UFA-Wochenschau 344/1963 01.03.1963


01 Bonn. Carnival Majesties at Adenauer, see also NDW. -Before Palace arrived Prince Klaus waves Guard soldier front wall, close, close. Smiling couple u behind Board members d. Carnival Club inside, front., close. Adenauer d. coming door to distressing guard Prince in the reception room, goes to Prince and Princess and welcomes the fact that in the circles and. Reception participants, close, speaks to you wag his finger, big, Prince answers reporters ball close, Prince kill Adenauer Band with Carnival greeting, side. close, prolonged general toast with champagne glasses, close.

02. Cologne. Rosenmontagszug (see also NDW - here in more detail):-trellis fröhl. People, people in balconies and Windows, halbseitl., half-close. Various settings, of the parade, great figures (cartoons), including rider m. Cap cardboard horse is funny turning close. Group fröhl. Men in writings over & over printed suits. Policeman and jg. Lady is close standing together something whisper, close. dare with Adenauer and de Gaulle figures (see NDW), Erich Mende Tribünen-front row pulls hat, frontal close. -References on mirror - and Strauß affair, as well as on the television (company suggestion box / a luhuhustige entertainment show), greeting Narrenkappen carrier on grandstand, close. Candy bombing of the car of the majestic, woman on platform schrickt together something from candy rain, close, Prince & Princess ever close, frontal, m. waving outstretched arms and sweets strewing her out. Tail of the train with him the following people. -03 Bayern. Carnival on the first mountain. -Div. once by original costumed characters on the ski slope in front of numerous spectators: Indians, Sheikh, Castro, Germanic Knights on horseback, including one with a swastika on the back, dancing Mau Mau in addition to his Negro Mummy, close. Hull wrapped in bag a man with marked "The last bag", Gr., as Bay gutters covered 4-man band, 2 including silly dancing, close. Clown, Frogman, kl. Kaspar (young) m. School bag on head, with balloons and flags in hand. Noise bear Tiger Mountain peasant bends with his stick together, clown beats somersault, witches face is big in the picture, thick woman with Knollennase beats somersault, sit still.

04. danger in the household - accident series: see - husband catches up for the evening schänkt at the kitchen table from beer bottle 2 bottles from pantry, located, adjusts schänkt glass and bottles on a Living room table, behind which sits his wife over her needlework, liquor, woman stops him at the last moment drinking (the hydrochloric acid) - entertainment interview - narration).
Young woman attached to the curtain, descends by ladder, tried the curtain cord, her husband arrives with cushions on the head, tilting the head, whereupon pin box drops on the pillow, there bounces off, emptied on the ground. (Talks recorded interview - s. narration). -05 fashion shorthand 63 a. Paris. Pierre Cardins Spring collection. -Cardin puts on hats 2 mannequins, close, japan. Mannequin m. kl. know. Hat, great. M. margined Hat mannequin standing in the door in spring costume is white. Rose s. jacket. Presentation covers from Cardin & employees of m. jacket dresses. Knee, white. Summer dress m. low back neckline (from 2 male. Statues), 2 evening dresses.

b. Munich. Werner Wunderlich denied in his new spring and summer fashion. -Be name on door, large door pushed for page views in a tailor's shop, mannequin front table m. seamstresses, jacket sets & shows summer dress. Mannequin m. wide edge. turns white draped hat, in airy summer dress in front of a curtain, is with arms outstretched, gr. + close. Mannequin m. a wide hat in white. M. dress transparent. Cloak, which she pushes. -Wunderlich watching sitting the demonstration of a Dirndl and two Beach complets, which each neb as a mirror image. him on a half d. image appear, and so forth fashion photographer next to the mannequin. -06 Berlin. Wannsee-bad at. /. 10 degrees. -The 63-year-old Wilhelm Simons rubs his only body, standing on the ice clad m. trunks with snow, great. Steamer Büge on snow-covered ice, side. Nah, S. takes long Pickaxe and hashes around spaddelt in ice in the ice under the gaze of spectators, thermometer in hand drinking from submitted represent Cup (from thermos), great. Pan of ice to ice, emerges from the Berlin and in which a Director is held. three smiling looking down men, close. S. pans zapplnd. Fish hand typically.

07. Hamburg. Launching the "Esso Germany" (tankers). -Div. once. Ship on the stack, dimensions are by graphics in relationship set, drive up open tank, large. Workers lubricate rail area, close m. SOAP. Move over screw under nose, big. Ship frontal m. before that crowd bildf., Wilhelmine Lübke speaks the words of baptism, half-close (original sound) (Lübke neb., barely visible), side. Ship wall with names, various settings. Ship details and Menschenmenget champagne ☆ by wife gap (original sound), shipyard workers turn a crank (solve d. Stoppers), close by the stack item No. Bug with him waving to people in the foreground, water incoming tankers, close, supervision on ship bildf., amount of winking rear view, lot brings cheers from (o) under Hat panning anchor this barges & barges close, Horn, large (original sound). Review of tanker views of bug from stack and crowd, long past, via rail, vertically down, first on the slide, then click wake vortex.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Cardin, Pierre ; Simons, Wilhelm ; Wunderlich, Werner ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Hamburg ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Cologne ; Bavaria ; Paris ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Carnival ; Special events ; Carnival ; Shipping ; Ships ; Youth ; Military ; winter pictures ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 344/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 Bonn stopped at the Chancellor camera: Luppa, Jürgens parade in Cologne camera: strong, basic ski Carnival on the first Alp/Bavaria camera: Vlasdeck accident story (3): driven household origin: Jupiter-film fashion: Piere Cardin in Paris + Werner Wunderlich, Munich camera: Vlasdeck origin: Pathé journal bath in the Wannsee at minus 10 c camera: Pahl jun.

Hamburg: launching the "Esso"Germany camera: Rau, Rieck, Brandes, Seib, Zakariah, Jackson, l. final brand 3, 1

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