of a wooden house garment is wrung, half-close.

02. Kenya, Ohio. Helicopter rescues 2 boys from drowning. -Boy abides in stehd under water. Forest at the root of a schwankd. Tree, close to half. Helicopter. about. Treetops, v. unt. seen. Deselect Pan down gel ACE. Rescue ring, the boy is engaged s the ring, half close, flutendes water unt. Trees 2 Emporhüsern of a boy, close, entry into helicopter b.c., down ges., half-close. -03. Bayr. Alps. Avalanche danger: - Exposing v. cars - elimination froze. Waterfalls. -Archivaufn avalanche Devy. -Div. once. Shoveling d. avalanche buried vehicles, including m. use of hacking, lifting one uncovered. Small bus. -On hoh. Head stehd. Workers of the street space service hacks v. froze. D. road with Pickaxe waterfall ice, total + close, on street before bouncing up chunks of ice (cart behind), close.

04. Switzerland. Training for avalanche dogs. -Div. once. by the train a dog by man of the mountain rescue service on mountain with shouts and arm movements, close + dead, man with instructions, great. Dog digs a hole in the snow, close, man comes to, dog crawls in snow hole close views v. inside on opening erscheind. Dog head, large. Woman in protective sheath is used by 2 people d. Bergwacht out hole pulled out, close. Dogs head is getätschelt, great. -05 Paris. In the "House of discovery", electrical engineer experiments m. 250 000 make Volt. Due to the high-voltage induced hair bucking on künstl. Scalpel (Hedgehog-shaped and a technician, also great physicist pictures (heads) close to half picture one altertüml. Physics labs, large. Technician runs containing power pole wire cage, woman says that her hands agai. the mesh wire sets, close + great, technicians & Lady keep high-voltage cables aufeinand. Lightning set, arise between which b. clash of the power cars, close. Model wooden houses dismantled technician grounding with model lightning rod, functioning drain traps, big, sloping roof + burns in the House big.

06. tip of the week: obsolete plug belong in the dustbin. -Cutter apprentice b. preparation for the ironing of trousers on words d. of master and he is throwing away hand movement, uses iron table, discovered that the cord is not long enough, adds Verläng. -Schnur, approaches with plug to socket, pauses, sketch of a non matching plug combination, great. Apprentice pulls apart Plug and throws them in the garden in a dustbin (conversation original sound - narration).

07. Frankfurt. Int. Horse Show to "Gr. price of Frankfurt". -(Festival Hall) + quadrille of the Rome carabinieri in histor. Uniforms. -Nelson Pessoa a. side course. close, slow-motion; d ' Inzeo, close + half close, with and without slow-motion. Several settings. Schockemöhle n. u. o. slow motion to close + close to half. Appl front grandstand series. -Winners list Schockemöhle & d ' Inzeo hint. him, close, Sch. jewelry fastened on the head s horse, close. -Div. once, v. formation riding the Carabinieri on Sable and funguses, including soil go to v. Rider & horse (), währd. Spotlight until a rider down, go out, close, jumps back to close. Div one, of exactly. Figure riding. Traditional attack ride with drawn sabers, half-dead. + close, in various settings. -08 invasion of the fashion dances - our contemporary in Hamburg "Star - Club" div set twist dance & musicians on stage, including close-up d. of singer, as well as its feet AutoComplete on, hands on drums close, plucking on guitar, big. -Wichmann on front desk is astonished about the hustle and bustle, jg. Few (häßl.) prostet to be, Walsh calls on d. girls, youth looking indignant, W. + his Queen under the dancing, his tries, s. in the dance to find into, feet this big lady going on around awkwardly s. u. marvels, s. shoe arrives on the one change, great. Partner d. girl comes m. diam.. To facial expression on W. W. descends stairs and looks up this ängstl. around. -W. b. ballet class b. exercise on the rod b. Madison-, Bossa Nova and twist-try, makes mostly opposite and awkward steps. Poster cutting "the emergency is over! D. time d. village music is over"a date is specified, m. bildf. -Twist end at the star Club, W. rises full courage of s. place, singer says "Balla Balla" (interview), drums close, saw drummer v. below, great. W. drops unnerved to see place back.

09 Kölner Zoo - a true bear story (polar bears) on Steinplatform above basin 2 bears run smart and here, close. 4 bears sit on a wall up, about a man down wants to throw tires close + total. Located in flat. Basin erecting bear, close. Tyre down thrown, and it begins General tug of war about. Baboon pair m. child, big, dead, winner-bear is maintained with car tires in snout on the stone plate, balanced the tires, close, unt. the views of and. Bears, this gr. Robbe, frontal, big, to water. Upright stehd. Bear jumps with the Forefeet with the tyre, close, throws him into the water, jumping behind. Bear jumps to stone in the water for animal bite, head appears with kauender snout on, close. Another looming head, 2 bears tear into the water to the pinching, grab one at a time, close. Emerging bear, big, Frolics is with the tyres in the water, from water, bear paws, look close, bar. using tires to belly and bite in snout - up and again untertauchend, close. -

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Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Inzeo d', Raimondo ; Pessoa, Nelson ; Schockemöhle, Alwin


Bavarian Alps ; Switzerland ; Xenia, Ohio ; United States ; Hamburg ; Paris ; Frankfurt


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; Disasters ; Children ; natural disasters ; Rain ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Dance ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Agriculture and forestry ; avalanche danger ; Water ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; mountain rescue ; Dogs ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 346/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 flood in United States (Ohio) (d. helicopter rescue) + avalanche risk typically Alpine + education v. avalanche dogs camera: Hafner origin: Cine journal, Metro, Paris archive: House the discovery (electrostatic experiments) origin: Gaumont accident story (19): electricity in the household origin: Jupiter-film boarding school. Horse Show in Frankfurt camera: Luppa, strong rider formations d. 100 Carabinieri (Festhalle, Frankfurt) meets contemporary fashion dances (Hamburg's star-Club) camera: Rahim polar bears in the Cologne Zoo camera: basic end brand 3, 1 m

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